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Friday, September 30, 2005

Yess! at last i managed to upload a pic of my baby yg tgh tercopong mulut tido dgn enaknya on my lap..lenguh wooo..this pic was snapped during our journey back to hubby's hometown..and u can see i standby je pegang 'tangkal' dia, she really cant stand any single min without her pacifier melekap kat bibir during her nap time..so this answered why mulut nganga lagu tu..during this time, she was in disneyland already..so mommy cabut terus puting dia-she's now 6 months old, she knows how to knock/slap things be it table, floor or mommy's face..she's also managed to wave at people if i said " bye bye"..yess..she will wave her hand ups and downs eagerly and end up snapping my arm yg tgh dukung dia..hmfff..and like other babies, she likes to take or kutip anything that her hand can reach and by the time her hand managed to grab the object, her mouth copong already..dah standby nak masukkan dlm mulut, then the object will all wet with her saliva-satu lagi suka belai2 my face or her abah punya muka, dia raba2 pastu dia cengkam, sakit woo..tak kira la bibir ke,hidung ke or pipi..haishhh.. hah one best and funny thing bout her is her hair yg automatic akan jadik mcm mat punk bila dia tido..usually i'll apply baby oil to her hair so that dia kuncup je tak kembang gitu, but bila dia tido baby oil ke mana, hapa ke mana rambut dia dah mcm simba dlm cerita lion king..hubby likes to call her 'ah punk' masa dia tgh tido and during that time la process peng'ah punk'an rambut berlaku..see this pic..dia baru bgn tido, penuh gayakan rambut tu..

she's my life now, my babe, my busyuk masyam, my minah ah punk, my everything laa! hubby pun my babe gak, my busyuk masyam gak cuma tak ah punk je..

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

He's here already!

I received a call from my sister yesterday, she cried over the phone and mentioned that she had to undergo a caesarian section during noon time. She has been warded since Monday due to a high blood pressure and it’s really not a good condition for 9 month pregnant mother. Her expected due date is supposedly to be next month (18th Oct is the day) but due to some circumstances (anak dia pun songsang and darah tinggi somemore) she really need to be ‘cut’ or dilapah2 perutnya for the sake of her baby. She called me around 10am, cried and sobbed telling me of her anxiety and nervousness to undergo the operation which I experienced it 6 months ago . ..ye..Irina ialah anak yg keluar ikut ‘tingkap’ bak kata org tua2, biasa dia ni taknak kuar ikut ‘pintu’…so she seek for my advice and the best thing I could do was to comfort her by saying everything’s gonna be ok and it’s not as painful as what she think it is bla..bla..(it was a total lie, just the matter of nak sedapkan hati my sis, actually it was so darn painful till today mcm terbyg2 lg sakit perut kena hiris) So I finished all my workloads quickly then applied for half day leave..then around 12.30 I rushed to PUSRAWI Jln Ipoh…dgn sesat barat ntah mana2, at last I managed to find the place and by the time I reached there, i saw my bro-in law waited outside the OT and I heard the baby cried..alhamdulillah..selamat already, babyboy..nurse looked so busy cleaning, washing, ukur itu ini kat baby..whoaaa..his voice so loud la, mcm gaya seorg juara karaoke heheh..so basically our family now become bigger..there’s 5 of us, 4 of us are all married accept for my youngest sister and we already ‘produced’ 4 cucus for our parents (one from me, one from my bro and 2 from my sister..the productionline is getting busy now haha), so the babyboy is her 2nd child..
There’s some quotes and reactions from various person (my family members) regarding my sister’s childbirth thru caesarian section:

My sister: takut laa..camne ni..sakit tak?berapa lama nak baik ni?brape byk dia jahit?
(laaa..mana ada jahit2, skang canggih pakai gam je..)
My mak: hah operate??laaa..camne nak bengkung perut tu?abis la buncit perut , perut dah la
besar, geleber la pasni..bla..bla..tak ramping mcm pear bla..bla
My bro-in law: abis melayang duit aku 5ribu…
My abah: payah nak carik ikan haruan skng ni, minum jus gamat pun ok
Me: ala..tak sakit laa..ok je, 2-3 hari je denyut skit pastu boleh jln dah..(pdhal sakit ke amat)
My elder sister: eh corset cosway bagus gak, dia memeri tak gatal, nak tak?
My one and only atuk Sam: eh masa bila pulak dia ngandung? Alih2 nak kena potong perut je..
(kes salah org le ni)

Whatever reactions, opinions and feedbacks that I heard, everything is settled already..my sister and her baby now in a great condition, and so far my sister still can bear with the pain-I stayed there till 5.30 then rushed back to pick up Irina at nursery..so to all mothers and mothers-to-be out there, I really salute u guys for all the sacrifices and painful moment that we have to go thru,jerit perih nak melahirkan and membesarkan anak.. and after being a mom myself, I’ve been more sensitive towards my mom and appreciate her more..
Should say thanks to all hubbies too, partly they contribute their roles by supporting us financially and morally (besides contributing the sperm.. ooppss 18SX already hehe) so to my beloved hubby thanks for everything and luv u much muaahss!

sis..congrats for your newborn baby..

Monday, September 26, 2005

my cutie atuk..

I went back to my hometown last saturday..i woke up as early as 6.45am to get prepared of everything so that we can make an early journey. We started the journey at about 8 am (i expected it to be at 7.30am..lambat setgh jam ok la tu..), we went to McD for big breakfast (hubby mmg bestfriend dgn ronald cant help it), and were heading towards south then and managed to reach home around 11.30am. Alhamdulillah..i was so happy to meet my family, there were my parents, me, hubby and Irina and my sisters with their beloved hubby- my bro & wife were not in, he cant make it this week, takpe la raya boleh jumpa..I spent tremendous time at home..chatting, makan, chatting, melantak, laughing, makan..segala lontong, mee rebus, asam pedas just name it, semua masuk dlm perut.
So we spent that lovely evening to visit my atuk..yupp..she’s the one and only atuk that we have right now as both atuks from my abah’s side passed away a very long time ago. So this atuk of mine is my mom’s mother and we call her atuk not nenek because nenek is atuk’s mother and even atuk’s hubby also we call atuk ( apa daa ayat berbelit2..) ok la we call them by name..atuk Sam and atuk A..easy to put it that way. I love my atuk Sam very much. I can say that she’s approaching 80 but she still looks steady, physically-strong and managed to walk and move around by herself even it a bit shaky-She even free from those serious illnesses like heart problem, stroke, diabetes etc..but what worried us most is her feeble-mind problem which is now gradually getting worst…yupp..it indicates a senility symptom or orang ckp dah nyanyu.. I don’t want to say it even I tried to denied the fact but eventually her actions proved me wrong.
There’s a few incident of her showing her senility symptom:

  • Slept at my parents house and always forgot the location of her bedroom once she stepped-out from the bathroom..she wandered-around our house to find her room then..
  • Always asked and repeated the same question again and again in 1 min time interval (approximately) ie “ bila sampai ni”..1 min after that “eh bila sampainya ni..”………….
  • Failed to recognized immediate family members if haven’t seen for quite sometimes..eg “ eh syiape budak ni”..pointed to my hubby yg tgh dok sebelah I sambil mkn buah duku (nasib laki ku tak tercekik buah duku, sian dia..hihi)
  • Cant remember any event occurred in a recent time but has a very strong memory on old memories or cite dolu2..zaman jopun dia ingat, nama suami and anak2 dia tak ingat dah..she’s having a short-term memory lost punya penyakit..

The recent ‘huh-arghh-alahai atuk’ incident was that Saturday evening when we pay her a visit. I brought her kain baju raya and passed it to her when we were having tea at the kitchen. She smiled and looked so happy to have it and she thanked me and said to send it to tailor bla..bla..then I went to living to pick up irina yg sdg tergolek2 kesukaan and when suddenly I returned to kitchen atukku dgn muka blur tak bersalah bertanya..”eh syiape bagi kain ni?”…huuuu..sodih den..the rest including my mak itam and pak itam laughed to tears and explained back to her, recalled her of the situation just occurred a few min ago..i bagi kain, dia bukak plastic and bentang kain bla..bla..i laughed too..but deep inside me I felt my heart aching, I love her so much and I’m deadly sad of what she’s suffering right now..i just can pray for her health and safety..

Friday, September 23, 2005

He pronounced 'zero' as 'jilo'

'wireless' becomes 'wiredless'

..." how much your one?(referring to my meal) my one quite expensive lorr.."

" Ampat Plohh sen..ampat plohh sen "

"u canteen ada mkn ka?"

and this is really a joke of the day:

Situation: Inside the meeting room, everybody looked so tense,serious and gave full concentration on the sales report which was projected clearly on the screen:

Remark: Mr X still waiting a decision from his head.

and the whole room burst-out laughing.

He tried to convey it as ' waiting approval from his Head of Department' actually, but he delivered it wrongly..hihi..pity him..sori laa Mr D, gua pun ketawa antara yg terkuat, sori sesgt..

Mr Jilo asked me to study the wiring diagram and explain to him. what laa.., i cant understand any single thing of it, wayar serabut sana sini..mana gua tau, gua bkn buat electrical dulu..i'm sounded like an 'ah long' already..ah soo also can.


i miss my daughter so much right now..there was one nite when hubby uintentionally woke her up(unintentionally because his voice is always under reflex reaction, volume is uncontrollable). It was quarter to one when i was about grabbing my selimut, fluffed-up my pillow and bual2 with hubby with his uncontrollable voice when suddenly i heard..a ga ga..from the playing pan. Gosh..Irina was busy turning down her body and quickly lifting up her head and with her bright big eyes she managed to caught a glimpse of me yg sdg terbongkok2 menyorok di seblk play pan..and she gave her big smile once she captured me..gotcha! alamak nampak aja dia..aku nyorok sb kalau dia tak nampak org, dia sure tido blk punya..tapi nampak gak tu-and aku sebagai seorg mommy yg baik terpaksa melupakan mimpi indah nak tido awal and kena lyn my princess bermain2 di tgh mlm buta..and last nite it happened again.. becoz of that uncontrollable voice again...

i'm going back now, really look forward for tomorrow, nak blk mapo..

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Cukup2 la tu..Part2

Her presence in our co really changed the working environment-she's very well- coordinated, she organizes all her stuff with colors and stickers, she has so much ideas about changing this and that, she even stick labels to every cabinet doors inside the pantry of what doors belong to what stuff..hah not to forget about labelling the racks for A4 used papers, new A3 papers..bla..bla..
and to be that lucky person to sit beside her, i feel so awkward and shamed of my own table..hers is so clean and well-organized but mine is like aghh! i have to spend some time to dig out my own thing esp. pencil or eraser..it always get stuck under a pile of papers and shits ooppss sheets.. so now i have my own benchmark..i know when my table needs to be cleaned and organized..Ms J is actually our M.D's secretary but now she looks like a mom to each of us, she will help, manage, organize and advise anything from running serious matters down to labelling my name to all my stationeries..even my 2B pencils..hmmm..
hah one great thing bout her is she really teach me on how to be calculative, which i have to count on every single cent i spent-like she will suggest on this particular product that can last for 3 years and used 5 drops each day so that for 1 bottle i can save up tp bla bla ringgit..whoaaa..no jokes mann..every single cent counted..and she even suggest me to go for a groceries shopping at Jasco on Wednesday so that i'll be entitled of getting cheaper price..super saver on wednesday they called it..so that i can buy 6 green apples at rm4.99 compared to rm6.99 at tesco! goshhh..to that extent! that's why this chinese fellar afford to have great vacation to europe, new zealand, japan.. every year without fail you know..haaa..that's the way laa..
i have to admit she's actually a nice, sincere and kind-hearted woman, it's me who actually can't stand people being so nice towards me, because tak suka nak mkn budi, tak suka nak hutang apa2 dgn org..and this morning, when i said that i'm feeling quite sick, my throat sore like a burning coal , my joints all in pain..she really cared and expressed so much concern to me..i want to eat my kuih kerang (yg tgh2 dia ada sambal tu), she insisted me on taking a nestum, sbb tekak sakit maa.. i want to suck on my sorethroat tablets, she forced me to swallow her b,c ntah hape2 lg vitamin complex sbb kata dia my tablet tu contains a lot of sugar..aghhh..and to that extent i nak buat coffee kat pantry she instantly ran over me and buatkan kopi jepun takde gula for me..yuckkss!!pahit!! adoii..mcmana la boleh terjebak ni..nak deny kang org kecik hati, but too much cares and attentions really leave me breathless laa.. i'm not a kid need to be supervised and being told of not to do this..not to do that..haiyaaa..
but there's a few incident of her showing concern and kindness but at last turned-up to be a horrid things-first, she tried to install another printer and set that printer as a 'default printer' to my comp without asking me, (dia kesian tgk aku jln quite far nak gi printer, another printer ni dekat je ng meja), she downloaded the printer software and did something which i felt like 'huh-what-ntah hape2'..and all her effort really 'works', yeahh..she managed to spoilt my quotation system which everytime it ran half way, it will just hang..i warned her that day, something wrong with my server connection that my comp cant really connect to that printer but..degil dia ni..biase ni..and one more horrid event happened when she tried to be nice by offering a cup of coffee to our M.D, which he's not used of having it on his table..but due to courtesy, he accepted it and put it beside his laptop when suddenly..due to his clumsiness he himself accidently splashed out half cup of it down onto his laptop...kuang kuang kuang

Cukup2 la tu...

i was such a frakkyy idiot last nite...
having a rubbish thought about someone,
the feeling of betrayal and insecure were
so much in me..and at last i was such
a total loser trapped and drown in my own emotion
and confusion..and that someone helped
me out as i was gasping for an air to
sori eh..

aku boleh jadik pengarah filem tersohor
satu hari nnti..

Monday, September 19, 2005

Last Saturday, i woke up quite early to do my house chores routine,around 8.30 am-sweeping, cleaning, washing, mopping, wiping..everything to do with penyapu, feather duster and kain buruk semua aku bantai..i managed to finish-up everything quite fast compared to before..hmm..this was due to the absence of my little princess..she was under my in-law cares as i was so busy last week with 2 dinners to attend. I planned to cook after all the chores done till i felt my stomach so full of acid..hihi pedih ulu hati, kalu masak gak ni harus pengsan kat dapur ..So me and hubby decided to have lunch somewhere nearby- Then hubby kept on teasing me saying it was my trick not to cook because i promised to him the nite before to prepare lunch for him-yesss..we bought everything from fish to prawn, squid, veggies but due to my lack of time, i didnt cook none of it! sian hubby nak mkn masakan bini..he teased me that because usually on saturday, i'll insist him to have lunch at my fav. kedai.. mmg best lauk pauk dia esp lala, then hubby said i kena 'kas-kas' dah that's why everyweek nak mkn situ..that's where the idea of me playing a trick to escape from my cooking duty came out!so jahat la you abg..
So after had that kas-kas lala for lunch, we were heading to my in law's place to bring back irina..ahhh..how i missed this little thing of mine..she looked different la!(over mommy ni baru 4 hari tak jumpa) but i believe all babies experience a rapid growth, and so did irina, she now got a new style of giving a smile,a big gum-to-gum smile with her eyes almost closed! hihi..nak tunjuk gigi takde gigi, so tunjuk gusi pun jadik laa..she never did that before, so i believed she got it during her 4 days sleptover at her grandma's house...ahhh..how could i missed that.. Hah one more thing she now pandai nangis buat2 dah, nangis merajuk la konon..and dah pandai protest by making a big voice like grrhhh once i turned her up to change diapers..haiyaaa..
Around 3, we went to Selayang to my uncle's house..kenduri aqiqah cucu dia..we were together with my sister, hubby and baby Qistina..haaisshh..jejak kasih sungguh..we were not so close-bonded compared to my other uncles and cousins, and my uncle so happy to meet us, he kept on introduced us to everyone who passed-by our sitting place..."ni anak adik saya..ni anak adik saya.." he said-pak andak..pak andak..he's so much resembles my father who is his youngest brother..his face, his character, the way he talks..so like my abah laa..
So went back home around 6, and that nite hubby went out to spent his nite with some friends, and me just stayed home with my dearest princess cuddled and gigled all way out..lepas rindu punya kes la ni..

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Yesterday, i attended a farewell dinner for JKR Mech. Division Director, Ir. N. as he will be retiring soon-There were 10 of us including our Japanese M.D and my other colleagues. It was held at one of the exclusive hotel nearby Subang Airport..whoaaa..a pool-side party ok..with a mini stage in front of the VIP table, a long line up of delicious foods, a mouth-watering aroma of freshly barbacued beef, lamb..etc..whoaaa.no joke la this..
hah!the best part of this event was that we were the first group to arrive there despite of some organizers from JKR..what to expect a Japanese Co. being led by a Japanese M.D, punctuality is the first principle that we have to apply into our daily life. So being the first guest to set a foot there and without not so much people hanging around, we were just heading straight to our table. I looked around and gosh! only our table were fully occupied while the rest was still empty! yess..i could see a few people on and off from the table wandering and chatting with others but very obvious that only 20% of the guests had arrived with us taking 10% of that portion!hmm..i wondered where was the rest of them? In the itinerary stated that the event will start at 7 p.m with the arrival of the VIPs but..hihi..funny..funny..sungguh lawak la all this pak lawak..the thought of us rushing from the office to make sure we were there on time suddenly turned unworthy..
Between 7.30 to 8.15 the people started coming in, a bunch of people wearing baju batik with a fresh-looking smile, shaking and laughing with others..very obvious that they were not coming straight from the office, but from their home sweet home taking their own sweet time bathe, changed clothes, sprayed perfume, sapu minyak kat rambut, sikat misai..hmmmpffhh..gue jugak yg kepam dengan office attire dr pagi..if i knew it would be turn out that way, i'd rather went back home first..but i cant blamed them totally..dlm byk2 masa, pukul 7 maghrib2 buta tu jugak yg diaorg pilih!that's why la all the 'pak2 aji' from JKR came late, they were performing solah first before came to attend the event, and me sitting between my Japanese boss and my other chinese colleague felt guilty to be among all this kafir crowd yg tak payah sembahyang..so i excused myself and tried to look for a musolla but to no avail-mmm..couldn't see any sign and somemmore sombong bodoh didnt want to ask people...astagfirullah..burn maghrib aku arini..

As we waited at our table, i heard a few of the chinese contractor sighed deeply as a sign of frustration because the event was not as per schedule...and the most shameful part of it is when one of them uttered.."so the empty table must be the malay one laa.."haha sooo cynical right?but as a malay myself, i felt so ashamed of this situation..yess..i know we have to respect maghrib time and need to pay our responsiblity as a muslim to do solat but what the heck of u planned the event to start around 7pm at the first place if u think u cant even do it?!!haiyaaa..tengok, sampai makcik ni pun abis tak sembahyang but this one really my mistake laa..hihi..i'm so puzzled of the arrangement laa..

errkkk..my M.D face really turned sour..pity him laa..waited so long..lapar dah si jepun ni..

so The VIPs only came-in around 8.20..about 1 and 1/2 hour late!we were hungry to dead and didn't really concentrate on the speech they conveyed. Our eyes were only set on the food and when they said "ok..enjoy your meal" we were all gnawing to the table and membaham apa shj yg ada: sate,pasta, barbecued lamb, desserts, coctail..ya lorr..the first group to arrived, so deserved the first to be served laa!There was an entertainment show performed by Ali Mamak and AF student (Nana,Farah,Zarina), but the hunger and craved for food was beyond anything else! and by 10.45pm where there still left another one singing session, our contingent led by our M.D excused ourselves to the other guests and cabut..si jepun dah tak tertahan lagi dah!

and at this very moment of time, my cik abg syg sedang menyanyi dan bergumbira di club karaoke bersama2 teman terchinta..wooo..so like bujang ya syg ya..

what a long nite i have daa..

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


This morning, when i made my way to the car park, i passed-by a 'small,red-coloured-smoky' house or the bahasa pasar called 'to pek kong' (is it the correct way to spell it?)-yupp the house for buddhist practitioner to perform their pray, with a tangerines, kuih apam and a burning joss-stick..i have to pass-by this area everyday since my parking bay and my block is quite a distance and it's located in the middle. For all this while, the existance of the to pek kong is a total ignorance for me, until this morning when i smell the scented joss-stick..ahh.. the 'deeja-vu' thing again..i'm so pretty sure that i've been thru a very same moment of this some few years ago..when?where?
hahaha! it was like a 19-20 years ago when i was doing my primary school-waaa..so long time ago, so usang la the memory! i remembered walking every morning to my neighbour's house to have a school ride when this chinese neighbour of mine burned the joss-stick, shook the hand with a joss-stick stuck between the fingers and pray with closed eyes..and at that instant time, this thing came across my mind: "oh they are so lucky doesnt have to wear telekung or take the 'air sembahyang' to perform pray, with that seluar nyonya and frizzy-free hair pun boleh sembahyang dah"-hahaha this signifies how lazy i was to do pray and always took it as a very tedious task, and somemore my mum always supervised us and provide a new cloth to wear during sembahyang and make sure we took-off our 'seluar kecik'-this is all for the purpose of cleanliness so our ibadah will be acccepted..but no more laziness this time, of course la dah besar maa..dah dewasa jadik mak orang dah!kena lah jadik mak yg baik.. that was during 7-8 years old tau, tak tau apa asyik nak melompat main teng teng je..
so, now back to the real life..the same scent, the same calm breezy morning but now instead of carrying a heavy school bag, i'm swaying with my small tote handbag, no more bata school shoes but it's a simple zig-zag strap sandal and of course no more bedak zaitun sepuh on my face, of course a foundation with a light make-up and a spray of perfume just do my day..
how time flies nowadays..so fast..so not aware of aging process..tua dah aku ni..

ahhh...i miss my childhood time..


Alhamdulillah..I managed to have my very own blog after so long reading and inspiring other people's story of life. I would like to express great gratitude towards my luvly hubby for his encouragement, and at last dear, here i am typing my first entry without nothing to say!
I can conclude here that my man is a very determined,inspired husband with a lots of words to offer since i havn't had enough push to become a real blogger. i think he did that because of loads and loads of other people's stories i kept on updating him during our daily dinner,which he has no interest of knowing it at all..heheh really had enough huh dear?so instead of me be a story-teller of other ppl's ups and downs, the idea of blogging my own thing is kinda cool..so no more 'u know abg of who did what today' thing..it will only be about me, my life, my dearie abg and my little cutie princess IRINA..this is my world, my bubbles of life..mwakks!

After all this, I'm going to have a silent dinner...

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

It's another half an hour for me to kill the time before i can march to the exit and punch out my day. Life is pretty 'easy' lately in the office..nothing much to do, chatting, ym ing, e mailing, surfing..haha sounds so relaxing right? The most make sense thing i've ever done for today is faxing some documents to contractor and filing a pile of papers on my table..what a productive day i have..but it's all payable as my routine at home is not as liberated as this..no more taking my own sweet time counting my own bulu roma or prying into my colleague's personal phone calls. This is what i'm going to have for the next 30mins:
Speed-up, reach home, wait hubby at car park, fetch Irina at nursery, buy veggies (occasionally, depends on the fridge capacity), reach home, cook dinner, pray, have dinner, serve irina mostly on diapers, milk, pacifier..and so on and so on..
Oh nope! today is different, i dont have to cook for dinner as we plan to send irina to grandpa's house for several days of stayover! i must say 5days actually..ahh..i'm gonna miss my little princess even it's always a breathless routine of handling and keeping up everything in order, house-keeping and serving irina and irina's daddy..still i'm a very happy woman with these 2 amazing person in my life!

need to make a move now!