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Friday, February 29, 2008

not so real..

Do u know what's the bad side of being the only child?

the tendency of your child having an imaginary friend is very high.

the tendency of your child playing with imagination is very high.

the tendency of your child talking to a non-living object is very high.

the tendency of your child acting as a big sister to makhluk kupam berbulu coklat is very high.

the tendency of your house getting mess with scattered toys and cushion is very high.

the tendency of the scattered cushion being some 'imaginary kapal' is very high.

the tendency of u get yelled at bcoz of u intrude the 'imaginary kapal' zone is very high.

the tendency of u having your butt rest on the cold floor instead of that comfy cushion is very high.

the tendency of your lovely living room turn into some horrible sarang-buaya lookalike place is very high.

the tendency of u having a high blood pressure is very high.

the tendency to have the strong feeling of getting pregnant again is very high.

Enough said. Production line status as of 29th feb 08:ON 24hrs 7days a week.(wah,bleh?)

dont disturb me mommy!

this is my soul mate

at this critical moment,what come across my mind is my cheeky niece, qistina aka irina's best buddy. Qistina dearie,it's good if you can have some sleepover at mommy's place,pls tell your mama bout this k,mommy tak thn dah,pls help me,pls come n rescue iman irina from drowning in her own imaginary world,pls make her stop from continuosly talking to any bulu-buluan objek,and pls tell her that sofa will always be a sofa,ia bukan kapal laut,jauh sekali bas sekolah..pls help me qistina syg,and most important thing is..i want my living room back,huaaaaa..

this was taken sometimes ago,when irina was getting real with her real buddy in her real world..

oh ya,happy 4th birthday to Nur Qistina Asyura,mommy,uncle and iman love u very much!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Get Together


takde masa.

rindu nak blog.

tak sempat.

upload gmbr je la.

gmbr mommy bergumbira.

kt planet hollywood.

last saturday nite.

mr r.a?ada

ada kt umah main ps2 sampai pkl 2 pagi

marfuza?enjoy jugak sampai pkl 2 pagi

I have a bunch of great frens,i have one sporting husband

so,apa mau lagi?

it was all F.U.N

i'm glad to meet and lepak with all of them esp to jijieboy yg sentiasa mcm cacat,to khairil, even he's busy melayan kerenah kudsia tp boleh gak lepak, to amyzadin yg busy berkempen for the upcoming G.E still ada masa dtg,n mostly to yatt,even she turned up quite late,i'm glad to see her smiling face after the terrible loss of her hubby,sheikh ajil. Frens, love u all so much,we shud have this kind of session every mth!hihi (mcm la laki aku nak layan ;p)

ok dah,coolie nak kena start keje. bye