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Thursday, November 27, 2008

He's here!

dear blogger frens,

i already gave birth to Iman Izmeer bin R.A last sunday on 23rd november 2008, 3.47pm via caesarian section-baby weigh at 3.17kgs and he's doing very well right now,same goes to the mommy and the big sister..

Thanks for all the morale support,advices and encouragement. Appreciate it much frens..

sorry for the little update as i have some serious mothering job to do, breastfeed,breastfeed and breastfeed huhu..

iman izmeer at hospital 4 days ago

iman izmeer at tokbak's home this morning..
oh,i'm officially 30yrs old today,and this bundle joy of mine is really a great birthday present!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Embracing the final days..

Tell me I’m still normal after u read this.

I’m approaching my 36 weeks and I’m sooo can’t wait to give birth. Cant wait,cant wait,cant wait. I’m getting so impatient nowadays. Why u asked me?

- Sleepless night due to cramp di sana sini

- Terrible backache (mcm pinggang kena karate)

- Shortness of breath

- Braxton hicks

- Heaviness & bloatiness

- Frequent visit to the toilet (letih,tatkala jalan pun dah terhempap2)

- Pelvic pressure (beberapa kali percubaan nak terkencing didlm seluar tetapi telah berjaya dikawal)

- Swollen and numbness of legs and hands here n there

- Ketiak kehitaman (kenapakah perlu aku menghebohkan ini?)

- Leher kehitaman

- My weight sudah di tahap yg menakutkan, I’m almost 70kgs now, I already gained 20kgs and mind to tell u I haven’t reached the full term yet, if I am to give birth at 40weeks, komfem lah akan membesar sebagai johan, sng2lah 76kilo dlm tangan k,arrghh

- I notice that besides the drawing cabinet, I’m the next bulkiest ‘object’ in my department, and don’t ask me to go to admin dept tmpt amoi2 slim dan seksi itu semua berkumpul, dgn keadaan fizikal yg menyamai sebuah mesin fotostat, terasa diri ini sgt menonjol dan begitu BESAAAAAR

- Speaking of menonjol, my belly button starts to protrude and it looks really ugly and scary. Irina always utter this when she saw my belly-button;" eee pusat mommy dah takde lubang,lubang dia dah hilang!" dgn wajah penuh ketakutan dan kegusaran-and it hurts too.

- Still on the weight issue, due to my current state now whereby walking has started to be a chore,the colleagues start to make fun of it and proposed that security guard to fetch me from the car using the wheelchair and wheeled me to the lift-and to add to the misery, they said it’s better to make the forklift standby at the service lift (used to hoist heavy equipment) in case they need to bring me to the hospital-oh service van pun kena standby jugak sbb diaorg ckp keta tak muat nak sumbat i..wheelchair?service van?FORKLIFT??? hmmppffff..kejammmm!!

- Sbb paling utama ialah I hate feeling helpless. There are so many things I cannot do, and am restricted from doing. Am I incompetent or what?and I miss to pamper irina,miss to carry her,miss to let her sit on my lap and lean against me-I can’t offer that much to her
now (I’m all belly bebeh) dan selalu pula di marahi tatkala mahu menyelit dan bermanja
atas riba mommy,poor my daughter..

But wait a minute, despite all the ongoing sufferings, there are still some other thing left to enjoy - I should enjoy getting all the stares from strangers, I should enjoy the constant wrong guesses made by others about my baby’s gender, I should enjoy the royalty treatment I am getting from people around me and I should enjoy the full and endless support that I get from my hubby, my family and my inlaws.

Yupp,that’s it.

Oh, I should be thankful too. After all, this smooth pregnancy is double the blessing, and I am just thankful to Allah I have made it this far.


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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Splish Splash!

we have a new night time activity.

Since i dont have to prepare for dinner anymore (due to heaviness, pemalas + mengambil kesempatan pun iyer jugak), we fill the time with something benifical;bersukan i.e swimming sambil bermesra anak beranak.

it's a work out time for hubby yg claim dia sudah 'telmon' since quit smoking (remember his pic with babat di perut yg begemerlapan itu?dat's what he meant)and for iman irina yg suka sgt nak berjalan setelah seharian terperuk di daycare,it's such a blessful.

Selain dr hubby dpt men'exercise'kan diri, we really have a good family time esp for iman irina;we wanna spend and give irina the best quality time & attention we could ever offer before the arrival of the little I.I next month..

Panasonic Sports Complex, shah alam,we went here several times already for the past 2 weeks-ada pdg bola, gym, futsal, swimming pool,badminton ke basketball court x sure yg ni..5min drive from my house,dekat sgt2 dgn rumah set set tiap2 hari pergi pun boleh,ni kalau tak kurus jugak tak tau laaa nak ckp apakn

the swimming fees:adult:rm2 per entry, kid:rm1 per entry, tersgtlah affordable!

ini lah wajah anak yg sentiasa mendambakan kebebasan

and this is the back view of my 'Michael Phelps', oh cop cop ada pembetulan, ni Michael Phelps in the making, buat masa sekarang dia adalah Michael Flab,hmm flab..nyumm nyumm..I likeee..

gerammm jer tgk anak and hubby kelepak kelepuk swim main air sumer..rasa tak sabar2 nak give birth and work my ass out to get my ideal shape again..takpe sabar..sabar..

in a meantime ni sahaja lah yg mommy mampu buat..dok tepi kiddy pool sambil posing ala2 duyung..errr actually dugong is more like it lah..huhuhuhuh..

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