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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New year,not-so-new me

Happy 2009 everyone!

I think it’s not too late to wish a very happy new year. As for me, 2008 offered a lot of good thing in my life, and I just wish 2009 will be another promising year. I celebrated the new year eve waaaay different compared to 10 years ago. Yupp,10 years ago iaitu pd thn 1999 semasa marfuza berusia 21thn. Sweeeet 21.

If 10 years ago marfuza excited dress up to join the crowd for celebration, but 2009 eve marfuza excited dress up her daughter and son in pyjama to go to bed.

If 10 years ago marfuza berbau semerbak mewangi utk keluar bersama rakan2, but mlm menjelang 2009 marfuza berbau semerbak masam dgn muntah susu baby.

If 10 years ago marfuza sibuk menyapu make up di muka, mlm 2009 marfuza sibuk menyapu minyak urat.

If 10 years ago marfuza memegang botol mineral di celahan manusia2 yg membanjiri bintang walk, mlm menjelang 2009 marfuza memegang botol susu to feed her baby sambil membygkan berada di bintang walk.

If 10 years ago marfuza menjerit kegirangan di jalanan sambil menyahut happy new year!,mlm menjelang 2009 marfuza menjerit ketensionan sambil berkata tido laaah! to her daughter and son.

If 10 years ago marfuza menyambut new year dgn music2 yg hype, but 2009,marfuza menyambut new year dgn suara anak2 menangis..

2 scenario yg sgt berbeza bukan?

but did I feel regret?NO. NEVER. Staying at home with 2 kids has made me rethink the path I want to take in life. Even the fact that I’m no longer having much fun like 10years ago, I’m very sure that I’m now heading the right way.yupp. this is what I want and I am thankful for everything that has come my way.

Even if the body is out of shape.
Even if I will not get to enjoy my freetime.
Even if half of my salary goes to the kids.
Even if my nights are now sleepless.
Even if I have an eye bag.
Even if I will have dark circle around my eyes.
Even if look like a panda bear.
I am still thankful..

One thing for sure, it is no longer a path leading to nowhere. Not like 10 years ago.So.. NO REGRETS AT ALL!

p/s:Today marks the last day of my confinement,yahuuu!oh ya, i’m still in muar and only be back to KL on 18th Jan.

p/p/s:I miss my husband very much. He took 1 week off last week and spend the whole week in muar with the wife,daughter and son.He’s now in kl and back to work. Hmm..a husband’s got to do what a husband’s got to do rite?

p/p/p/s:I already break the confinement rule. I followed hubby to Malacca last Sunday for his collegue’s wedding. Not only that,I also drank a glass of sirap ais.Ampun mak. Cuaca panas. Iman anakmu senipis duitnya sekarang.

p/p/p/p/s:I miss to pose with my daughter. This is our happy/silly faces yg bebas kegirangan on the way to melaka. Anyone misses us?No?uhuhu...

Again, happy new year!

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