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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

mommies' gathering

Saturday 25th August 2007, mutiara damansara, 4pm

Another mommies' gathering, this time around at dotty's place in conjuction with her cutie aidan's birthday party bash-enough to say that everything was cool;from the food to the party decorations and also the crowd. Fabulous!

Dotty and husband played a good host, ramah tamah mesra alam sgt even that was our 1st met, and dont let me start talking on the other mommies; Rafiqah, Eiseai aka Nina & Mommyalif, they are all very nice and friendly, and i didnt feel awkward at all be in a group of ppl yg tak pernah berjumpa dan hanya kenal thru blogging world tp masing2 can get along well. Frankly speaking i was kinda worried at first, hubby kept on throwing question 'all of you never meet each other personally so how are u gonna mingle aroud la?' erkk..mmg takut mula2, butttt..it turned up to b verry ok and i shud thank this blogging world for giving me this opportunity to know some of you out there, yupp, this is the power of blogging world! lazydaisy was also there but i felt ralat sbb tak berkesempatan jumpa emir's mommy, nevermind maybe next time InsyaAllah..

the kids were also enjoying themselves that day. Reading dotty's entry on her final preparation and tiup all the balloons by herself, yupp dotty, i'm so agree with u bout the importance of having so many balloons for b'day celebration, sbb belon lah anak2 semua mingled very well dan bermain2 keriangan!tak percaya?

ashraff (raf's), amir (nina's), irina and the other kids played with the ballon.

the two macho boy; amir and ashraff again with the balloons

irina yg dah naik comot with amir yg memegang belon dgn machonya hihi

Dotty, thanks again for inviting us, it was such a great party, i'm glad that i made it to the party that day and met with U n the other mommies, oh and for cutie aidan, again auntie mar nak wish 'happy belated b'day cutie!'
terima kasih daun keladi ya!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another wonderful entry

again..ketinggalan gerabak keretapi..another weekend is coming but here i am feeling hati berbunga to post bout my last weekend activity. Why bother to post la,mayb some of u will say oit cite dah basi..but as for me, my heart still blooming and ceria thinking bout my splendid weekend or shall i say aktiviti jejak kasih di hujung minggu heheh-so now u know the answer for my last question in the previous entry rite?another blissful weekend hihi

Saturday:18th August 07

for the 1st time after more than 1 year knowing zura only in cyber world, i managed to meet her last saturday!live!face to face heheh- million thanks to noha for being so determined making us meet up together, thanks sbb sanggup fetch aku kt rumah and thanks for making it real!love u la babeh!heheh

aiman, zura n noha

us at midvalley,megamall with the kids (zura, me,irina,aiman, nurin n noha)

anak-anak:irina, handsome aiman (future hearthrob) and adorable nurin salma-we are so happy that the kids get along together
perut timbunan yg tidak terbendung walaupun bergambar bersebelahan jejaka hensem,fail..fail..
even it was quite a short gathering, i was happy and satisfied,dpt jugak jumpa zura n family,selama ni kenal thru blogging world jer,may this friendship remain forever!

another jejak kasih session,after the meet up ni midvalley, i went to kelab darul ehsan, taman TAR Ampang for muhammad naaqueib, izan's son birthday celebration -izan, she used to be my partner in crime during colleage years, we used to hang out together, clubhopping together, shared all the joy and be together during those heartbroken moment..i lost contact with her when we finished a-level programme, then only last year izan managed to track my no and we start to contact each other again
so last weekend was my 1st meeting with her after 8 years tak jumpa gosh!i miss her!she is still looking great and vogue like she used to be masa zaman anak dara even now she already has 2 boys and conceiving a third baby!hoh!how she changed hihi,i mean dulu sikit punya kepala giler huhahuha sana sini but now she's a great mom of 2, running her own busines and i could tell that she's earning well, having a good husband and she's in a process of expanding her family after 2 consecutive years beranak dan beranak and she still looks gorgeous!gosh..what else a woman could ask for more?

we arrived there quite late,the party was at 3-6pm but we arrived at 5,ok la janji jumpa

irina was busy playing and eating on the stage with the other kids

me, izan a three mth preggy and heavily pregnant kak gee,apehal muka aku mcm pelantar minyak ni?

we ibuk-ibuk busy sharing our mother life stories
besides being thankful to god for giving me another good weekend and all those nice meet ups, i shall thank Him for giving me such a sporting husband yg sanggup melayankan minggu jejak kasih isterinya ini..disamping dgn berjayanya menjadi jurufoto tak bertauliah,thanks sayang!
another mommies meeting this coming weekend, i cant wait!

Friday, August 17, 2007


another weekend is approaching yet my mind still lingers around the activities that i had last weekend. Nothing can bit the excitement of coming back to hometown dan pulang ke pangkuan ketiak mak dan abah, the feeling is tremendous even it was only for 1 nite!so last week, i went back to my kampung halaman terchentaa

2 bln tak blk kg due to our tight schedule a few mth back (blk t'ganu,settle hal2 rumah) and rumah mak abah pun masa tu tgh renovate,so now the renovation process is over and pulanglah kami nak tgk rumah and nak jumpa mak abah,rindu sgt!so this time around,i betul2 pulun abis!

saturday evening, baru sejam sampai,dah bwk irina pergi berjln kt Tanjung Emas, one of the most popular place to lepak2dan bersantai kt muar. the place has changed a lot!it's just beside muar river and ada play ground, a lot of makan2 place and tmpt riadah, bot menyusur sg muar pun ada-irina really enjoyed her time there,mommy pun enjoy sbb ada org tlg layan irina so mommy rilek sket haha

mlm kita pulun seafood bakar pulak kt sabak awor, ada siakap bakar, pari bakar sambal, sambal udang, sotong goreng tepung, kailan ikan masin makan bersama nasik lemak panas fuhh terangkat!i'm salivating now!!

the next morning, we helped my parents to clean up the house,rumah tu still not coordinate really well due to the renovation, so yg menantu lelaki nya tlg abah kt luar, all the girls (yeahh rite,girl heh,mak2 org sume) in-caj mengemas dlm rumah. Part of the job was membasuh verandah dan perabot2..that cik kak kecik pun take part jugak, i told u my anak dara rajin hehehe

tghari jalan2 kt econsave,ok gak econsave ni,murah giler brg dia, tak pernah pegi yg kt kl, but since econsave kt muar ni sepelaung je dr rumah, so survey2 je brg kt sini

it's time to go back..we all bertolak around 5p.m from muar-that's irina mingled at tokmak's new kitchen, i'm glad to see our new renovated house, glad that my parents happy as the renovation process went all smooth, and glad that everything settled already,P.E.R.F.E.C.T..alhamdulillah..so before we bid farewell to mak and abah,we snap the pic above..miss mak abah along and my cat yasser,miss them a lot!..tak puas blk kg!huhu

so that's how i spend my weekend last week..how bout this coming weekend?will it be as wonderful and bliss like the last weekend?we'll seee...
happy weekend all.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

laundry, wardrobe and jack's head

I slept late last nite..around 2am..and i was not the only one staying awake, i have my daughter who accompanied me up to 2 am, very good heh?

hubby was not around last nite (outstation to kerteh), i was so tired and planned to crawl on bed and get a good sleep early which was around 11pm where suddenly irina woke up and uttered.."mommy,nak milk.." ok fine..switch on the light again.. prepared her milk and gave her..then.."mommy..nah"she gave me her bottle.. then baru baring pejam mata.."mommy, gatal..sapu lotion"she scratched her leg here and there and asked me to apply calamine lotion..masa ni mommy dah rasa lain mcm, hajat nak tido awal spt berbalam2 tp masih menaruh harapan..then.."mommy, kukak lampu nak wash nemo"..hah,that's it laa, said bye bye to my fluffy pillow, bye bye my comfy blanket, bye bye mattress, punah harapan aku, punaaaaah..

so since i cant sleep early, i planned to fold the laundry esp baju2 irina yg melonggok dlm bakul while irina watched 'finding nemo'. When she saw me sat beside her to fold the laundry, dia pun sibuk la nak join, and only last nite i realised how ringan tulang my daughter is. I noticed she likes to help me doing the house chores even her 'help' is not in a right context;tolong menyepahkan lagi ada. But i just love to see her being so determined and love to hear when she said 'ena nak wat mommy, ena nak cook/ena nak papu(sapu)/meh baju ena nak nipat"..aaah rajinnya anak mak sorang..terasa sejuk isi perut aku mengandung dulu (hoh!)..

so last nite mother and daughter really spent terrific moment folding laundry together even the time was not that terrific (tgh2 mlm buta)

i wish she'll be like this untill she grow up, she's such a good helper!

i bet u could figure out which one was folded by irina, comel je 'longgokan kecik' tepi tu kan?

boleh la ni..for a daughter age 2 and half years, i could say this is more than ok!(kalu tak mommy sendiri yg puji,sapa lg nak puji ye tak?heheh call me syok sendiri i dont mind!)

well, even i didnt get enough sleep last nite, and even i'm holding my eyes open with a toothpick and feel like slapping my bos's head now, but thinking of the laundry that neatly arranged in irina's wardrobe and longgokan baju yg dah melenyap, i feel so happy and gratify to have iman irina in my life, she's my good friend,we are really a good buddy and we will always be..

ok enough blogging, i'm going to slap jack's head now.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I have big concern regarding irina's eating habit. She eats a lot and sometimes she just cant stop chewing. Usually she will have her dinner around 7.30pm, and around 9pm when it is time for abah n mommy to have dinner, she will menyelit in between and asking for her own meal,and nope..it's not she saja2 nak main,she really eat the meal,enjoy every bit and pieces of it..gosh.. i mean after a full plate of rice (i'm not exaggerating, it's really a full plate) at 7.30, she still can take heavy meal 1.5hrs after that,arghhh..this is scary k, scare the hell out of me!

is this normal?i dont know, a lot of my friends adore irina when they see her dig on her food, she is not a pick-eater and she has great appetite, she can eat pedas food, she eats most of the food that us adult eat, not like my fren's cases or my sis's which very hard to feed the daughter, kena pujuk, kena paksa,itu pun mkn 3-4 sudu nasik,that's it. but i dont really like the idea of irina eats a lot..i'm scared she will turn out to be a chubby girl bila dah besar,chubby boleh thn lg tp jgn obese and even now i'm worry bout her roundish stomach, really roundish i tell u..montellll
and selalu la org akan ckp 'bestnya mar anak kau sng nak mkn, anak aku kena paksa mkn smpi menangis2 ..hoh really contra,irina menangis2 sbb kena marah asik nak mkn!

i dont mind she eats a lot during every meal, but what i concern most is she likes to nibble in between the meal,like lunch dah mkn nasi sepinggan, then in between ada biskut and snacks, then around 5 she insists to have soup (instant mushroom soup) and usually it is not a plain soup, must be with roti or macaroni, then it's dinner time nasik sepinggan, and sementara tunggu nak tido mkn biskut or keropok or chocolate..haihhh,penuh jadual mkn irina kan?a few nights back, irina menangis kena mrh ng mommy sbb she insists to have her biskut mentega at 12 midnite!if u guys manage to come to my house, dont get shock if u see tin biscuit under the bed, kena sorok!i told my mom bout this ans it seems like she concern bout it too..risau tokmak tgk cucu dia yg sorang ni kuat mkn, tokmak ask me to plan her meal, like kurangkan nasi n lebihkan sayur n lauk pauk, and her snack must be a non-fat snack,junk food is totally a no-no and instead of biskut or manis-manisan,let her bite on fruits for her snack time!hah mcm org tua berdietkan?but i think it makes sense..

mommies,any opinion regarding this?

in a mean time,just browse thru the pics that i attached, i godek2 my handphone just now to only realised that there's so many pics of irina tgh mkn, ngapp ngapp ngappp!

enjoying a hot-tasty big ikea's currypuff while having an ice cream (it's big

mkn ice cream pulak..

mkn mango hingga teruja, eat till the last bit sampai tinggal biji

to finish eating setongkol jagung rebus is nothing to irina

ice-cream,no sharing pls!see that perut bulat

nibble on hash brown inside the car

fries utk mengalas perut

mommy, i want my teddy bear biscuit, lollipop tak kenyang!
my anak dara montel kan?

Monday, August 06, 2007

i've been tagged again!

I've been tagged by mommyalif to do this..so mommyalif,this is my version!sory for the delay ya

this is the rule. If you are tagged, you need to write an entry related to the meme. At the end of your entry you just need to tag as many person as you like. You will then leave a comment in their blog to let them know they have been tagged. And to include this message, "By doing this meme you are contributing rm127 to the Darul Izzah Orphanage". The meme is about completing at least seventeen out of the following twenty seven sentences........

1. A person is only as good ...if he/she is not only acting kind to human being, but being kind to animal too

Friendship is always ..meaningful with a friend that understand u inside out

3. To love is ..when u feel an adrenalin rush everytime u see his/her number popping on yr phone screen

4. Money makes ..ppl go crazy esp during megasale

5. I miss ..my demised cat,blackie..

6. My way of saying I care is ..by membebel2,if i dont bebel anymore n just keep quiet,that's it, i dont give a d**n bout u anymore

7. I try to spread love and happiness by ..making ppl happy and comfortable with me

8. Pick the flowers ..at abah's garden and put it on bozo's ears(my cat kt kg), cacattt sgt rupa dia haha!

9. To love someone is ..to love his/her defect too

10. Beauty is about ..having a good heart and healthy mind (yg ni aku takde)

11. When I was thirteen, what I remember the most was .. falling in love with 4U2C dan berangan menjadik gadis videoclip utk lagu fiona

12. When I was twenty one, I remember .. clubhopping every friday nite (gilos) and how i failed thermodynamics paper miserably

13. I am most happy when ..i have the tv channel all by myself

14. Nothing makes me happier than ..having iman irina and mr r.a in my life, and of coz my family (cliche..cliche..)

15. If I can change one thing, I will ..change the way i laugh, takde ciri2 pompuan melayu terakhir lnsg;rabak, loud..outttt sgt

16. If smiles were dosh then ..tak paham..yg pasti aku senyum tak cantik sbb gigi aku besar hoh!

17. Wouldn't it be nice if .. I have a lot of money so instead of considering to buy a 2nd hand kancil,i will buy volkswagen bettle and color it pink and mengeksyen kt admin exec aku yg perasan bagus

18. If you want to feel being respected then .. respect ppl first lorr

19. Money is not everything but ..it's verrrry important in life, dont tell me demi kasih dan cinta lautan api sanggup ku renangi,ku pintal buih2 cinta bla bla..dah mkn pasir baru kau tau pintal buih cinta takde ke maknanya!

20. The most touching moments I have experienced ..jwpan standard semua emak2;gave birth to my beloved dauhgter, iman irina

21. I smile ..even to a stranger/foreigner(i'm that friendly u know but mostly to women laa,kang ada ckp aku gatal lak)

22. When I am happy, ..my voice will be at high pitch and cakap bertempik2 (tindakan luar kawal)

23. If only I don't have to pay the hutangs, then I'd .. be a full-time student further up my study

24. The best thing I did yesterday ... dragged hubby to bkt bintang and paksa belikan handbag(aku mmg kejam haha)

25. If I ever write a book, I will give it this title,"how to handle bloated stomach in a tight jeans without needed to unbutton it "

26. One thing I must do before I die is ..to clear all my hutang and bertaubat byk2,oh ya ask forgiveness from ppl that i know too

27. Doing this meme, I feel like ..relief..sbb hutang dgn mommyalif dah abis!hihi

so who i'm tagging?as usual:
-aidan's mommy
-ms dbab, mind to do?

frens,if u have free time to do this then go ahead,but if u cant then i understand sbb meme ni mmg pjg n memerlukan brainstorming, dont get mad ya!i know today is monday,semoga hari isnin anda ceria! heheh

Friday, August 03, 2007

Indulging myself..aaaaahhh..

Irina is now in cheras under her grandparent's care, so u guys shud know how mommy and abah plan their social activities to fully utilize the short break hihi..so 1st move,we indulged and stuffed ourselves with good food!hoho!

it's not to say that we never had good meal when irina is around, but the idea to bring her to some cosy good place yg mana semua org membehave ketika mkn adalah sgt tidak digalakkan. Kalau irina ada confirm tekak aku je la kan yg dengar, dahtu tak sudah2 la mengutip sudu garfu yg irina jatuhkan. Sgt membunuh selerakan?

so semlm mommy and abah yg dah lama tak berdating ni pun pergi la ke Victoria Station USJ lps kerja, asikla VS kan,what to do hubby mmg VS Steak punya die hard fan,while my tekak teringin sgt la nak mkn pasta kt picollo mondo or italian kitchen,takpe la,org dah bwk mkn pun kira dah syukurrr...ni pun kira dinner utk anniversary kitaorg gak la ni (gila lama tertangguhkan)

sharp fin soup with crabmeat..ahhh..very creamy n tasty..tp aku dah spolitkan soup aku sbb terletak vinegar byk urghh!

my salad comea with the pasta that i ordered, walaupun rupanya tak sehebat caesar salad yg i plan to order early, tp rasanya boleh laa..(afterall sayur2 tu sume rasa sama je kan?)

my seafood spaghetti yg rupanya agak mengecewakan..i expected it to be full with udang2 besar, ada oyster kepah dan segala seafood yg lain(like the one in planet hollywood) tp rupanay hanya lah spt ini dgn isi2 udang dan sotong yg dah di potong2..kuciwaaa..dah tu pamesan cheese pun dah terletak byk dan terus rasa muak..eeeeewww..

the only thing that tasted perfect lastnite was this rib eye black paper steak (so true la of their claim;serve the best steak in town!)-the meat was very juicy..ahh..succulent!!

muka sentap spaghetti muak tapi masih memaksa senyuman

" padan muka tak puas mkn,sapa suruh taknak order steak?"begitu la hubby berkata dgn eksyennya sbb steak dia sedap

well,even the food was not that superlicious (i'm talking bout spaghetti yg menyamar sebagai seafood spaghetti), the moment of dating2 berdua dgn hubby and mkn dgn amannya sambil mendgr slow music adalah sgt menenangkan..priceless!and tonite i'll be having a makan session with my colleagues at naili's taipan!yahu!mommy mcm sakan kan?hihi
happy weekend ppl!