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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Our current story

So now I’m 8 weeks pregnant, and as early as it may sound,I still don’t feel like it’s been 8 weeks, I do feel like I’ve been in this crucial stage for ages. I’m so weak, I lost my enormous appetite on food,i've been throwing up like nobody's business and I’m overly sensitive with strong smell,be it bau makanan,ketiak hangit, kepam badan manusia, perfume tengik or asap kenderaan. and Oh bau kepala irina yg yg bermandi peluh tatkala pulang dr playground menjelang maghrib juga turut menyeksa jiwa dan raga.

Our life routine has also changed. No more roaming around at shopping complex or try a new mkn place di mlm minggu. Anak beranak hanya melepak di rumah dan mkanan hanya di tapau shj.Iman Irina hanya berpeluang menikmati aktiviti luaran di kawasan berdekatan rumah bersama abah since mommy has to stay at home. Tidak berdaya dan hanya melepek. Pergi playground nearby, 7-E,kedai runcit speedymart and habis terer pun pergi tesco shah alam main indoor playground. Pity my Irina.She lost some of her adventurous moment due to mommy’s condition. I really hope things will be ok soon.

And how bout my man?how he copes with this situation?i could say that he impresses me very well!Hey,we are talking bout Mr R.A here ok,seorg lelaki yg tak pernah buat kerja rumah hatta mencucisebijik pinggan, sidai baju or memasak. Okla bg credit sikit,tak la teruk sgt sbb he irons his own work clothes and mmg amik tender basuh toilet kt rumah,but kerja2 dapur?sgt tidak sinonim dgn encik R.A k.

But now,he shows his other side of capability as well. Mr R.A is now in control of the housechores you know. He plays Mr Mama very well.He washes the dishes, he keeps the kitchen clean, he mop the floor, he bathe irina, he dresses her up, he washes her poo poo, he put her to sleep,he does almost everything except cooking. Yes, agak kekayuan ya apabila tiba bab2 memasak but it’s ok darling,u do more than what I expect,lgpun I tanak dapur kita terbakar hangus ya ling,so it’s ok. I’m so thankful to have such a helpful and understanding husband like him, thanks so much lah!,I bg u special present bln 12 nnti k.

Honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better husband!


Daddy's girl now heh?

Friday, May 02, 2008


How would you like it if you throw up everything after every meal?

Say, throw up after breakfast, lunch, tea break and dinner?

How would you like it if your mouth tastes of basically whatever you throw up?

How would you like it if you easily become nauseated by your kitchen's smell,or by your neighbour's cooking?

How would you like it? I do not like it a single bit. Hazab k.

Oh well. That's the only quick update from me :( nak post gmbr trip bandung pun tak larat..

Happy Weekend frens..