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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Prison Break

Confinement sucks. I think it should be called imprisonment instead of confinement. My confinement period is already a month so no wonder I am already feeling so restless and frantic staying at home. Keras hokay. Jiwa terseksa nih. My confinement period makes me think about the sins I have committed in life so far. Mcm sdg menerima pembalasan dunia. yupp so chronic like that.


1) Not being allowed to bath frequently (paling terer sekali sehari,itupun before 5pm) for 44days

2)Being stomach wrapped(berbengkung) very tightly everyday for 44days straight. (ni pasni kalau perut gendut jugak tak tau laa nak ckp apa)

3)Having to apply ‘pilis’ on the forehead everyday for 44 days straight. (haha,actually i only applied this for 1 week.The last one was when dry crisps of pilis went into my eyes, and nearly into Izmeer’s mouth! oh and the smell stinks too,pening kepala gue)

4) Having to swallow the jamu dan segala mak nenek pati ikan haruan dan gamat everyday for 44days.

5) Being forced to drink ‘ubat periuk’ (air rebusan akar kayu dan segala daunan2 yg ntah dr mana dtgnya) everyday for 44 days straight. (the taste?hoho!rasa mcm nak terjun bangunan lps minum)

6) Having to avoid spicy food, seafood, sayuran2 sejuk, frozen food (fastfood jauh sekali ya, jgn mimpi! again my mom said) ah,sng cerita almost everything edible and delectable for 44days straight.

7) Having to drink nothing but a hot/warm drink everyday for 44 days straight.(cold drink?gassy drink?puuuun jgn mimpi jugak my mom said..)

8)having to apply minyak urat all over the body everynite for 44days straight.

9) having to wear socks and slipper everyday for 44 days straight.

ok,this is the worst:

10) Being stuck at home everyday for 44 days straight.

wah,no kidding, I only went out once to my sister's house yg sekangkang kera, besides that,hanya perukan di rumah shj huhu. Oh u know,tmrw will be a month check up for izmeer,i'm sooo look forward to bring izmeer to clinic so that i can see the outside world haha,takpernah aku seronok nak gi clinic,giler bunyik dah mcm org takde life huhu

i admit that i'm not going through the confinement 100% traditionally, ni pun even ada ngelat skit2 i already feel like choking! so to my fren sally,nadiahkhair and my SIL,miera yg sdg pregnant,all the best in your confinement period nnti ya ;P

oh ya,happy one month birthday to my beloved son..

mommy, abah and kakak would like to see more of you izmeer darling

mommy,let's go and celebrate my birthday at the clinic!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What kind of entry la deii

Freeze!Or I will..

Okay mummy,i surrender!

No breast milk for the next 2 hours (i promise!!)
though breastmilk is really to hard to resist.

Stop calling me boobie baby. And stop tickling me.
Go tickle yourself.
Or Abah.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Labour Story

i still cannot believe that i already gave birth to iman izmeer. He arrived 3 weeks early from the expected due date which is supposed to be on 17th december 08, 3 weeks early tu.Dare i say that i tak ready to give birth pun masa tu. Let me recall the madness of that day..

The labour story:

18th & 19th Nov (Tuesday & Wednesday)

I went to meet my gynae for my 2 weeks gap check up when she said I was 2cm dilated and was then admitted . She said I was experiencing mild contraction but I didn’t feel it at all. Got 2 jabs for baby’s lung (as a preparation in case the baby come out earlier as he is still consider premature). Nervous like hell as I didn’t expect it to b this early, mcm2 dlm kepala;bag I,kakak n baby tak kemas lg,report tak siap, claim tak buat,rumah mcm tongkang karam blabla..but before I registered,smpt lagi mkn kt restoran sebelah,ye la mana tau kot2 I nak kena meneran kluarkan baby mlm tukn,so kena lah bertenaga,selamatlah I sental bihun sup semangkuk ng roti bakar satu set..tunggu punya tunggu takde contraction pun, instead nyenyak la pulakkan aku tido dgn aircond perut penuh bihun bagai..the next daynya Dr Ummul gave up,it was a false alarm,I tak ready utk beranak lg huhu,so I was discharged then-she suspected that it might be the cause of UTI (urinary tract infection)-got 10days MC and Dr Ummul predicted that I might deliver the baby around 2 weeks time,yeah,cud be early dec..so blk dgn hati girang;tidak perlu meneran2 dan dpt pula berehat 10 hari yahu

20th Nov(Thursday)

Bgn lmbt, mkn, kemas2 rumah, kemas bag nak blk kg,mkn lagi,tv tv tv dan tv,baring2 smpi lenguh,sakit perut, chatting on fon,makan popiah,perut mengeras,tunggu laki blk keje bla bla bla bla

21st Nov (Friday)

Bgn lmbt lg, cirit birit,mkn,tv,bermalas2,tghari masuk ofis sekejap,siapkan kerja,siapkan claim,handover project file bg bos,ambik notebook so my notebook tidak akan digodam oleh tgn2 gatal di opis,perut mengeras lg,cirit birit lg,pkl 4 blk rumah

23rd Nov (Sunday)
Staying at home made me feel bored to tears already, so I asked hubby to bring me to Jaya Jusco bukit tinggi. Planned to buy baby’s bag and to bring irina to the playland there. So we went there and reached around 2pm.

So this was when the drama started.

I tgh tunggu hubby belikan nasi lemak kt food court when suddenly I felt a water gushed out ‘down’ there and I was like ‘ah sudah, dr td mengepit pun boleh tekencing jugak’ then when I was about to stand up, the water gushed out again..it happened 3-4 times smpi aku tak berani nak bgn dan berdiri kerana seluar sudah basah n masa ni I tak terpikir yg my waterbag broke,I thought I was tercirit dlm sluar k,ye lah dah 2 hari cirit birit-hati tak sedap,hubby smpi sambil membawa sepinggan nasik lemak rendang ayam yg I order n nmpk muka kecuakkan saya.

Told hubby bout that then went to washroom to check on it. It was yellowish and a bit greenish (sori la kalu ada yg kembang tekak ya) on the panty liner and sluar mmg sudah basah lencun. Called my mom,tanya air ketuban warna apa?my mom kecoh2 dah suruh blk time tu jugak,dia ckp ketuban pecah dahtu,dahtau nak beranak jln2 buat apa lg potpetpotpet..tak psl2 kena bebel

pegi foodcourt blk jumpa hubby,I told him it might be the waterbag broke,hubby kelam kabut dah. Iman Iirna kelam kabut jugak,kelam kabut nak pergi playland. I plak blanked,dlm blank2 tu smpt lg kasik perabis nasik lemak. sedap.Then asked hubby to bring irina to the playland sementara I habiskan nasik lemak,mkn dlm keadaan air ketuban meleleh2,sadis betul.

Thought of tunggu irina n hubby kt foodcourt but I rasa tak sedap dah,perut keras lain mcm,n I felt discomfort,mcm contraction. Asked hubby to make a move immediately. Gerun jugak mengenangkan kemungkinan akan kluar front page paper dgn headline ‘seorg wanita melahirkan bayi di jaya jusco’ ,ya mmg aku giler glam orgnya tp tidak dgn cara ini ya.

Gegas ke UMRA Medical Centre. Planned to blk rumah dulu amik bag tukar baju bagai tp tak jadik la,the contraction became more stronger but still bearable. Sampai UMRA terus dibawa jmpa dr kiramjeet ,sluar baju dah habis lencun n ada stain2 pulak tu,maluuu

to make it short,dr kiramjeet found out that the yellowish n greenish stain was actually meconium,the baby’s 1st bowel movement-anak I dah berak dlm perut k,hebat betul anak beranak kaki berak-so no hope for normal delivery,no induced,no nothing,STRAIGHT TO OPERATION THEATRE, Dr Kiramjeet said,we need to take out the baby now,we need to perform emergency caesarian section,huh,perut kena lapah lg?arghh tidaaaakk,baru berangan nak push push,scream,push push-hubby signed the form,I signed the form, kiss hubby,kiss irina,cried-cried,sentap nak kena operate nih.

then I was wheeled to OT bout 3pm,Dr Ummul and Dr Rafi were already there. The anesthetist asked me when was the last time I took a meal, and I answered ‘ bout half and hr ago doc’ ,then dia tnya pulak ‘mkn apa’ I said ‘ nasik lemak rendang ayam doc’ doc terus tepuk dahi,ni kaw2 lah kalau I termutnah lps operate nnti,but he knew my worry,he said takpe lah nnti kita bg ubat thn muntah,sori ya doc,I tak tahu nak kena operate harini,so I bantai je lah mkn. Oh one more thing I tak blh lupa dlm tu,punya lah lama anesthetist tu nak insert the anasthatic needle between my spinal cord,sakit hokay,saketttt,I really traumatized by all these procedure,benda2 ni semua buat I fikir seribu kali nak beranak lg huhu

So at last, after 36 weeks of waiting and suffering, everything paid off at 3.47pm on the 23rd of November 2008. Iman Izmeer finally mine to bring home and keep. :) Pheww..

oh ya,I masuk OT tu dgn make up bergemerlapan di muka,ye lah sakan gi shopping kan,so kelihatan beria lah aku kan mcm org excited nak kena bedah,and the next day while the nurse help me to cleanse my make up on my face, boleh pulak dia ckp ‘oo akak ni la yg nak terberanak kt jaya jusco tu ya’ hmmm..

So there you have it. The Labour story of my Little I.I..Iman Izmeer (nasib baik bukan iman jaya ;p)

'saya lah budak yg sudah memerut di dlm perut mommy'

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Sunday, December 07, 2008


i find it hard to update my entry nowadays.

I have lot of stories to tell, lots of pics to upload but none that i managed to do,thanks to my 2 demanding babies.

Oh it has been 16days since i gave birth to izmeer. i shall say that he's such a darling to us,he's so baik lah,tak byk ragam,alhamdulillah sgt2, he's not like his sister during confinement period,adalah sgt menguji keimanan dan kesabaran kakaknya itu ya;kuat menangis, tak tido mlm, sentiasa nak berpegang, hampir2 i meroyan dgn kain batik berlari2 keliling rumah beserta rambut yg bergerbangan,ya sebegitu dahsyat penangannya.

overall, we are all doing ok. I'm recuperating from the operation n alhamdulillah luka pun dah sembuh and i dah boleh berbengkung. Kakak loves to have her brother around and plays her sister act very well;help mummy to feed the baby, help mummy to change diaper,help tokmak to bathe the baby;she just loves her role as a sister,suruh saja amikkan baju adik,or bottle adik or calming down adik if he cries,she will do dgn rela hati. She's really my angel lah even kdg2 ada juga bunga2 jealous dia kt adik,tu biasa la,but overall semua terkawal.

oh ya,last monday(1st Dec) was hubby's bday,HAPPY BIRTHDAY EN R.A DARLING, he's 34 already,aiyah i just can believe it,feel like he's still 24;his age when we 1st time met.

And Happy belated birthday (3rd dec) to my eldest sister MARZURAH OMAR aka Along aka Ah Long.

along adalah kakak yg best and she's generous too. She offered me a handbag at guess boutique last month when she came to kl n i teman-ed her to look for her dinner clutch. Ya sambil membelek2 handbag di rak dgn selamba along berkata 'pilihla handbag mana kau nak, hadiah bday ni,bwh rm500' and i was like 'hapa?ni dialog drama ke apa ni?'dan dlm keadaan diri spt di awang-awangan laju je la kan aku memilih huhu,thanks ya along-so dat's my along aka ah long yg mana spt ah long2 yg lain dia juga adalah suka meminjamkan duitnya kpd adik beradiknya. so to along, happy 37th bday, semoga sentiasa dirahmati dan next year bwkla adikmu ini ke butik coach pula ya ;p

a simple yet meaningful bday celebration..
no present yet for my dearest hubby,tunggu i habis confinement n blk kl,i'll get one for him.
Meanwhile,anggaplah ini sebagai hadiah bday dulu ya,kita share and nikmati bday present ni sama2,bleh?

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