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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Precious Gift.

I think this year's bday celebration was the meaningful one to iman irina. Besides the 'bolehlah-tahan' bday celebration,she also received a lot of bday present,way more than her 1st n 2nd year.

And similar to those years,me n hubby also bought a gift for her.

A present.

A tangible gift.

But this year is so special. The present is double. It comes together with intangible gift. The gift that she can't see and hold..at least at this moment. The gift that will take 9 month to be hold and see...and i could say that this gift is not only for Iman Irina, but it is also a special gift for me and hubby.Alhamdulillah..

Welcome my first trimester, meaning welcome all those throw ups and nausea..i havent start with it yet and i wish it will never happen,or at least after i make it to our family vacation next week. Frens, pls pray that i'm gonna have the smooth 1st trimester journey k, InsyaAllah..

In a mean time,before iman irina gets busy with bottle, mitten and all,we let her play with this first.

ada gaya chef kan?;)

p/s:i answered ibu emir's question already in the previous comment,and to mrsboan & zura i'm joining u all now,we are the member of mak buyung's club! ;)

Friday, April 11, 2008


Life of a 3 years old gal..

enjoying outdoor swimming session

...and also indoor pool activity yg dihiasi toilet bowl

spend time with her virtual fren,nemo..

Try her best to help nemo find his way to school

draw shapes.she recognises all the shapes and colors already..thanks to barney color & shape learning vcd

coloring..sambil memakai baju terbalik

fold her own laundry..

watering the grass..
and last but not least..

she knows how to pose with some accesories

pink sunglasses & mommy's heels, nak lawan tokeh ni
aiyoh,iman irina mmg dah besar lah!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Birthday Celebration cum Housewarming

birthday who?
iman irina

tmn pinggiran usj,subang jaya

last weekend,29th march 08

overall how?
tiring but exciting!

some of the highlights:
-catering dtg lambat,which was 1 hr late hence caused 1 hr of sesi mencarut berbakul2 di dlm hati
-it was raining heavily,but it stopped around 3.30pm and by the time it stopped,the crowd started to built up.
-the mkn2 session shud finished around 5pm but due to the delay caused by caterer,we extent it till 7,and the caterer only kemas2 his thing around 7.30pm tanpa berbunyi sepatah haram pun,tau salah sendirikan
-we got discount from caterer to compensate with their late arrival,yahooo!
-ma cooked her yummilicious nasik dagang to serve my family yg sgt dahagakan rasa nasik dagang pantai timur,thanks ma!
-majlis turut diserikan dgn kehadiran individu O.K.U (Orang Kurang Upaya)
-iman irina berupa sgt comot dihujung majlis ttp sgt happy dikelilingi ramai kawan,saudara mara dan hadiah2-and she followed qistina back home at the end of the day.

the goodie bag
the cake shared with lil qis (bday 1st march),so got 2 names there

the guests

the food

birthday gal

my sister helped with the cake cutting session

the two lovely birthday gals

with cousins-alif, iman & qis.

grinned from ear to ear!barbie mariposa is now a hot stuff for lil girl!thanks to makusu & mama marniza!

some of the presents,thanks all!

from left-right: nadia my youngest cuz,my mom,my sis along,my auntie mak itam and ma,MIL

Adik, mak and abah

he's cute kan?i told u my abah mmg cute n best!heheh

my dearest SIL, Miera and my along

my another sister, marniza just arrived

org kuat di belakang tabir-miera n mardiana.

inilah dia tetamu istimewa dr golongan O.K.U-MARDIANA OMAR!! clap..clap..


sesi bukak hadiah diketuai oleh ketua kanak2,auntie miera ;p

me with my collegue steven and si tempang.

with my ex-sains muar dormmate,noha and zai,thanks dtg,luv u la bebeh!

with my long time-fren (since form 1) hawa, we used to be called twin during those years in sek men dato' tp skang twin dah hilang,hawa lg putih n gebuuu,thanks hawa sudi dtg!


pasangan tuan rumah yg cacat
million thanks to my family;mak,abah,along,abg long,mak itam,nadia and adik for making and effort to come all the way from muar,and also to my kakak puan marniza and abg hafiz yg sudi dtg dan sanggup menghangkot iman blk ke rumahnya mlm itu utk memberi peluang mommy and abah berehat,thanks mar. thanks to mak uteh sefamily.
also my warmest thanks to my MIL ma and miera yg sama2 menyumbang idea n tenaga utk majlis yg tak seberapa ni esp to miera,thanks sponsor goodie bag n party hat,thanks a lot sis!.
and a special thanks to my one and only adik,mardiana,even adik dtg dgn diri yg serba kekurangan dan kedaifan serta tempang akibat kaki injured jatuh longkang,but akak appreciate ur morale support,serba kesakitan kan hari tu,kaki sakit..dompet sakit (2 barbie mariposakan) dan skang hati pulak sakit baca ni kan hahaha!!
oh ya,thanks bebyk to along and ra sbb sponsor sate,along,u r the real Ah Long!heheh
thanks to my frens noha,zai,nad,dena,hawa,shai,sheila and kani,thanks for the present ya!
thanks to my collegue ganesh,howard and steven,thanks to cikgu2 nursery iman irina,thanks to joey and kak huda my neighbour,and thanks to hubby's frens n colleagues, thanks all!
and last but not least,a trillion thanks to mr R.A yg sgt bersabar dgn kerenah 'project manager' dr sebelum majlis smapai majlis habis dan juga bertindak sebagai financial controller dgn cemerlang.(dpt discountkn syg?my facial cleanser how?heheh)
to my frens yg tak dpt attend,takpe takde rezeki kita nak berjumpa haritu,next time insyaAllah..