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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The trip

I went to S’pore 2 times for the past 2 weeks..once there were me with my 2 other colleagues and for last week’s trip, it was all an unaccompanied single sight of me ..
For the 1st trip (16-17Nov), there were a few incidents alike to be added to my laughing stock collection! We took MAS flight from KLIA to Changi Airport and the flight took off at about 7.30pm..hmm..that part was still occay..then about 10min after that, there was an announcement made by the captain telling us of some tech problem (some sort of front tyre bla..bla.. hydraulic nozzle bla..bla), but the matters was still under control and they advised us not to worry..but the condition wasn’t allow us to get calm and relaxed as the bulblight on and off frequently..mcm tak cukup elec power jer..and some unusual odd sounds of faulty mechanical parts..i believed during the journey they tried to reconcile the problem but the attempt failed..they kept on updating us on the current situation and I tried to stay cooled and relaxed but gelabah gak masa tu..kat dlm kepala dah ingat anak laki kat umah..and my heart was throbbing faster than ever tp try gak maintain cool..

During a landing process…the plane landed with an impact anyone could ever feel the inertia..bergegar2 badan ngan kepala otak den..as what I heard they were not able to maneuver the front tyre as the result of hydraulic system failure (rasa2nya camtu la..that’s what I heard, kalu tak mereka cerita la aku kat sini)-By the time we landed safely and the plane slowly became stationary, the fire brigade were sent and all standby around the plane!wallawey!!dah mcm dlm movie lak..ahaks!takut tayar terbakar kot..after that the engine was off suddenly..aik..we were still in the middle of the runaway track!so this is the best part of this ‘suspense full-of-thrill movie’..the plane was towed by a truck (I believed) up to the landing bay after almost 1 hr we stucked inside the plane!gosh..our airline system..boleh pulak main tarik2 cam keta rosak! lawak..lawak..so we were 1 hr late from the schedule plan and only managed to arrive at the hotel around 10pm..penat!

The next day another funny thing happened to me at the Changi airport..my S’pore boss asked us to bring back some tools and gadgets..all were inside the box..so without checking on it, I just brought 2 boxes of it and stuffed it inside my hand luggage..when we arrived at the airport and underwent some custom and immigration procedure..suddenly my bag kantoi..they opened up the boxes and it was actually a spanar..errkk..the officer angkat spanar besar tu and sambil hayun2 ckp ‘eh ni tak boleh bwk masuk plane ni..bahaya ni..’and asked me a lot of questions mcm la aku ni terrorist..ahh malu! Everybody stared at me and at the end, I can’t take the spanar into the plane and only can claimed it at the baggage claim centre kat KLIA..menyumpah2 i yoouu kat boss s'pore tu nyusahkan btul laa..


below are some emotions (cause and effect analysis) of me during my stay in s’pore:
-suspense: the plane incident

-happy: the perfume was darn cheap! I bought 1 CK for my hubby at the airport and it
was like 30-40% cheaper than m’sia price( somemore without GST!), a cute baby book for my babe too

-funny: the plane incident, s’pore people esp the taxi driver

-embararass: the spanar incident, the scene of me inside the workshop doing some flaring test with my pink colored heels and a 3 piece suit...haha sungguh tak sesuai!

-boring: the training course (siap ada test lg after that), the food yucks..tasteless, colorless..everything is less

-upset: the toilet!why??why must be without water supply arhhh..asked me to use toilet paper only??sungguh jijik and memualkan!!no way mann..kill me then..i bwk air mineral masuk ke toilet then botol tu tertinggal and dibuang org..ahhh..trillion2 upset!!

-nervous: when I felt the urge of my bowel movement ..the toilet case again! ahh..nggak bisa ku bikin itu ‘bisnes’ di sini..tahan dan simpankan aja dong sampai malaysia!

-puzzled: i terfikir2 and wonder how s'porean do their 'toilet business' without water esp the malay there..(again the toilet matter..) i really gave a hard ponder on it??how??eeee yuuckks!

- a missing agony: of coz to my little babe and my hubby..rasa janggal tido sesorg..ngengada je lebih

-deep gratitude: when I reached KL safely..and the plane landed smoothly..ohh this time with Japan Airline..no wonder laaa..heheh

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Raya story-Terengganu Edition

Below is the sequels of my Hari Raya Celebration..Kuala Terengganu edition:

6th Nov 05-Sunday (Raya ke-4)
We woke up early in the morning for the trip back to Terengganu..after Suboh prayer hubby and I did some final packing. After breakfast at around 9am we started our looong journey back to hubby’s hometown...Muar to K.Terengganu by taking a route of Segamat-Muadzam Shah-Kuantan-K.T..whoaaa..so tiring maa..with Irina jumped around excitedly and I only got the opportunity of taking a nap only when she dozed of..We were just heading straight to K.T and only stop to have our lunch at Kijal Terengganu around 3pm..and alhamdulillah we reached home safely at about 6pm with Ma,Abah, Miera and Remie patiently waited for our arrival..our arrival??no…Irina’s arrival is the right words to depict..huhuhu..sodih den laki bini! so auntie Miera and uncle Remie just made their way back to KL after met up with their beloved niece (and also their beloved sis-in-law heheh)..we had a good rest since Irina had been booked by her grandma and grandpa the whole nite..zzzzz..

7th Nov 05-Monday (Raya ke-5)
We went to Kg Batu Burok and picked up Da (abah’s sister) and went to Kak Yah’s house (Da’s daughter) for nasik minyak she cooked specially for us! Thanks a lot kak Yah!your dishes were really superb! mmg menjilat jari..lain skit nasik minyak dia compared to Johor style..maybe sbb gulai daging dia kot..anyway terima kasih daun keladi! after that we covered the whole area of Batu Burok including Che Da’s house, Kak Norli’s, Ayah Long and Kak Long nasik dagang (not really sure of her name)..fuhh berbaloi sekali kluar beraya dpt pergi byk rumah..as for my babe she was bouncy all the way and only slept bila masuk dlm kereta..during this time la dia dah pandai mengendeng apa yg org mkn..pandai dia ni buat2 mulut tgk org mkn..so kuih raya yg lembut2 and kek2 raya sumer I tala kasik dia..

8th Nov 05-Tuesday (Raya ke-6)
We went to Losong to visit Kak Ti..Losong is the famous place of buying scrumptious keropok lekor and not able to miss the chance of getting the best keropok lekor, we dropped by at the stall centre there and Da bought some of it..hihi so funny..local people here never have enough of eating keropok lekor!i think half of the crowd waited for the keropok were locals..but one thing for sure the keropok lekor were really lip-smacking! cannot find it in KL lorr..around 4pm we went again to Bt Burok to visit Mak Long’s house..the house is really in front of the sea (pantai batu burok)..Long’s house accommodate a place for fisherman to sell their fresh captured-fishes..mulut Irina melopong tgk ikan2 segar yg masih hidup melompat2..new experienced for my babe..jgn tau mkn ikan tp tak kenal perit jerih nelayan kita tangkap ikan yer syg..

9th Nov 05-Wednesday (Raya ke-7)
We went to Pasar kedai Payang in K.T to get some keropok for my colleagues, some maruku and kuih2 kering for my house and I bought baju kelawar ciffon konon2 utk gi open house la nnti..cewaah!..so no more visiting activity except that nite we went to Che Ngah’s house which is located in the same neighborhood area..the next day was the day to wish KL a warmth hello..

10th Nov 05-Thursday (Raya ke-8)
I would like to emphasize this day as the most memorable event ever during my raya stay in T’ganu..today was the day whereby a local people called ‘Raya Enam’. Usually people in t’ganu will perform their puasa enam starts from 2nd day of hari raya and finish on the 7th day of hari raya..so the next day (which is the 8th day) they kinda have a raya celebration again..but they celebrate it in a different way..dgn menzirah dan bertahlil di kubur pagi2 hari lagi..meaning org2 kat sini cuma akan menziarah ke kubur di pagi ‘hari raya enam’..the ‘unique’ thing about this occasion is everybody has to bring some ‘juadah’ tak kira la apa saje bentuk makanan..laksa ke, nasik lemak, kuih muih or buah2an..masing2 dgn juadah yg disediakan dan akan di bawa ke kubur utk dibahagi2kan..duit raya pun perlu disediakan utk anak2 kecil..there’s a hut or people called it ‘wakaf’ to gather there and distribute the food..so me, hubby, abah, ma and Irina went there as early as 7.30am to visit a cemetery of a few relatives..there were such a big crowd there..with people (mostly men) sat beside the cemetery of their beloved one and recite Yassin and al-Quran also they held a tahlil in group, that was okay…but..the most unaccepted/deniable part of this event was when some people mislead the real concept of this event..from my observation most of the women (young women) went there portrayed an inappropriate image..dah mcm pesta fesyen pun ada..masa ni la nak tunjuk tudung fashion terbaru la, baju baru berkilat2, kasut tumit tinggi berbatu permata, make-up tebal bersepuh terang menyala, brg kemasnya jgn cite la dah ngalahkan kedai emas bergerak..gosh!!this is graveyard okay..KUBUR..bkn fashionshow stage..the pitiable part of this scene was when they were totally disregard the tahlil ceremony..why I said this?dtg dah ngalah model busana muslim memperaga baju, then sibuk berborak cite baju, brg kemas hal2 semasa..nak ikut bertahlil skali tu mmg takde la, nak tadah tgn doa pun jauh skali sbb sibuk berbual kat pondok wakaf..haaishh..so not right la..after tahlil settled, they distributed the food…so masing2 bertukar2 food n blk dgn tgn penuh berisi..so that’s the concept of ‘raya enam’..weirdooo..

So after that, we went to Da’s house around 9am, she cooked laksa penang, laksa t’ganu, sate, ketupat and kuah kacang..best!Da..u are the best cook ever after my mak and ma!
We went back to KL around 11am and reached our little ‘lovenest’ around 9pm..tired sesgt but mmg beraya sakan tahun ni!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Hari raya- Muar Edition

Dah 3 minggu hari raya aidil fitri berlalu..gosh..how time flies very fast and getting a chance to type something is really a big relief for me..the past 2 weeks were the most hectic days I’d ever been thru..mayb to compensate with the long raya holiday I spent on those past days.. dah puas rilekskan..hah..balik cuti ambik kau!..with 2-3 tender jobs I have to do and at the same time attended a course in S’pore last week and this week were almost make me felt breathless and suffocate..i just would like to list down my itinerary for the past 3 weeks:

-11hb Nov(Jumaat): masuk opis blk pas lama bercuti raya..berlambak doc atas meja..
-WEEKENDs-beraya and berjln
-14 & 15hb Nov(Isnin & Selasa): busy..busy..tender..quotation..fill up spec bla bla
-16 & 17hb Nov(Rabu & Khamis):In S’pore for 1 day course
-18hb Nov(Jumaat): the tender case again..tak abis2..re select..re do..re everything
laa(wasting time btul!)
-WEEKENDs again-beraya and berjln again..
-21hb Nov (Isnin)-Tender job lain plak..the whole day concentrated on doing all the necessary
action as I needed to finish up everything before the next s’pore trip
-22,23 & 24hb Nov- S’pore again..2 days seminar
-25hb Nov- I’m here in front of my PC pretend to be super busy but actually I’m doing some
blogging stuff here heheh..

Somehow, to get myself tired mentally is more weary rather than physically exhausted..but now I’m having both of that..so enough about works..let’s do some brainstorming exercise here..Well..

I failed to publish my pre-hari raya greeting (esp to Noha and Zura) and my cerita raya too (blame Glomac for that stooopid tender spec) and I think all the raya stories dah lapuk for some people yet I still want to blog about that..so to do some recall or flashback activities is ain’t a kacang puteh job..somemore after so many things happened lately!so here is my Hari Raya memories (about to turn filem hitam putih/filem kategori usang) that I would like to share:

1st Nov 05 (Tuesday)
It was Deepavali day and we traveled back to my hometown in Muar around 11.30am. It was a smooth journey and we managed to reach there at about 2pm. Ahh..my home sweet home..i was working the day before and that last weekend me and hubby managed to settle our raya things: checklist: mak punya brooch, abah punya baju, hubby punya seluar and shirt, Irina punya socks,kuih raya 2 balang-my kasut?still tarak..mmm..mmg alamatnya pakai kasut lama la ni.that evening we went to pasar ramadhan for some kuih. So that nite without giving up my hope of finding a kasut raya, me, hubby, Irina, Along and Qistina (my beloved niece) went to Wetex Parade to find my heel sandal but hampeh gak takde..waaa..confirm raya ng kasut lama..

2nd Nov 05 (Wed)
We were busy preparing our dishes for Hari Raya..we (me and my mom) cooked kari ayam, rendang daging,acar rampai and sambal kacang whereby ketupat pagi2 lagi abah dah rebus..i have 4 adik beradik perempuan but only me kat dapur since my youngest sister were in charged of house keeping so dia tak ambil pusing langsung hal dapur, then my sister yg tua sethn dr I was in her confinement period but she helped us a lot..tlg kupas2 bawang, patah2 lada and blend rempah2 and my eldest sister was back to her hubby’s place-so..we were experiencing labor shortage and we started cooking at about 5pm..so after plus minus a time (some robbed by Irina, some robbed by hubby, some robbed by tv) everything settled at about 5am!gosh!hahaha..terrible u..even we cooked only a few dishes but it was in an enormous qty ala2 nak bg mkn satu kg gitu that’s y laa..we have to cook extra qty for the marhaban team..so i slept at about 3am, my adik lak 4.30am and the latest who went to bed that nite was my mom..which was after suboh prayer dia tido jap then bgn blk dlm kul 8..pity u mom..sethn sekali punya hal..takpe..

3rd Nov 05 (1st day Hari Raya)
I woke up at around 9am! hubby and Irina too..so tragic la my pagi raya..sembahyang raya hubby gone with the wind as abah already went to the surau with my mom..but still I asked him to get himself prepared so that he can join marhaban activity as I believed he never experienced it before (kat t’ganu takde kot, but johor I believed mmg dah budaya kita bermarhaban di hari raya)-in the mean time I cooked lodeh and the aroma of nasik minyak that abah cooked in the early mrng make me felt so tempted! Around 9.30am abah came back and went marhaban together with hubby..masa ni la we all bersalam2an dgn i yg tak mandi pagi lg..bertambah lg keberkatan gitu heheh..so they started marhaban with the house nearby the surau and the latest is always our house since we are at the last check point...so marhaban was only held at my house around 1pm-only after that we went to atuk sam’s house and we gathered there till 7pm then went back home..my meal dari pagi: kat umah dah bantai nasik minyak n ketupat then pas marhaban 2nd round lak then kat umah atuk sam mkn ketupat (sbb ketupat daun kelapa so beza skit la dr ketupat segera..so bantai 2 round..)-that nite atuk sam plak dtg umah we all mkn2 together with pak uteh sefamily..baru jumpa siang, mlm jumpa lagi..funny2..takpa la nama pun raya..perut pun mmg dah thp nak meletup..

4th Nov 05 (2nd day Raya)
Angah (my bro), Kak Ngah and Marwan arrived from Kuantan Pahang. Every year they celebrate 1st raya there and only go back to Muar on 2nd raya onwards sampai la cuti habis..pandai my bro pujuk bini nooo..tiap2 thn lebih kat muar jer..heheh..my sis in law mmg sporting orgnyer lgpun dia pun mmg org pahang..sbb tu la agaknya kot tak kisah..so the whole day we spent on visiting rumah pakcik makcik area muar gak..menu raya: bee hoon tomyam at pakngah’s hse and beehoon soto at pak su’s hse.

5th Nov 05 (3rd Raya)
We expanded our raya road tour to Melaka plak..we went there at about 11am started with visiting Mak Long Maria at Sebatu Melaka. Her house is in front of Elly’s (my ex-sc muar mate) but unluckily Elly was in Kelantan that day..so we continued our journey to Merlimau and next to Pasir Mas Melaka-after that we went back muar to joined pak oteh and pak ngah sefamily for hari raya convoy to Jeram, Muar (ni sume suku sakat belah mak plak)-there were a total of 8 cars! Hahaha and kami ‘menyerang’ 5 buah rumah kat situ..mcm kena serang garuda dia punya riuh..my pak oteh appointed himself voluntarily as ketua rombongan ‘garuda’..mmg riuh..gosh!ckp pun dah jerit2 dah, kena bw hailer next year kalau camni..nak masuk rumah org pun kena buat 2 trip tak boleh semua serbu satu rumah sbb tak muat! hahaha..Irina looked tired but happy and excited..hubby dah surrender terlalu penat then tido kat living hall rumah kak X (lupa lak nama dia sapa)..sian dia lapar..we reached home at about 7pm and ada jemputan kat dpn umah..Dato C jemput kami sefamily ke majlis jamuan sbb dia dpt title Dato..punya la ramai org siap standby RELA to control the traffic..so apa lagi..Irina yg dah tertido I just tinggalkan kat umah with my sis and me, hubby, mak, along, kak ngah, marwan and abg lee pegi la mkn sepuas2nya..sate, mee, nasik minyak, soto, mee rebus, dessert ahh just name it! Mkn la en R.A kesyganku sekenyang2nya sampai sate pun bantai 2 round!
That last nite of me beraya kat muar (esoknya blk Terengganu) ended up quite gloomy..Aliff my dearest nephew ( 40 days old) was warded that nite..he cried a lot without apparent reason and need to be warded under doc’s supervision..and he discharged the next day without doctor unable to find the cause..not colic no nothing, he's totally ok and healthy..ala biasa la budak2 dlm pantang ragam dia kan lbh sikit..whatever it is, pity my sister, raya dia kali ni tak meriah sgt sbb little Aliff mmg juara 'karaoke' orgnya hihi..

So there goes my hari raya 1st edition story..the next day was another colorful episode of me berhari raya with my in-laws in Terengganu..at this very moment I’m typing this, I really feel like all of it just occurred yesterday..it’s still fresh in my mind and how I miss to have that moment again-ntah ada umur ntah tak for the next hari raya-the main thing I can conclude here is how I want to utilise and appreciate every moment I have with my little girl because I’m going to miss her later like what my mom feels right now..setelah seminggu rumah riuh rendah skang sunyi sepi balik bila anak2 pulang ke rumah masing2..but am i able to do that with the way i work right now?sigh...

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Drifting in and out..

A'kum reader(s)..
I'm now in Changi airport waiting for my departure time..i shall be departed at 7.40pm..gosh!how i miss my blogging activity..i tight up with so much works for the past 3 weeks and getting stuck with my workloads as well as drifting in and out of kl was really tiring..i miss my hubby and my little princess soooo much right now..to my dearest blog friends esp noha n zura, just wait for my comeback into this blogging world tomorrow!really got to go..if not i'll miss my flight and hubby has to drive all the way to s'pore to fetch me..sounded not so good right??hihi..miss malaysia so much..esp the toilet haha