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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The trip

I went to S’pore 2 times for the past 2 weeks..once there were me with my 2 other colleagues and for last week’s trip, it was all an unaccompanied single sight of me ..
For the 1st trip (16-17Nov), there were a few incidents alike to be added to my laughing stock collection! We took MAS flight from KLIA to Changi Airport and the flight took off at about 7.30pm..hmm..that part was still occay..then about 10min after that, there was an announcement made by the captain telling us of some tech problem (some sort of front tyre bla..bla.. hydraulic nozzle bla..bla), but the matters was still under control and they advised us not to worry..but the condition wasn’t allow us to get calm and relaxed as the bulblight on and off frequently..mcm tak cukup elec power jer..and some unusual odd sounds of faulty mechanical parts..i believed during the journey they tried to reconcile the problem but the attempt failed..they kept on updating us on the current situation and I tried to stay cooled and relaxed but gelabah gak masa tu..kat dlm kepala dah ingat anak laki kat umah..and my heart was throbbing faster than ever tp try gak maintain cool..

During a landing process…the plane landed with an impact anyone could ever feel the inertia..bergegar2 badan ngan kepala otak den..as what I heard they were not able to maneuver the front tyre as the result of hydraulic system failure (rasa2nya camtu la..that’s what I heard, kalu tak mereka cerita la aku kat sini)-By the time we landed safely and the plane slowly became stationary, the fire brigade were sent and all standby around the plane!wallawey!!dah mcm dlm movie lak..ahaks!takut tayar terbakar kot..after that the engine was off suddenly..aik..we were still in the middle of the runaway track!so this is the best part of this ‘suspense full-of-thrill movie’..the plane was towed by a truck (I believed) up to the landing bay after almost 1 hr we stucked inside the plane!gosh..our airline system..boleh pulak main tarik2 cam keta rosak! lawak..lawak..so we were 1 hr late from the schedule plan and only managed to arrive at the hotel around 10pm..penat!

The next day another funny thing happened to me at the Changi airport..my S’pore boss asked us to bring back some tools and gadgets..all were inside the box..so without checking on it, I just brought 2 boxes of it and stuffed it inside my hand luggage..when we arrived at the airport and underwent some custom and immigration procedure..suddenly my bag kantoi..they opened up the boxes and it was actually a spanar..errkk..the officer angkat spanar besar tu and sambil hayun2 ckp ‘eh ni tak boleh bwk masuk plane ni..bahaya ni..’and asked me a lot of questions mcm la aku ni terrorist..ahh malu! Everybody stared at me and at the end, I can’t take the spanar into the plane and only can claimed it at the baggage claim centre kat KLIA..menyumpah2 i yoouu kat boss s'pore tu nyusahkan btul laa..


below are some emotions (cause and effect analysis) of me during my stay in s’pore:
-suspense: the plane incident

-happy: the perfume was darn cheap! I bought 1 CK for my hubby at the airport and it
was like 30-40% cheaper than m’sia price( somemore without GST!), a cute baby book for my babe too

-funny: the plane incident, s’pore people esp the taxi driver

-embararass: the spanar incident, the scene of me inside the workshop doing some flaring test with my pink colored heels and a 3 piece suit...haha sungguh tak sesuai!

-boring: the training course (siap ada test lg after that), the food yucks..tasteless, colorless..everything is less

-upset: the toilet!why??why must be without water supply arhhh..asked me to use toilet paper only??sungguh jijik and memualkan!!no way mann..kill me then..i bwk air mineral masuk ke toilet then botol tu tertinggal and dibuang org..ahhh..trillion2 upset!!

-nervous: when I felt the urge of my bowel movement ..the toilet case again! ahh..nggak bisa ku bikin itu ‘bisnes’ di sini..tahan dan simpankan aja dong sampai malaysia!

-puzzled: i terfikir2 and wonder how s'porean do their 'toilet business' without water esp the malay there..(again the toilet matter..) i really gave a hard ponder on it??how??eeee yuuckks!

- a missing agony: of coz to my little babe and my hubby..rasa janggal tido sesorg..ngengada je lebih

-deep gratitude: when I reached KL safely..and the plane landed smoothly..ohh this time with Japan Airline..no wonder laaa..heheh


Anonymous nohachomel said...

muahahahha...lawak tul bab 'nervous' tuh...then, bole lak ko simpan itu 'barang' sampai mesia ek...muahahah...

bak org kata mar, ujan emas negeri org, ujan batu negeri sendiri, baik lagi negeri sendiri, kan??

5:35 PM  
Blogger mommamia said...

mmg aku simpan bwk blk m'sia..legaaaa rasa dpt 'melepas' kat toilet rumah hihi-betul la noha, secantik secangih mana pun tmpt org, negeri sendiri gak yg kita prefer..so skang aku dah blajar camne nak appreciate toilet hihi

1:54 PM  

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