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Thursday, October 20, 2005


To give cough syrup to my babe has been the toughest task ever. It’s even tougher compared to pull out my armpit hair in a dim glow or to bathe Bozo (my cat) with him screaming and scratching all over me. This morning I’ve been late due to the battle between mommy and her lil daughter..ohh..her abah also in the scenario tried to be the savior. Previous time, the task of giving her medicine never caused us (us; me, hubby, tokmak, tokbak, grandma, grandpa, auntie miera, adik ) headache. It’s so kacang putih thing when we just tickled her to laugh and once she giggled and laughed happily, we injected the syrup into her mouth. Now, at this current moment..yess.. she’s still giggling and laughing when we trick her but once the syringe reach her mouth, she will quickly shut her mouth tightly and shake her head left and right. So our next step is getting someone to hold her hand up to her head and stiffed her, and this clever lil creature of mine knows that she cant shake her head anymore so she used her 2nd weapon: used her tongue to push out the syringe..haaishh..and her last attempt of surviving herself from the awful-taste syrup is by spitting and bubling out every drop of the potion inside her mouth.

That was what happened this morning when she really need to used all of her defense strategy: shut mouth tightly, shake head heartily, push out tongue and spit whatever liquid inside her mouth. But being a person yg dah mkn garam dulu compared to Irina (ohh she has not taken a bit of it yet), I can predict her mind and know what action she’s going to take..and this morning as I tried not to tolerate with her self-defense, I accidentally hurt her front gum and it was bleeding..ahh..i was struck by panic, but once she gave me her broad smile, legaaa rasaa..tak sakit sgt la tu kot..sorry sayang..mommy janji bg mkn ubat slow2 je pasni..menggeliat la camne pun mommy sabar je la yek.

I would like to share some photos of her that just woken up from sleep at about 12am. She thought it was morning and she’s so happy to start her new day and go play2..letih layan..this pic was taken masa tahap ke ‘ah punk’ an dia sedang memuncak..cuba tgk..

and this is a side view of her yg sedang meggayakan fashion terbaru rambut abad ini..dia boleh jadik model dashing bila dah besar nanti.

This morning hubby did his routine call to me and he conveyed a shock news..Datin Seri Endon Mahmood, a wife of our prime minister passed away this morning after a lengthy battle with breast cancer..a disease that killed many women all over the world..a silent killer..semoga roh allahyarham dicucuri rahmat..amin..al-fatihah.


Anonymous nohachomel said...

alahai mar, anak aku pun batuk gak, aku pun sama..huhuh...kalau susah sgt, masa masukkan ubat dlm mulut dia tu, ko tutup hidung dia, nanti dia kena bukak mulut untuk tarik napas, so, sure dia tertelan sekali ubat tu...

4:03 PM  
Blogger mommamia said...

tu la noha, Irina dah sebln batuk tak baik2, musim demam ng batuk kot skang ni-liat btul nak mkn ubat, nak picit idung dia susah la, pusing sana sini,takpe mlm ni try lagi..

4:13 PM  

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