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Monday, October 03, 2005


Okay, let’s see what I’ve been thru for the past 3 days:

On Friday nite, when I was driving to A&W USJ with my little babe together with my ex-roommate and her little daughter, my car had been hit by a young Chinese driver. He looked so sorry and apologized many times but ..sorry is another thing tokeh, bayar still kena bayar jugak..hihi..So we agreed not to make a police report and settle it ourselves since the Chinese guy is a P driver. Report then he finish laa..P somemore..got fine then suspend the license maaa…so after that incident, I dropped by at sports planet to meet hubby and showed him his car yg dah cacat skit..and his reaction was “ dah kena nak buat camna..esok2la kita settle abg nak main bola ni..” whoaaa..so relax, so calm..so much into futsal..keta accident pun tak pedulik dah hahaha..ilang debar ku..so I drove straight to A&W and spent my time lepakking and makan2 with my dearest friends..

On Saturday morning, after I finished my house chores routine we had our lunch at my fav kedai..(as usual that kas2 lunch la, hubby just followed and looked so relieved since it was our last kas2 lunch before puasa..lega ya)-then we went to cheras to sent irina there so that we can get the car settled without need to tag her along ..sian dia nnti panas2 dok kt bengkel..then we received a news that hubby’s makcik passed away kat kg..innalillah..Ma was busy scheduled her time to go back kg that nite, and around 4 something me and hubby went to workshop and met the chinese fella with his father there. So after some negotiation, we left our car there and hubby really felt like sipping a sharp fin soup kat VS, so we decided to went there when suddenly we changed our mind to dine-in at seafood restaurant at extreme park sunway but unfortunately the whole place is under renovation! Haha kosong je tanah korek sana sini, nothing there even the bumbung restoran tak nampak byg! At last we ended-up having our dinner at ampang and rushed to send Ma to Hentian Duta…on our way to cheras, there was massive jam all the way along Kesas up to MRR2 and I believed it was tailing more than 10km..gosh..this is all due to piala Malaysia..we send ma to the bus station then went back home..argghh..tired..

On Sunday, nothing abnormal happened..just the same plain routine of one good housewife (haha) and ibu mithali taking care of her daughter and hubby’s needs.
Oh..i felt so proud, grateful, appreciated, speechless..hubby washed and ironed his shirts by his own! He pity his wife of all the house works that she needs to do..i never thought that he is capable of doing kerja2 rumah, pegang penyapu pun tak pernah..oh I’m so happy! Fly me to the sky..thanks dear muahhss!


Anonymous nohachomel said...

warrghhh...aku pun eksiden gak pagi nihhh

1:41 PM  
Blogger mommamia said...

laaa..siannyer, teruk ke keta?dah setel lom?cite la dlm blog

3:20 PM  
Anonymous nohachomel said...

nak citer gak...takde masa, byk sgt keje...ni pun tak siap lagi...sigh....

4:43 PM  

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