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Monday, September 19, 2005

Last Saturday, i woke up quite early to do my house chores routine,around 8.30 am-sweeping, cleaning, washing, mopping, wiping..everything to do with penyapu, feather duster and kain buruk semua aku bantai..i managed to finish-up everything quite fast compared to before..hmm..this was due to the absence of my little princess..she was under my in-law cares as i was so busy last week with 2 dinners to attend. I planned to cook after all the chores done till i felt my stomach so full of acid..hihi pedih ulu hati, kalu masak gak ni harus pengsan kat dapur ..So me and hubby decided to have lunch somewhere nearby- Then hubby kept on teasing me saying it was my trick not to cook because i promised to him the nite before to prepare lunch for him-yesss..we bought everything from fish to prawn, squid, veggies but due to my lack of time, i didnt cook none of it! sian hubby nak mkn masakan bini..he teased me that because usually on saturday, i'll insist him to have lunch at my fav. kedai.. mmg best lauk pauk dia esp lala, then hubby said i kena 'kas-kas' dah that's why everyweek nak mkn situ..that's where the idea of me playing a trick to escape from my cooking duty came out!so jahat la you abg..
So after had that kas-kas lala for lunch, we were heading to my in law's place to bring back irina..ahhh..how i missed this little thing of mine..she looked different la!(over mommy ni baru 4 hari tak jumpa) but i believe all babies experience a rapid growth, and so did irina, she now got a new style of giving a smile,a big gum-to-gum smile with her eyes almost closed! hihi..nak tunjuk gigi takde gigi, so tunjuk gusi pun jadik laa..she never did that before, so i believed she got it during her 4 days sleptover at her grandma's house...ahhh..how could i missed that.. Hah one more thing she now pandai nangis buat2 dah, nangis merajuk la konon..and dah pandai protest by making a big voice like grrhhh once i turned her up to change diapers..haiyaaa..
Around 3, we went to Selayang to my uncle's house..kenduri aqiqah cucu dia..we were together with my sister, hubby and baby Qistina..haaisshh..jejak kasih sungguh..we were not so close-bonded compared to my other uncles and cousins, and my uncle so happy to meet us, he kept on introduced us to everyone who passed-by our sitting place..."ni anak adik saya..ni anak adik saya.." he said-pak andak..pak andak..he's so much resembles my father who is his youngest brother..his face, his character, the way he talks..so like my abah laa..
So went back home around 6, and that nite hubby went out to spent his nite with some friends, and me just stayed home with my dearest princess cuddled and gigled all way out..lepas rindu punya kes la ni..


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