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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


This morning, when i made my way to the car park, i passed-by a 'small,red-coloured-smoky' house or the bahasa pasar called 'to pek kong' (is it the correct way to spell it?)-yupp the house for buddhist practitioner to perform their pray, with a tangerines, kuih apam and a burning joss-stick..i have to pass-by this area everyday since my parking bay and my block is quite a distance and it's located in the middle. For all this while, the existance of the to pek kong is a total ignorance for me, until this morning when i smell the scented joss-stick..ahh.. the 'deeja-vu' thing again..i'm so pretty sure that i've been thru a very same moment of this some few years ago..when?where?
hahaha! it was like a 19-20 years ago when i was doing my primary school-waaa..so long time ago, so usang la the memory! i remembered walking every morning to my neighbour's house to have a school ride when this chinese neighbour of mine burned the joss-stick, shook the hand with a joss-stick stuck between the fingers and pray with closed eyes..and at that instant time, this thing came across my mind: "oh they are so lucky doesnt have to wear telekung or take the 'air sembahyang' to perform pray, with that seluar nyonya and frizzy-free hair pun boleh sembahyang dah"-hahaha this signifies how lazy i was to do pray and always took it as a very tedious task, and somemore my mum always supervised us and provide a new cloth to wear during sembahyang and make sure we took-off our 'seluar kecik'-this is all for the purpose of cleanliness so our ibadah will be acccepted..but no more laziness this time, of course la dah besar maa..dah dewasa jadik mak orang dah!kena lah jadik mak yg baik.. that was during 7-8 years old tau, tak tau apa asyik nak melompat main teng teng je..
so, now back to the real life..the same scent, the same calm breezy morning but now instead of carrying a heavy school bag, i'm swaying with my small tote handbag, no more bata school shoes but it's a simple zig-zag strap sandal and of course no more bedak zaitun sepuh on my face, of course a foundation with a light make-up and a spray of perfume just do my day..
how time flies nowadays..so fast..so not aware of aging process..tua dah aku ni..

ahhh...i miss my childhood time..


Anonymous Azila said...

Pretty cool, hehehe, i got experience with the tok pek kong myself. It was rather funny, but it won't be proper to write it down here, i supposed i should get my own blog. Anyway mom, please continue.....

5:27 PM  

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