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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

It's another half an hour for me to kill the time before i can march to the exit and punch out my day. Life is pretty 'easy' lately in the office..nothing much to do, chatting, ym ing, e mailing, surfing..haha sounds so relaxing right? The most make sense thing i've ever done for today is faxing some documents to contractor and filing a pile of papers on my table..what a productive day i have..but it's all payable as my routine at home is not as liberated as this..no more taking my own sweet time counting my own bulu roma or prying into my colleague's personal phone calls. This is what i'm going to have for the next 30mins:
Speed-up, reach home, wait hubby at car park, fetch Irina at nursery, buy veggies (occasionally, depends on the fridge capacity), reach home, cook dinner, pray, have dinner, serve irina mostly on diapers, milk, pacifier..and so on and so on..
Oh nope! today is different, i dont have to cook for dinner as we plan to send irina to grandpa's house for several days of stayover! i must say 5days actually..ahh..i'm gonna miss my little princess even it's always a breathless routine of handling and keeping up everything in order, house-keeping and serving irina and irina's daddy..still i'm a very happy woman with these 2 amazing person in my life!

need to make a move now!


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