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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Alhamdulillah..I managed to have my very own blog after so long reading and inspiring other people's story of life. I would like to express great gratitude towards my luvly hubby for his encouragement, and at last dear, here i am typing my first entry without nothing to say!
I can conclude here that my man is a very determined,inspired husband with a lots of words to offer since i havn't had enough push to become a real blogger. i think he did that because of loads and loads of other people's stories i kept on updating him during our daily dinner,which he has no interest of knowing it at all..heheh really had enough huh dear?so instead of me be a story-teller of other ppl's ups and downs, the idea of blogging my own thing is kinda cool..so no more 'u know abg of who did what today' thing..it will only be about me, my life, my dearie abg and my little cutie princess IRINA..this is my world, my bubbles of life..mwakks!

After all this, I'm going to have a silent dinner...


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Blogger kathleen davidson said...

so I too am knew at this blog thing. Starting peeking around at the sites and found yours interesting enough-it's colors and the bubbles` ` `you speak of babble no! visit mine and I'm sure you'll understand what I too am rambling about..I'm a Mom in Indiana :) nice to meet you!

10:23 AM  
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