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Thursday, September 15, 2005


Yesterday, i attended a farewell dinner for JKR Mech. Division Director, Ir. N. as he will be retiring soon-There were 10 of us including our Japanese M.D and my other colleagues. It was held at one of the exclusive hotel nearby Subang Airport..whoaaa..a pool-side party ok..with a mini stage in front of the VIP table, a long line up of delicious foods, a mouth-watering aroma of freshly barbacued beef, lamb..etc..whoaaa.no joke la this..
hah!the best part of this event was that we were the first group to arrive there despite of some organizers from JKR..what to expect a Japanese Co. being led by a Japanese M.D, punctuality is the first principle that we have to apply into our daily life. So being the first guest to set a foot there and without not so much people hanging around, we were just heading straight to our table. I looked around and gosh! only our table were fully occupied while the rest was still empty! yess..i could see a few people on and off from the table wandering and chatting with others but very obvious that only 20% of the guests had arrived with us taking 10% of that portion!hmm..i wondered where was the rest of them? In the itinerary stated that the event will start at 7 p.m with the arrival of the VIPs but..hihi..funny..funny..sungguh lawak la all this pak lawak..the thought of us rushing from the office to make sure we were there on time suddenly turned unworthy..
Between 7.30 to 8.15 the people started coming in, a bunch of people wearing baju batik with a fresh-looking smile, shaking and laughing with others..very obvious that they were not coming straight from the office, but from their home sweet home taking their own sweet time bathe, changed clothes, sprayed perfume, sapu minyak kat rambut, sikat misai..hmmmpffhh..gue jugak yg kepam dengan office attire dr pagi..if i knew it would be turn out that way, i'd rather went back home first..but i cant blamed them totally..dlm byk2 masa, pukul 7 maghrib2 buta tu jugak yg diaorg pilih!that's why la all the 'pak2 aji' from JKR came late, they were performing solah first before came to attend the event, and me sitting between my Japanese boss and my other chinese colleague felt guilty to be among all this kafir crowd yg tak payah sembahyang..so i excused myself and tried to look for a musolla but to no avail-mmm..couldn't see any sign and somemmore sombong bodoh didnt want to ask people...astagfirullah..burn maghrib aku arini..

As we waited at our table, i heard a few of the chinese contractor sighed deeply as a sign of frustration because the event was not as per schedule...and the most shameful part of it is when one of them uttered.."so the empty table must be the malay one laa.."haha sooo cynical right?but as a malay myself, i felt so ashamed of this situation..yess..i know we have to respect maghrib time and need to pay our responsiblity as a muslim to do solat but what the heck of u planned the event to start around 7pm at the first place if u think u cant even do it?!!haiyaaa..tengok, sampai makcik ni pun abis tak sembahyang but this one really my mistake laa..hihi..i'm so puzzled of the arrangement laa..

errkkk..my M.D face really turned sour..pity him laa..waited so long..lapar dah si jepun ni..

so The VIPs only came-in around 8.20..about 1 and 1/2 hour late!we were hungry to dead and didn't really concentrate on the speech they conveyed. Our eyes were only set on the food and when they said "ok..enjoy your meal" we were all gnawing to the table and membaham apa shj yg ada: sate,pasta, barbecued lamb, desserts, coctail..ya lorr..the first group to arrived, so deserved the first to be served laa!There was an entertainment show performed by Ali Mamak and AF student (Nana,Farah,Zarina), but the hunger and craved for food was beyond anything else! and by 10.45pm where there still left another one singing session, our contingent led by our M.D excused ourselves to the other guests and cabut..si jepun dah tak tertahan lagi dah!

and at this very moment of time, my cik abg syg sedang menyanyi dan bergumbira di club karaoke bersama2 teman terchinta..wooo..so like bujang ya syg ya..

what a long nite i have daa..


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