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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

He's here already!

I received a call from my sister yesterday, she cried over the phone and mentioned that she had to undergo a caesarian section during noon time. She has been warded since Monday due to a high blood pressure and it’s really not a good condition for 9 month pregnant mother. Her expected due date is supposedly to be next month (18th Oct is the day) but due to some circumstances (anak dia pun songsang and darah tinggi somemore) she really need to be ‘cut’ or dilapah2 perutnya for the sake of her baby. She called me around 10am, cried and sobbed telling me of her anxiety and nervousness to undergo the operation which I experienced it 6 months ago . ..ye..Irina ialah anak yg keluar ikut ‘tingkap’ bak kata org tua2, biasa dia ni taknak kuar ikut ‘pintu’…so she seek for my advice and the best thing I could do was to comfort her by saying everything’s gonna be ok and it’s not as painful as what she think it is bla..bla..(it was a total lie, just the matter of nak sedapkan hati my sis, actually it was so darn painful till today mcm terbyg2 lg sakit perut kena hiris) So I finished all my workloads quickly then applied for half day leave..then around 12.30 I rushed to PUSRAWI Jln Ipoh…dgn sesat barat ntah mana2, at last I managed to find the place and by the time I reached there, i saw my bro-in law waited outside the OT and I heard the baby cried..alhamdulillah..selamat already, babyboy..nurse looked so busy cleaning, washing, ukur itu ini kat baby..whoaaa..his voice so loud la, mcm gaya seorg juara karaoke heheh..so basically our family now become bigger..there’s 5 of us, 4 of us are all married accept for my youngest sister and we already ‘produced’ 4 cucus for our parents (one from me, one from my bro and 2 from my sister..the productionline is getting busy now haha), so the babyboy is her 2nd child..
There’s some quotes and reactions from various person (my family members) regarding my sister’s childbirth thru caesarian section:

My sister: takut laa..camne ni..sakit tak?berapa lama nak baik ni?brape byk dia jahit?
(laaa..mana ada jahit2, skang canggih pakai gam je..)
My mak: hah operate??laaa..camne nak bengkung perut tu?abis la buncit perut , perut dah la
besar, geleber la pasni..bla..bla..tak ramping mcm pear bla..bla
My bro-in law: abis melayang duit aku 5ribu…
My abah: payah nak carik ikan haruan skng ni, minum jus gamat pun ok
Me: ala..tak sakit laa..ok je, 2-3 hari je denyut skit pastu boleh jln dah..(pdhal sakit ke amat)
My elder sister: eh corset cosway bagus gak, dia memeri tak gatal, nak tak?
My one and only atuk Sam: eh masa bila pulak dia ngandung? Alih2 nak kena potong perut je..
(kes salah org le ni)

Whatever reactions, opinions and feedbacks that I heard, everything is settled already..my sister and her baby now in a great condition, and so far my sister still can bear with the pain-I stayed there till 5.30 then rushed back to pick up Irina at nursery..so to all mothers and mothers-to-be out there, I really salute u guys for all the sacrifices and painful moment that we have to go thru,jerit perih nak melahirkan and membesarkan anak.. and after being a mom myself, I’ve been more sensitive towards my mom and appreciate her more..
Should say thanks to all hubbies too, partly they contribute their roles by supporting us financially and morally (besides contributing the sperm.. ooppss 18SX already hehe) so to my beloved hubby thanks for everything and luv u much muaahss!

sis..congrats for your newborn baby..


Anonymous nohachomel said...

alah mar...part atuk sam tu aku takleh tahan la....hahahahah....

congrats anyway!

5:43 PM  

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