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Monday, September 26, 2005

my cutie atuk..

I went back to my hometown last saturday..i woke up as early as 6.45am to get prepared of everything so that we can make an early journey. We started the journey at about 8 am (i expected it to be at 7.30am..lambat setgh jam ok la tu..), we went to McD for big breakfast (hubby mmg bestfriend dgn ronald cant help it), and were heading towards south then and managed to reach home around 11.30am. Alhamdulillah..i was so happy to meet my family, there were my parents, me, hubby and Irina and my sisters with their beloved hubby- my bro & wife were not in, he cant make it this week, takpe la raya boleh jumpa..I spent tremendous time at home..chatting, makan, chatting, melantak, laughing, makan..segala lontong, mee rebus, asam pedas just name it, semua masuk dlm perut.
So we spent that lovely evening to visit my atuk..yupp..she’s the one and only atuk that we have right now as both atuks from my abah’s side passed away a very long time ago. So this atuk of mine is my mom’s mother and we call her atuk not nenek because nenek is atuk’s mother and even atuk’s hubby also we call atuk ( apa daa ayat berbelit2..) ok la we call them by name..atuk Sam and atuk A..easy to put it that way. I love my atuk Sam very much. I can say that she’s approaching 80 but she still looks steady, physically-strong and managed to walk and move around by herself even it a bit shaky-She even free from those serious illnesses like heart problem, stroke, diabetes etc..but what worried us most is her feeble-mind problem which is now gradually getting worst…yupp..it indicates a senility symptom or orang ckp dah nyanyu.. I don’t want to say it even I tried to denied the fact but eventually her actions proved me wrong.
There’s a few incident of her showing her senility symptom:

  • Slept at my parents house and always forgot the location of her bedroom once she stepped-out from the bathroom..she wandered-around our house to find her room then..
  • Always asked and repeated the same question again and again in 1 min time interval (approximately) ie “ bila sampai ni”..1 min after that “eh bila sampainya ni..”………….
  • Failed to recognized immediate family members if haven’t seen for quite sometimes..eg “ eh syiape budak ni”..pointed to my hubby yg tgh dok sebelah I sambil mkn buah duku (nasib laki ku tak tercekik buah duku, sian dia..hihi)
  • Cant remember any event occurred in a recent time but has a very strong memory on old memories or cite dolu2..zaman jopun dia ingat, nama suami and anak2 dia tak ingat dah..she’s having a short-term memory lost punya penyakit..

The recent ‘huh-arghh-alahai atuk’ incident was that Saturday evening when we pay her a visit. I brought her kain baju raya and passed it to her when we were having tea at the kitchen. She smiled and looked so happy to have it and she thanked me and said to send it to tailor bla..bla..then I went to living to pick up irina yg sdg tergolek2 kesukaan and when suddenly I returned to kitchen atukku dgn muka blur tak bersalah bertanya..”eh syiape bagi kain ni?”…huuuu..sodih den..the rest including my mak itam and pak itam laughed to tears and explained back to her, recalled her of the situation just occurred a few min ago..i bagi kain, dia bukak plastic and bentang kain bla..bla..i laughed too..but deep inside me I felt my heart aching, I love her so much and I’m deadly sad of what she’s suffering right now..i just can pray for her health and safety..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger noha chomel said...

alahai mar, sedih gak, tapi tak tahan nak gelak..

aku selalu berdoa, kalau panjang umur pun, jgn la sampai menyusahkan org atau nyan*uk, kesian sape2 yg jaga kita nanti..

bestnyerr balik kg! kalau bagitau awal2 bole tapaukan mee bandung utk aku...heheh

11:35 AM  
Blogger mommamia said...

tu la noha,aku pun tak sempat nak membandungkan diri aku ng mee bandung blk aritu,nak tapau kang tgh jln takut dah basi, tp ada tau rempah dia,kita just masukkan daging, sawi, telur je dlm tu rasa dia pun sedap sama ng yg masak sendiri..nnti aku try surveykan rempah dia yek

12:07 PM  
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