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Friday, September 23, 2005

He pronounced 'zero' as 'jilo'

'wireless' becomes 'wiredless'

..." how much your one?(referring to my meal) my one quite expensive lorr.."

" Ampat Plohh sen..ampat plohh sen "

"u canteen ada mkn ka?"

and this is really a joke of the day:

Situation: Inside the meeting room, everybody looked so tense,serious and gave full concentration on the sales report which was projected clearly on the screen:

Remark: Mr X still waiting a decision from his head.

and the whole room burst-out laughing.

He tried to convey it as ' waiting approval from his Head of Department' actually, but he delivered it wrongly..hihi..pity him..sori laa Mr D, gua pun ketawa antara yg terkuat, sori sesgt..

Mr Jilo asked me to study the wiring diagram and explain to him. what laa.., i cant understand any single thing of it, wayar serabut sana sini..mana gua tau, gua bkn buat electrical dulu..i'm sounded like an 'ah long' already..ah soo also can.


i miss my daughter so much right now..there was one nite when hubby uintentionally woke her up(unintentionally because his voice is always under reflex reaction, volume is uncontrollable). It was quarter to one when i was about grabbing my selimut, fluffed-up my pillow and bual2 with hubby with his uncontrollable voice when suddenly i heard..a ga ga..from the playing pan. Gosh..Irina was busy turning down her body and quickly lifting up her head and with her bright big eyes she managed to caught a glimpse of me yg sdg terbongkok2 menyorok di seblk play pan..and she gave her big smile once she captured me..gotcha! alamak nampak aja dia..aku nyorok sb kalau dia tak nampak org, dia sure tido blk punya..tapi nampak gak tu-and aku sebagai seorg mommy yg baik terpaksa melupakan mimpi indah nak tido awal and kena lyn my princess bermain2 di tgh mlm buta..and last nite it happened again.. becoz of that uncontrollable voice again...

i'm going back now, really look forward for tomorrow, nak blk mapo..


Anonymous nohachomel said...

mar...i'm very2 sure mmg ko yg terkuat sekali ketawa...ingat tak kat dorm dulu, ko ngan syena kalau ketwa, bole roboh asrama, kalau la syena keje sekali ngan ko, pengsan la semua org kat situ..

hehe..citer pasal irina terbangun tu, nurin pun penah terbangun satu mlm masa kitaorg tgh buat projek jote-jote...heheh...sound effect kuat sgt kot...heheh..tapi skang takyah risau, nurin dah tido bilik lain

10:12 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger mommamia said...

Noha, aku still ketawa rabak lg, tak boleh nak buat apa dah..mana2 aku mmg pemegang rekod ketawa terabak, dan kat opis so far aku masih lagi pemegang rekod terunggul heheh..ehem..ehem..project jote-jote dgn laki ye?dpt adik la tak lama lg si nurin ni..

9:31 AM  

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