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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Cukup2 la tu..Part2

Her presence in our co really changed the working environment-she's very well- coordinated, she organizes all her stuff with colors and stickers, she has so much ideas about changing this and that, she even stick labels to every cabinet doors inside the pantry of what doors belong to what stuff..hah not to forget about labelling the racks for A4 used papers, new A3 papers..bla..bla..
and to be that lucky person to sit beside her, i feel so awkward and shamed of my own table..hers is so clean and well-organized but mine is like aghh! i have to spend some time to dig out my own thing esp. pencil or eraser..it always get stuck under a pile of papers and shits ooppss sheets.. so now i have my own benchmark..i know when my table needs to be cleaned and organized..Ms J is actually our M.D's secretary but now she looks like a mom to each of us, she will help, manage, organize and advise anything from running serious matters down to labelling my name to all my stationeries..even my 2B pencils..hmmm..
hah one great thing bout her is she really teach me on how to be calculative, which i have to count on every single cent i spent-like she will suggest on this particular product that can last for 3 years and used 5 drops each day so that for 1 bottle i can save up tp bla bla ringgit..whoaaa..no jokes mann..every single cent counted..and she even suggest me to go for a groceries shopping at Jasco on Wednesday so that i'll be entitled of getting cheaper price..super saver on wednesday they called it..so that i can buy 6 green apples at rm4.99 compared to rm6.99 at tesco! goshhh..to that extent! that's why this chinese fellar afford to have great vacation to europe, new zealand, japan.. every year without fail you know..haaa..that's the way laa..
i have to admit she's actually a nice, sincere and kind-hearted woman, it's me who actually can't stand people being so nice towards me, because tak suka nak mkn budi, tak suka nak hutang apa2 dgn org..and this morning, when i said that i'm feeling quite sick, my throat sore like a burning coal , my joints all in pain..she really cared and expressed so much concern to me..i want to eat my kuih kerang (yg tgh2 dia ada sambal tu), she insisted me on taking a nestum, sbb tekak sakit maa.. i want to suck on my sorethroat tablets, she forced me to swallow her b,c ntah hape2 lg vitamin complex sbb kata dia my tablet tu contains a lot of sugar..aghhh..and to that extent i nak buat coffee kat pantry she instantly ran over me and buatkan kopi jepun takde gula for me..yuckkss!!pahit!! adoii..mcmana la boleh terjebak ni..nak deny kang org kecik hati, but too much cares and attentions really leave me breathless laa.. i'm not a kid need to be supervised and being told of not to do this..not to do that..haiyaaa..
but there's a few incident of her showing concern and kindness but at last turned-up to be a horrid things-first, she tried to install another printer and set that printer as a 'default printer' to my comp without asking me, (dia kesian tgk aku jln quite far nak gi printer, another printer ni dekat je ng meja), she downloaded the printer software and did something which i felt like 'huh-what-ntah hape2'..and all her effort really 'works', yeahh..she managed to spoilt my quotation system which everytime it ran half way, it will just hang..i warned her that day, something wrong with my server connection that my comp cant really connect to that printer but..degil dia ni..biase ni..and one more horrid event happened when she tried to be nice by offering a cup of coffee to our M.D, which he's not used of having it on his table..but due to courtesy, he accepted it and put it beside his laptop when suddenly..due to his clumsiness he himself accidently splashed out half cup of it down onto his laptop...kuang kuang kuang


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ada kedai nama jasco? baru bukak ke? murah tu, kat mana tempat dia?

12:21 PM  
Anonymous nohachomel said...

mar, hampes la ko nih...berjaman ada blog, baru nak bagitau aku...

apa pun, suka la baca apa yg ko tulis..sampai aku terasa, nih betul ke mar yg aku eknal dulu...hehehe...

so, udpate, jgn tak update

3:41 PM  
Blogger mommamia said...

noha sori ler..aku tak confident lg nak bgtau org blog aku ni, lgpun takut aku ni hangat2 taik ayam..tp so far cam rajin nak nulis lg-anyway ko org ke-2 yg tau pas hubby aku hihi bangga tak?

4:57 PM  
Blogger mommamia said...

anonymous, jasco ialah jaya jasco, byk J.J punya branch ni, kat IOI Mall ada, MidValley ada, Bkt Raja,OU, Maluri even kat Melaka Ayer Keroh pun ada..so just check it out ya

4:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JJ, u cakap jaya jusco ke? alamak....jaya jusco semua orang tau. jasco mmg pelik la......haahhahaha nama saya jasco, saya rasa sakit perut nak ketawa la.

5:23 PM  
Blogger mommamia said...

Encik/Pn/Cik Jasco, sori saya salah eja, J.J ialah Jaya Jusco, bukan Jaya Jasco sbb Jaya Jasco ialah seorang bernama Jasco yg berjaya..

5:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

saya ialah anonymous yang lain dari anonymous kat atas. terima kasih

9:51 AM  

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