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Friday, September 30, 2005

Yess! at last i managed to upload a pic of my baby yg tgh tercopong mulut tido dgn enaknya on my lap..lenguh wooo..this pic was snapped during our journey back to hubby's hometown..and u can see i standby je pegang 'tangkal' dia, she really cant stand any single min without her pacifier melekap kat bibir during her nap time..so this answered why mulut nganga lagu tu..during this time, she was in disneyland already..so mommy cabut terus puting dia-she's now 6 months old, she knows how to knock/slap things be it table, floor or mommy's face..she's also managed to wave at people if i said " bye bye"..yess..she will wave her hand ups and downs eagerly and end up snapping my arm yg tgh dukung dia..hmfff..and like other babies, she likes to take or kutip anything that her hand can reach and by the time her hand managed to grab the object, her mouth copong already..dah standby nak masukkan dlm mulut, then the object will all wet with her saliva-satu lagi suka belai2 my face or her abah punya muka, dia raba2 pastu dia cengkam, sakit woo..tak kira la bibir ke,hidung ke or pipi..haishhh.. hah one best and funny thing bout her is her hair yg automatic akan jadik mcm mat punk bila dia tido..usually i'll apply baby oil to her hair so that dia kuncup je tak kembang gitu, but bila dia tido baby oil ke mana, hapa ke mana rambut dia dah mcm simba dlm cerita lion king..hubby likes to call her 'ah punk' masa dia tgh tido and during that time la process peng'ah punk'an rambut berlaku..see this pic..dia baru bgn tido, penuh gayakan rambut tu..

she's my life now, my babe, my busyuk masyam, my minah ah punk, my everything laa! hubby pun my babe gak, my busyuk masyam gak cuma tak ah punk je..


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Anonymous nohachomel said...

alah busyuk2...comelnya anak ko mar, macam muka sape ek?...cam takde muka ko pun? muka hubby kot..semangat!

mesti sedapkan nak gomol-gomol...heheh

5:38 PM  
Blogger mommamia said...

yer noha, muka hubby..so far 99.9% ckp rupa laki aku, yg 0.1% ckp rupa adik aku-aku ni mak dia ngandung ke hulu hilir bwk perut 9 bln, sorang pun takde nak ckp rupa aku!ciss..sedih sungguh!hihi

11:07 AM  

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