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Thursday, October 13, 2005


I’m now in a state of denial.
To deny the idea of Mr ‘i’m-always-smart’ who has forced me to study the drawing and came out with the solution by TODAY.

To deny the idea of me going to the consultant office tomorrow all alone by myself and act smart by giving proposal of the project that’s about to flush into a toilet bowl.

To deny the idea of me cooking this evening for buka puasa as I’m so darn lazy to descale the fish, cut the veggies and tumis2 the bawang…huhuhu..as if hubby will agree.. I didn’t cook for the past 2 days since I declare cuti umum for myself. Never mind laling, for u I will, I nak kumpul pahala lebih bulan2 pose ni..

What else to deny? Haishh… I’m not that stubborn or one kind of an air-headed person that love to deny, reject or complaint anything that comes into my life, it’s only today..like just now, to show how co-operate and helpful I am as usual, I’m about to say yes to mr ‘i’m-always-smart’ when suddenly I catch myself and walked-away..hihi..yupp..being denial and now I’m in denial about me being in denial hahaha..

My life so retard today.

What to cook ya?mmm..there’s squid, ikan selar, minced meat..hentam je la
ok shall do my work now or else I’ll be kuntau-ing in the kitchen till 9.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous nohachomel said...

ikan selar goreng, buat sambal belacan, sayur tumis dgn sotong...eeemm....bole aku tumpang buka pose? *wink*

12:46 PM  

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