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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sakit..Pose...Sakit hati

I haven’t update my blog for quite sometimes. This is due to my body system breakdown that I experienced last week..a total collapsed of one strong, cheerful and all-rounder woman..whoaa..i was given 2 days mc by doctor on Thursday and Friday due to my unfit condition of performing any duties. I had a fever on Wednesday, and it was getting worse during nite. I was alone that nite since hubby went for outstation..i just melepek on the bed after maghrib and slept with Irina till 1am when hubby’s return awoke me-I neither said hi to him nor gave him my warmth hug as my body was aching and shivering.I just continued my sleep then..
The next day after sending Irina to the nursery, I went to clinic and doc examined me and the horrid thing about all this when she said…’i suspect u ni kena denggi ni..’errkkk..tidaaakkk..she asked me to monitor my condition and if the fever is yo-yo ing or I experienced any vomiting then she asked me to go straight to the hospital..
Here I am typing my blog and knock on the keyboard vigorously dan penuh gaya bersemangat and bukannya terlantar kat spital sbb denggi..yupp..i never need to be warded because I’m free from dengue outbreak yeay!! alhamdulillah..even I puke one time, but still it’s not a dengue symptom..and the recovering process was all smooth, I took a good rest at my in-laws house in Cheras on Friday since they worried of me being sick and all alone at home. Gradually I regain my health and energy back and on Saturday I’m a normal, healthy and energetic wife/mommy pergi tesco shopping, kemas rumah and cook for break-fast. On Sunday I managed to start my fasting alhamdulillah.. (before this ponteng not because of my illness, but mmg tak boleh pose hihi), even my throat still felt sore and swell, I have no difficulty fasting the whole day..syukur, takyah ponteng pose lama2 letih nak ganti ooii..
On Monday I started working and felt really overwhelmed to do some blogging activity when suddenly the whole office suffered from server breakdown..kind of laa..the internet was on and off several times and it’s hard to log-in, but now it fixed already..
So I would like to take this opportunity to wish all muslims selamat berpuasa..semoga di bulan yg berkat ini kita beroleh rahmat dan kebahagiaan..insyaAllah..

Hmmpff..my mouth has been kept shut throughout the day because I have a loads of mean things to say but since I’m fasting, I should jaga my mulut and keep my patience (tu la, asked me to call all Chinese contractors..mmg menyirap darah sungguh la..astagfirullah.) so not to invite temptations, I shut my mouth.

Simple as that.


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