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Monday, October 24, 2005

Selangor was on holiday last Friday (Nuzul Quran) so I managed to get 3 days off. I planned to go to PKNS Shah Alam to get some stuff for my mom but my adik turned up to visit me..not me actually, she came for the sake of Irina, she missed my babe a lot-She reached KL at about 12pm and I fetched her at Petronas Sg Besi-the15min journey was the longest I’ve made as Irina created hassle by struggling in the car seat, she’s really hate to sit inside there! Arghh..i have to stop 2-3 times to adjust her position back..gosh! what a small world..i met my ex-school mate there, he doesn’t look so much different after 9yrs missing, we chatted for a while and he shocked to see me with my lil ‘bundle’..then we just exchanged nos (teringat lak zaman crush kat sekolah dulu..oopss..syg jgn marah eh hihi)So after that me and my sis just lepak2 at home watching tv sampai tertido..my PKNS? In a dream only..i need to look for another one fine day to get my mum and mum in law punya tudung and brooch..haaishh burn my one off day takleh nak shopping..after buka i spent my time lepak2 at Gazebo Subang with my sis, my babe and a few of my frens..my hubby pulak mengasah bakat kat sportsplanet on his attempt to become a futsal big star..kuang kuang..thanks a lot to my dearest friend who make an effort sending my sis to her campus tgh2 mlm buta..this is what we called a real friend, tak berkira masa and tenaga.. even we selalu bertekak gak hihi....trillion thanks to u!
My dad called me at about 11.30pm to checked on my adik..haha..she's quite cheeky compared to us, that's y la selalu kena check, pity u la sis..heheh


Anonymous nohachomel said...

mar, aku pun pi pkns shah alam, cari gown untuk nurin...aisehh...cantik2 sioott..takde la mahal sgt macam kat kl tuh!! selama nih aku pi kl kalau nuzul al-quran, i think not anymore...baik pi shah alam, tak sesak, semua nak dapat!

2:52 PM  
Blogger mommamia said...

ye ke noha?aisehh pasni aku carik gown irina kat sana je la, tp aku mmg tau dah kalu nuzul quran kat kl mmg sesak esp kat jln TAR, laki aku warning awal2 dah jgn gatai2 ajak dia gi sana heheh.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous nohachomel said...

murah mar, gown dia pun lawa2..designer uitm yg buat, tak mahal percaya la...sebab ada satu butik tu, angie ke hapa..dia ada hantar kat carrefour gak..gown paras lutut pun dah dekat RM70...kat pkns shah alam ni, dapat 2 gown dgn harga tuh..kain pun ok, cotton, tak panas...

12:42 PM  

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