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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kani, saya sayang kamu!

I never have any close-bonded r'ship with any other community races, not to say that I’m a racist, but the opportunity is always very limited-my closed friends are always among malays, since primary school all the way to uni times. But the excuse is accepted; there’s only malay student enrolled sains muar during my study batch,and my uni times?i was studied in UiTM so what do you expect ….acceptable rite?

So when I start working then only I get the chance to mix and mingle with a different community ie Chinese and Indian, whereas the company I’m working rite now is a foreign company which hired 90% non-bumi staff, and sad to say there’s only 5 bumis out of 30+ workers! eventually I used to adapt myself with the working environment and I love all my colleagues here (accept a few ppl who like to b kiasu n backstab ppl for their own benefit,hah pencuri pun ada kat office ni,and sory to say they are malays!go to hell you jerky damn*ss! memalukan bangsa melayu n menjatuhkan maruh pompuan bertudung, gua emo lak)

ok ok that’s not my point, what I’m trying to say is I have a good friend here,a very very good buddy which comfortable to b with, she’s my colleague and she’s not a malay…Kani; she’s the nicest Indian lady I’ve ever known in my entire life!and she’s pretty too!she’s generous and a true friend that I can rely on tak kira susah or sng. How I can get along with her very well?we have the same background story, we have the same principle in life, we share problems, we share the same interest, we listen to the same song, we watch the same movie, we read the same book and we even have same taste and expectation towards our man! that’s the thing that draw us closer day by day regardless the differ in culture and faith we are practicing-masa kecik2 Kani read Enid Blyton books, so did I, kani watched Badul movie,so did I, kani listened to ramlah ram, zaiton sameon and gersang song,so did I (kani even adore zaiton sameon’s hair!), kani loves soupy meal, so do I, kani hates kiasu C so do I, ala sng cite byk yg sama la!Sounds like she’s not so typical rite, mmg mcm melayu.

we always went out and spend time together whenever we can, i even dragged her to watch that Indonesian movie ‘my heart’ and even the movie sucks big time (adeh..barah otak tgk cite ni), kani still enjoyed it (enjoy mengutuk), she’s also my partner in crime,kalau tetiba kitaorg rasa fed up n tension dgn officework, both of us dgn selamba ponteng kerja dan berjln2 di shopping complex sambil shopping n makan2.. sooo..u know what kani did to me on my b’day?she did something that surprise me verrrryy well!she gave me present which I like it much and she bought it together with me without me knowing that the thing is gonna be mine!so good of her in throwing me surprisekan?sweeeeet lah!rasa mcm dpt hadiah dr boifren plak!

actually she bought this a few weeks back, dimana masa tu kitaorg merayap2 kat shopping complex and suddenly kani pergi kat section jewelry-then she asked my opinion and she kelentong me that she wants to buy it for her sister. So I chose according to my taste la, siap pakai lagi bergaya dpn cermin, and mmg aku suka sangat the set but it quite costy! So dah ckp dlm hati later when I have extra budget I’m going to grab this!

So I eventually forget bout the jewelry till on my birthday when kani dropped me in front of my house she passed me the box and wished me birthday. On the way to my door, I goncang2 the box, tried to guess what’s inside..hmm I thought it was a photo frame when suddenly I unwrapped the box and I saw..oh my gosh!it’s the jewelry box!!and the jewelry that I love so much is inside it!!it belongs to me now!i don’t have to buy it!woohoo! really I was in teary-eyed that time,I smsed and called kani and I choked when I talked to her. I never get such surprises like this from a friend and kani..u did it very well!u managed to surprise me,i was so shocked and i was in tears! To my true friend, thanks very much for the present, it’s not the price that matter, but the value of this friendship is the most that I treasure, thanks kani!luv ya!

i'm loving it!

Monday, November 27, 2006

The one with the pimples and the babat..

Today is Monday

Which dated 27th November 2006

Which somehow exactly 28years ago, a baby was born in Muar

Not really an adorable baby (gelap, less hair,underweight, mata belalak, sumpah tak comel..) but enough to make her parents happy n fully gratified with her presence..

And that little baby grown up to be errr quite a naughty little girl but still abide on every rules her parents set…and errr still tak comel, malahan adalah sgt comot dan sentiasa berbau matahari..

And that comot little girl grown up as a normal teenage girl with all the raging hormone triggered abruptly and created so much headache to the parents but still she get unconditional love n attention from the parents n her siblings, and errr again she’s still not hot, she's having innerself crisis, she hated her school, she started to develop babat here and there on her body,the raging hormone caused the pimples to fully erupted on her face..yeah yeah what a pathetic teenager life she had..

But gradually that rebel teenage girl reached the stage of maturity and decided to stop retarding herself and started to behave well n be matured..and she found her true love too and this time the urge of kegatalan hendak berkahwin membara-bara..takyah tanya,still tak hot babe,tak mengancam n pimples still ada lagi, but she's no longer a retard girl..

And apparently that woman now is a mother to a little girl and happily married to her beloved guy…

How time flies very fast…28years full of ups and downs and somehow she managed to survive..

And now, that woman is typing this and post it to her blog on her 28th birthday feeling gratified to God for giving her so much opportunity in life thru her bad and good moments in life..for giving her an opportunity to breathe and live through so many bad and good experiences and she become more strong..for surrounded her with such a nice and wonderful persons in her life;my parents,siblings, hubby, Irina and all of you my friends out there...



Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Penyesalan seorang Mommy..


Sangat-sangat menyesal...

Yesterday, i did something really bad to irina and to give a think bout it is really tearing my heart apart…semlm,aku like a mad dog, rephrase a mad DOG yelling n shouting at my baby irina while drove my way to hubby’s office.. God..pls help me..i’m now feeling so bad and regret, I just can keep and swallow all these feeling inside me and now the guilty emotion is really eating me out and it really drives me crazy, so now I decide to just let the feeling out here in my blog dgn aku tanpa segan silu mengaku diri ini telah berperangai keji..

Meh nak rewind perlakuan buruk seorg mommy semlm:

My babe was not well, so I took EL yesterday. U know la baby bila demam of coz cranky skit..so aku mmg betul2 gave my best layan n jaga irina, even masa tido pun I hug n comfort her so that she will feel safe with me-dia start buat perangai pas bgn tido around 4pm,she just cried out loud without reason- the grouchy behaviour is like an endless list…
-insist nak mkn mr potato even tonsil bengkak
-menumpahkan semua mr potato yg diletak dlm mangkuk ke atas carpet, purposely..
-taknak pakai diaper n baju, hanya mahu bertelanjang bulat saja
-meng’conquer’ remote, handfon n apa shj gadget di tgn mommy
-tak mahu menyikat rambut
-the best part,nak duduk dlm stroller sambil menonton tv

So masa ni I sabaaaar je,layaaaaan kan je-then I drove to fetch hubby kat opis berdua dgn irina all the way from puchong to s alam..dgn ujan lebatnya, jln jam..so of coz I need to put more concentratration n be extra careful, ye la kan bawak anak ni,dah la irina taknak duduk kat carseat, she just sat at the passenger seat terbontang mcm tu jer-then she started to buat perangai..dekat Kesas lg dah nangis depa tgn mintak mommy dukung then I pujuk2 n comfort her sambil tunjuk sana sini,tunjuk bird la (celahmananya ada bird tgh ujan lebat), tunjuk wiper yg laju pusing kiri kanan, tunjuk lori mcm2 la to attract her attention but she got distracted only for a while after that dia start balik-dia tendang2 gear sampai gear tertuka D2, tu ok lagi, part yg aku tak thn bila irina start membaling pacifier dan babybear dia ke lantai keta pastu menjerit2 nangis suruh mommy ambil “mommy teng,mommmy baby bear!” yg dah tergolek kat lantai..so masa keta idle only I managed to free the gear n terbongkok2 cari puting n babybear irina-1st,2nd..masuk 3rd time irina buat, I really cannot control my anger anymore-dahla ujan lebat, traffic very packed n slow, then bila dia baling pacifier aku tgk pacifier tu atas stoking futsal hubby!eeeee!!takde air nak basuh n the baby really insisted that ‘contaminated’ pacifier to be stuffed inside her mouth-masa ni la mommy like ARGGHHHH @#$#%*&!!@@#%#$^*^$q$!!i yelled n really shouted at her sampai dia shocked n menangis kuat..poor my baby,sampai skang aku teringat2 muka irina masa dia nangis lps aku tertengking cried my name ‘mommy mommy’ ..gosh..baby,I’m so sorry sayang n mommy really love u.. bila pikir2 blk skang ni aku rasa mcm nak nangis..n the worst part was aku terslap tgn dia masa dia tunjuk2 babybear mintak tlg ambikkan, dia nangis sambil pegang tgn dia yg aku 'ter'pukul tu..arghhh..serious I feel really bad now…

I know I’m so poor when it comes to anger management, aku mmg dr dulu mcm bad-tempered skit,but I aku pernah berazam yg aku takkan garang ng anak2 aku,I want to be the best n sporting mom to my child, and soft-spoken too..tp mcm tak je skang ni..in fact hubby lg berlembut dgn irina berbanding aku-ntah la ek,sbb aku stress ke?or sbb aku penat mengurus rumahtangga compared to hubby?sbb tu dia boleh control hangin dia..i’m so baaaaad..tadi called my bestfren, ngadu dgn dia, she advised me that masa anak tgh mamai2 nak tido tu, kita bisikkkan kat dia like ‘I’m sorry n I love u’ kat telinga anak,according to her,something to do with subconscious mind yg mana kata2 kita akan meresap kat hati anak n dia akan ingat..hmm..something like that..anyone know bout this?

So..Ibu2 di luar sana, adakah ibu2 juga sebegini atau saya seorg yg berperangai sekeji ini terhadap anak?sekiranya saya seorg shj yg berperangai seburuk ini, di harap anda tidak memandang keji dan hina sebaliknya silalah membimbing dan menasihati saya..

Nama saya Iman Irina. Saya sedang menunjuk perasaan


Monday, November 13, 2006

Kisah Qada' & Penguasaan Barney

  • Dah nak masuk minggu ke-3 syawal, but since blk kl pas beraya kat kg hari tu, suasana raya lnsg tak terasa lagi sbb tak gi beraya mana2 pun kat kl ni,y?hubby penaaaat..co baru ni asik suruh dia gi outstation je,tiap2 minggu gi Terengganu..tiap2 sabtu keje, so hari sabtu mmg dah burnt,tak gi memana-ahad?hubby qada’ tido, qada’ tgk tv, qada’ berehat, qada’ bersantai, qada’ segala2nya..huhu..nak rayaaaaa..
  • Since hubby is like twenty four seven busy, and always on co trip, I feel somehow lonely and missing him badly everytime he’s not around (don’t puke ppl, bunyi mcm sudahla-kau-mengada2, but hell,it’s true)- ppl said that being apart makes heart go fonder, it’s a real make sense-bkn la pulak sebelum2 ni tak syg or tak miss,but bila hadap muka selalu it’s like normal je,ok biase2 je,but now we spend less time together, takde partner nak borak, nak bergurau, nak bergaduh, nak tumbuk2, nak bermanja n nak mengadu..then tetiba aku realized,damn I’m missing my man laa, serious rindu mcm zaman2 cinta berputik dulu, pastu jiwa jadik sensitif, pastu hubby blk dr outstation tak hug aku pun aku dah sedih pastu aku buat perangai mcm budak kecik yg kekurangan kasih syg-ntah hape2 je kan?
  • Irina’s zone-kehidupan kami sekeluarga telah dikuasai oleh Barney, makhluk dinosaur ke apa ntah bewarna purple yg aku rasa dah jadik sebhgian dr kehidupan aku laki bini-Serius idup kitaorg dihantui oleh barney,barney berada dimana2, tanpa mengira waktu dan masa, dia akan muncul dgn tak teragak2, tatkala irina pas bgn tido, or tgh bermain2, or masa nak mkn, bila irina nak tido or even pukul 1or 2 pagi!- Barney juga adalah sgt powerful dimana dia berjaya menundukkan kuasa veto yg sering meng’conquer’ remote tv. Kuasa veto sgt keciwa krn tidak dpt menguasai tv dan menonton CSI, House, Numbers, Las Vegas etc (haha!happy!barney bls dendam kat kuasa veto on behalf of me)-haaaish,serius kena beli tv lg satu laa,irina skang dah pandai masukkan cd n on vcd player tu, me n hubby takde chance nak tgk fav channel kitaorg dah huhu, berita pun kitaorg missed- she’s really head over heel with barney laa, BJ, Baby Bop, Mario and ntah sape2 lg watak dlm CD tu, dahtu abis lagu2 dlm cite tu dia tau n certain short line pun dia dah hafal dah like ‘ I know!i know’ or ‘help!help!’-tu laaa,dulu aku admire sgt kat Qistina sbb dia pandai lyn tgk tv esp sesame street, dia kenal dah elmo, big bird, cookie monster etc, bagus kalau budak pandai tgk tv, kita nak buat keje pun dia tak kacau, dia hadap je tv tu, hah skang sendiri train anak layan cartoon, sediri pening kepala..ni dah mcm tahap ketagih dah irina ni, aku rasa kalau vcd player tu tetiba meletop ke tak boleh pakai,harus aku laki bini menggelupur carik player baru.
Ish serius kena buat something ni, selain dr kitaorg takleh nak tgk tv, lagu2 dlm barney tu dah mcm menghantui, asik dlm kepala je,ni tgh taip pun lagu tu dok main2 dlm kepala ni hah ‘sailing..sailing..a sailing life for me’ adeh..pls la barney, give me a break k,kat opis ni..(mau mkn tahun gak nak hilangkan lagu2 ni dlm kepala otak)-mlm td tetido dpn tv dgn irina, jaga2 dah pkl 2pagi, sbb teman irina lyn barney dr kul 12tgh mlm..ngantuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk..

Friday, November 03, 2006

No Pain, No Gain..

The feeling of excitement is vanished, the cheerful-festive mood is slowly gone..nothing to look forward to like those days before raya-no more travel of blk kg, no more ketupat n rendang,no more kids shouting n playing bunga api kucing. Raya celebration ends, meaning ends my merdeka days. Now,back to normal working life, with LOADS and LOADS of work, as what i expect it to be..like before, everything was postponed to 'after-raya' days.."quotation lps raya la ye encik firdaus" or "mr ng, i'll give u the proposed design once i come back to office after raya k" were all my favourite quote during puasa month; me menanam tebu di tepi bibir to all clients without think much of the consequences- everything was put under my 'to do list' schedule or best said as 'bersenang2-dulu-bersusah2lah-kamu-kemudian' list..me a procastinator, mrs sugar-coated tongue with empty promises given to clients before raya and now..taraaa..aku tgh meroyan kat opis buat keje2 yg dijanjikan n the dateline is chasing me and aku asik kena tiaw dgn customer n boss since semlm lagi huhu..

that's one part of it.

Besides surviving myself from the officework routine , i've been practising something that is out of my normal living, at least for the past 2 consecutive years after getting married. Me n my dear man is sharing a car instead of having 2 cars like before huhu..this happened since last wed and even some chaotic situation occured, we still can managed it,n gradually adapting ourselves with the situation. The reason is that hubby is now working with a new company in shah alam effective 1st nov, and to say bye-bye to his former company means he had to let go the privillege of having a company car. All these while,he drove company car to commute from KL-Seremban everyday and i used his car to drive to my office in s alam (i dont owned a car, selama ni pakai keta laki, aku insan tidak berharta huhu..). Well, there's no gain without pain..he got better offer from the new company, better prospect, better travel distance but the offer doesn't come with a car..so now, we are surviving with one car. Luckily our office is located in a same district (s alam) tp sec jauh2, but it still considered ok.

So since last wed, no more taking my own sweet time in the morning, both of us wake up early in the mrng (6.oo pm,early ok!) , rushed to the bathroom, pray, dressed ourselves, then berebut2 dpn dressing table menyiapkan muka, changed irina's diaper and us together-together anak beranak kluar rumah pkl 7 pagi!huh,not easy u know, selama ni 7 pagi baru tehegeh2 nak mandi-hubby sent me first,then only he drive to his office, meaning 7.30 am aku dah terpacak dpn office, yahu!aku boleh dpt anugerah pekerja terbaik tahunan,mesti mak abah kat kg bangga-hah ptg plak hubby dtg ambik aku, sharp kul 6 tunggu dah tunggu aku, ish ish sepjg 2 thn lebih kawin,tak pernah ini berlaku,aku la yg drive ke hulu hilir sorang2 ambik irina kat nursery,gi beli sayur sbb hubby tiba umah lmbt,ye la ofis kat seremban..skang ni rasa kekok gak,terasa aku mcm tak independent,mcm disabled la plak..patah kaki wooo takde kete..tp ok gak, dpt spend masa lbh skit ng en R.A..ilang one thing, diganti dgn another thing yg jugak berharga, which is xtra time with my beloved hubby n anak..

happy weekend all!