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Friday, April 28, 2006

I'm not making up story when i said irina 'kecik2 dah berangan' in my previous entry..

hmmm...mmg kuat berangankan?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Perut Story

I am constantly hungry for the past few days. I dont know why, very rare of this to happen, unless that 'friend' come and do the monthly visit then i'll crave for something and tend to eat more but hey that 'friend' just visited me last week,hmmm why oh why?..

yesterday mrng i bought 3 karipaps n while driving i ate 2, n around 10am i felt hungry again and ate the last piece of it-usually if i bought 3 kuehs, i only ate 2 and another 1 will always end up in someone's stomach, i cant finish it all but for the past few days it's a different story already. Yesterday's lunch, i ate nasi campur with ikan merah goreng, sayur bayam, telur masin n kari ayam,a big plateful lunch enough to serve somalian ppl(this is what my colleague said hmmpfh!)-around 4 o'clock,my stomach mendendangkan lagu keroncong n there i was hunting for a food inside my drawer n i found kit kat choc, so terus telan,lega sikit perut..

Then yesterday nite,i cooked spagetti since hubby craved to eat pasta-We bought Prego sauce and beli mushroom then i cooked the gravvy and siaplah spagetti..i ate 2 plate tinggi menimbun!and around 11 i felt the urge of eating again,gosh!nafsu mkn membuak2 ni-i tried to control it since biting on food after 10 is really against my eating regime but i surrendered around 12 o'clock midnite,perut dgn tak semena2 pedih mcm tak mkn sethn then i decided to boil water n there i was in front of the tv eating my hot cup noodle,yess..in the middle of the nite..erkk..

Well i thought the hungry phenomenon will never last longer and really hope that today i'll back to my normal eating style but nooo..this mrng another 3 kuehs all wallop in 1 shot during driving(i really hope that last nite noodle will stay inside the perut so that i didn't feel hungry this mrng tp itu tidak berlaku,the noodle gone!) and during lunch again another full plate of rice with lauk pauk,ada ikan sumbat, sayur, kupang and kentang sambal and 1 big glass of orange juice,i pray very hard for the food to stay longer inside my perut at least till dinner time but ughh!i failed! here's another 'disgraceful' confession to make..i just came back from canteen eating 2 big doughnuts and pekena 1 glass of hot nescafe tarik,argh so truly guilty!so, what's waiting for my stomach tonite?we shall wait n see,hopefully no chewing exercise in the middle of the nite!

My Girl

Irina is now 13 mths old(1 year 1 mth old). At this age, she picks up new thing quite fast and she learns a few words too. Let's see what she's up to now:

-she likes to wipe on the floor or wall whenever she has cloth in hand, terbongkok2 n sometimes mencangkung org tu lap lantai i told u, mmg ada gaya lah!i think she likes to observe her mommy doing the housechores,that's how she got that- the cheeky part is after she wipes the floor or wall she will wipe her face pulak ewww..hah this part absolutely not from me,dont know where she learnt this,haiyaa..

-she starts to bulit interest towards make up and very fancy over mommy's handbag..hmmm.. faminity element grows inside her very fast huh?isk isk..kecik2 dah berangan-so now i cant let my handbag or my make up pouch to be visible or else abis!she likes to play with my lipstic and acted like she applied it on her lips, she plays with my eye-curl and try to curl her eyelashes too, dia tau pulak tu nak tujukan benda alah tu kat mata ke or kat bibir ke,that's why i'm amazed!kalau dah girl tu,girl jugak kan?

-she cant see nailclipper..once she got it,she'll seat and take the nailclipper to her toe,ntah mana satu mata pemotong,mana satu pangkal dia hentam jer,tp gaya memotong kuku tu mmg ada

- meniru gaya sujud masa sembahyang, tp style irina lain skit,sambil duduk sambil sujud

-suka nak 'tolong' mommy sidai kain basuhan, she'll pick up laundry (yg kecik2) dr dlm bakul then sibuk nak sidai kat ampaian, bila tak sampai or penat nak terjengket2, end up dia akan lap kain basuhan yg bersih tu kat lantai or atas meja or dimana2 mengikut citarasa dia..dia mmg betul2 fancy/obsess dgn kain basuhan,pantang jumpa sibuk nak lap sana sini..tak gamak nak ckp ada gaya waitress kat restoran tp itu lah kebenarannya..tidaaaakk!!

one more thing irina dah pandai buat muka cheeky bila nak snap gambar dia,tgk ni dia buat muka mcm terkejut!

there's a few funny little thing she did lately,just see to what extend it will progress..how bout words?yupp..she uttered a few new words lately which surprised me n hubby literally,so let's see what's her vocab looks like:

ab bah = abah(lama dah pandai yg ni)

baby = baby

meme = mommy or sometimes amma(hmpff)

kakkak = kakak

muu = moon

kek = cat

bek= bird

buu = ibu @ kucing kat rumah ma yg dipanggil ibu

babai or tata = bye bye

ce ko ko or ko ko = sekolah (ni baru dpt kelmarin)..i taught her this word by consonent-se..ko..lah!then she pick up only word 'ko'..jadik laa..

irina mmg seorg kanak2 yg sdg membesar dgn aktif dan lasaknya(tersgt actually)-ni gambar terbaru irina masa tgh tido..sungguh bersopan santunkan?ada sesapa berkenan?hihi..

Monday, April 17, 2006

A Tribute to Blackie..

Blackie..he's all black,really really black. he only has one white spot under his tummy,the rest is all black shiny fur, so that's how blackie got his name. He's about 3 month old and he belongs to my youngest sis. Adik kept Blackie as a pet for about 2 months..how she met him?that nite, Blackie was all wet and cold meowing inside the drain asking for a rescue,he was left alone without her mother or any other siblings to depend on-so there was adik be a rescuer to Blackie and his condition was really bad..he got broken wrist too. Adik called me the next day and told me about the cat she had found. I encouraged adik to kept and take care of the cat and started from that day, adik had another responsibility in her life, which was taking care of Blackie and every time she made a journey back to hometown, she was loaded with extra things to carry, which was blackie's carriage..sanggup tu.. she works in Malacca and she always brought blackie back to hometown,never failed to carry blackie together with her and never left him alone.. so i could imagine how closed and tiely bonded for the two of them.

I managed to meet blackie once when we back to muar last month. He looked better and well-fed but my heart wrenched to see him walked with only one leg behind,whereas the other leg dia seret je sbb wrist dah patah.sob..sob..but his poor condition never stop him from being playful,yeah he's an active child, he could run here and there with that 1 leg and 2 hands..adik like to update me with blackie's progression, like 2 weeks ago she smsed me and told that blackie's leg was getting ok, ok here means he could step on his leg like normal, yeah at last blackie managed to walk like the other normal cat and adik no longer called him 'blackie with the broken wrist' and i was happy too, and adik said that he's soo active di mana dia tak boleh tgk objek bergerak,nnti dia kejar n gigit,ekor sendiri pun dia main..cute rite?he's at the age yg mmg sedap buat main..but..The One Above lebih menyayanginya..The One Above has His own reason on why he took away blackie forever from adik and He wants to test adik and want her to redha on whatever happen dlm hidup dia..

last Friday nite, after office hour,adik made a journey back from melaka to muar and she reached home at about 9.30pm together with blackie-and tak sampai sejam tiba, ajal blackie pun sampai..dia dilanggar oleh my sis yg tgh reverse kereta nak pergi kerja..according to adik blackie sempat lari lps kena langgar but after that dia jatuh,and he slowly died dekat tgn adik..sian adik..according to mak she cried out loud, meraung bila blackie mati and even i was not there during that time, i could imagine mcmana remuk hati dia bila kucing kesygan mati dpn mata..i could feel that,really..and when i managed to know the sad news, i cried..mmg hati ni betul2 tersentuh laaa(i think cat lover boleh paham kot perasan ni) -i didn't know blackie personally,i just met him once and managed to play and help adik to bathe him, but cara kepulangannya ke Rahmatullah betul2 menyedihkan(boleh ke guna ayat camni?) adik ngan aku tak boleh lalu kat garage kereta lps incident tu sbb ada stain blackie terbe*ak kat situ pas kena langgar -my sis pulak betul2 rasa guilty sampai dia taknak gi keje mlm tu, partly bkn slh dia pun, adk yg terleka tak sempat nak letak blackie dlm cage..takpe la dah ajal blackie..mlm tu mak siap teman adik tido lg sbb taknak dia sedih sorang2, ye la sampai meraung n bengkak2 mata nangis,if i was in her position,i'll be the same too,in fact worst kot, respect jugak kat adik sbb dia boleh pegang blackie disaat2 akhir,kalau aku harus dah pengsan,sori la mmg ovver skit bab2 kucing ni..

pagi sabtu tu abah yg kebumikan blackie kat bwh pokok pisang belakang rumah..Blackie,may u rest in peace, thank you for delighten adik's life even in a short time and to adik, redha n jgn bersedih,nnti akak carikkan blackie yg baru, kalau tak dpt black pun akak cat bulu dia kasik black yer..cheer up n believe me adik,blackie is now in a better place..

Friday, April 14, 2006


I've been quite busy lately..tender proposal, appointment dgn contractor,nak gi uitm, byk benda nak kena buat, nak update blog pun tak sempat-so update utk minggu ni:

Monday (10th April)
hubby's fren buat pot luck party mlm tu lps kerja kat rumah dia kat shah alam. We reached there around 9pm, kak intan was the host, ada zara n hubby also kak irene sefamily. Tujuan utama ialah nak tgk baby ke-4 kak irene..notice semua kakak2kan?i was the youngest mommy kat situ since the rest semua sebaya hubby sbb diaorg satu batch masa MRSM dulu, even i kenal diaorg pas kawin ng hubby and muda dr diaorg,but we can click very well..bolehla nak dok sembang2 ada je topik yg nak dibualkan,biase la kalau dah ibu2 duduk satu meja,apalagi cite psl anak laki je laa..-bapa2 kat luar,ibu2 kat meja mkn sambil mkn,sambil lyn anak sambil bercerita,leka dok berborak sampai kul 11.30mlm-kak intan masak makaroni goreng, ada murtabak n cokelat dan kek pisang yg kitaorg bwk..seronok sekali skala berkumpul mcmni.

Tuesday(11th April)
yeay cuti!bgn lmbt pukul 10, siap2 gi hantar irina rumah ma then me n hubby went to sg wang. Pekena claypot noodle kat foodcourt lot10 dulu, best!then survey hndphone, malas nak pusing satu sg wang, terus pilih satu kedai, pilih handphone, nego harga lebih kurang terus beli-abis RM melayang tp tak kisah la, phone baru punya pasal..now taklah segan kalau org cite psl bluetooth ke,GPRS,MMS,MP3..3G takdak,out of budget!

Wednesday (12th April)
LOADS of work as tender dateline dah dekat-i dah plan nak mengular pukul 4, syok sendiri buat appointment ng contractor (opis dia dekat ng rumah,sbb tu la!) then last min can't make it,biasela last2 min ada benda urgent nak siapkan..berniat serong itulah padahnya..

Thursday (13th April)
LOADS of work again..then ada appointment kat shah alam pukul 3, pukul 4 abis apalagi..memecutla blk rumah!masak siap2,mandi,hubby sampai rumah pukul 6.45 then gi nursery ambik irina,mlm rileks skit,sambil tgk tv sambil pack brg nak blk kg..

Friday (today)
mengular gi uitm pukul 11 pagi td hantar borang apply kerja..dah jadik mak2 ni working passion pun dah takde, so sesuai la kerja government..tak pressure, rileks and boleh blk awal..mana tau ada rezeki kerja kat situ..mlm ni nak balik muar, irina pun dah miss kat tokmak n tokbak dia..look forward to spend my weekend at hometown, so happy weekend friends!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Sepetang di Putrajaya..

2 bad things happened when we spend our weekend nite at Alamanda Putrajaya last Saturday-first, I lost my favorite earring and I walked around with only one earring dangled on one ear,yeah mcm rockstar..and the 2nd bad thing was really really bad..i mean it when I said BAD..since irina’s stuff (pacifier, towel bla bla) occupied most of my handbag’s space,I always have to put my handphone inside my jean’s back pocket..

then after a while this mak nenek suddenly felt the urge of going to the toilet and when I did the unzip and positioned myself suddenly I heard ‘ploop!’..there goes my handphone into the lobang jamban..bad huh?but still it was not the bad part..the WORST NASTY part of the story was I pulled out my handphone from the nasty lobang eewwww!!terrible huh?!how I did that?nope.. nope.. bkn celup tgn masuk dlm itu lobang..tak gamak tau!since my handphone is the old classic usang version of nokia (no camera, no mms, no 3G function and somemore with mono ringtone,enough said rite?) the usang handphone got string attached to it mcm budak2 remaja punya handphone tu..so this string safe my handphone from getting buried in the nasty hole..string tu terkeluar and tak kena air tandas so I managed to pull out the handphone,really bad rite?being hygienic person, I washed the handphone with soap and let the clean water ran onto it haha...what laa.. I don’t know what’s inside my mind that time-why I don’t just left the handphone inside the lobang?afterall it’s just an old usang version of nokia yg skarang org buat baling anjing jer,then why?bcoz I don’t bear to go thru all the hassle to get a new SIM card and I have tonnes of nos inside my phone memory that’s whyla, berharap phone tu boleh berfungsi lg so that i boleh copy all the nos inside it..i knew the possibility of the handphone to survive was very slim.. after the cruel incident with the air tandas, sabun and air bersih,how to expect it to be functioning like normal?and my expectation was right..the phone died..in a very nasty yet honoured way ..sory my dear handphone, I did my best already...

so now,I’m using hubby’s previous handphone..more usang and antique dah tahap layak dipamerkan di arkib negara(at least my phone got radio function,this phone no special features at all!)..but hey what the heck, I don’t care as long as I could barely speak thru it, I could send msg then it’s enough for me..buta IT kan? but today,bila dtg opis some of my naughty colleagues teased me bout my handphone..”eh nak ckp kat phone tu nyorok2 sikit dok bwh meja ke,malu tgk kat org” or “nak lunch ng we all jgn bwk phone ni or else dok kat meja lain”..jahatkan?cheeesss!!so now I really feel like having a new handphone naaaahh..not bcoz of the naughty tease, but the phone’s battery is getting worst!asyik kong jer..so I should consider of going to sg wang one of these days rite?hmmm...good idea…

I love the foodcourt at Alamanda, there’s a lot of choices..nasi ayam for me, teppanyaki for hubby and ice creamery waffles for Irina..err..actually for us, saja gunakan anak utk cover nafsu mkn yg membuak2…and my earring?i bought 3 pairs of it yesterday haha...

Friday, April 07, 2006

Sleepless in Puchong..

For the past few days, night time has been such a terrifying and scary period for both me n hubby...when the other residents were sound asleep, the light was gradually off, the shouting and laughing of the kids next door was slowly disappeared and silence was everywhere in our peaceful residential area, then the creepy moment started to happen..my heart will start to pound in a fast rate and I’ll be sweating a cold sweat.. worry, scared and anxious never fail to bother me n hubby..yes..something was bothering us, one lil creature aka ‘makhluk halus’ creeped and wandered around the house and turned our night to be such a looong sleepless traumatic night ever..bukan toyol, bukan langsuir or pontianak..dia ialah errr..my own flesh and blood tak lain tak bkn Iman Irina-haaishhh..

dah 3 mlm dia buat perangai sepjg minggu ni, and I could feel that I’m not having such a good quality sleep lately..ntah mana silapnya, 4 mlm lepas (isnin mlm) semuanya mcm biasa.pas ambik irina dr nursery, bg dia mkn kenyang2, dia akan bermain sepuas2nya dr pukul 8 sampai 11mlm dan bila dia dah letih dia akan mintak susu and masa nilah selalunya dia akan tertido sampai pagi..so tidurla si intan gunung siti payung ni pd pukul 11.30mlm tu and mommy dan abah pun letakla kepala atas bantal nak menikmati tido yg lena slps melalui hari2 yg memenatkan…BUT..no..no..tidak seindah yg diharapkan, the nightmare was about to begin..Iman Irina terjaga pd pukul 2.30 pagi merengek2 nak keluar dr playpan dan tanpa teragak2 dia ‘start engine’, taknak baring taknak tido,campak pacifier dan dia sibuk nak keluar dr bilik sbb nak bermain..gosh!!

maybe that nite irina was having ‘time zone disoriented’ punya penyakit dimana dia tak dpt nak membezakan mlm ke siang dan mungkin tenaganya berlebih2 sehinggakan tak boleh nak menunggu keesokkan hari utk bermain..have u ever imagine to have a lil creature ran happily around the house (light off tau,gelap gelita ni), on and off from the kitchen looking for urghh I don’t know what, close and open the door repeatedly and scream when she get locked behind the door and scratch mommy’s face when she realized her mommy was sleeping and not playing with her and all this happened at 2.30 in the mrng!?can u imagine that?and this torturing moment dragged on till 4.30am and bila dia penat dgn sng hatinya terus jer tido huhuhu..

tu cerita isnin mlm,then wed nite was another nightmare..hubby dgn berbesar hati menidurkan irina seawal 10.30mlm (habis awal dah tu)-so mommy pun tersenyum lebar dgn rasa lega boleh berehat2 dan membaca paper..pkl 11.30 bila we all nak masuk bilik jer tetiba..alamaaak..irina bukak mata menggeliat dan terus bgn tersengih2 carik mainan..masa ni betul2 terpikir “anak aku ni kena sampuk dgn hantu mainan ke”? and the same thing goes for last nite, mlm td dia bermain sampai pkl 1.30pg..i was really tired, tak larat sgt sbb mkn ubat selsema then I just biarkan jer irina main sorang2, hubby pun surrender jugak..sedar tak sedar irina dtg tepi I bwk bantal then tepuk muka I nak susu pastu dia tido..

so now,after a constant sleepless nite, ppl could see a drastic change in me, muka tak bermaya, slalu menguap kat opis rasa mcm nak masuk tido dlm laci, mata lebam mcm kena tumbuk and slalu rasa nak suap kasut kat client2 yg saja nak cari pasal..i dah check dgn nursery waktu tido dia..10-12 tghari then 2-4 ptg,pastu dia tak tido2 sampai la ke mlm, ok la tu kan?patutnya dah boleh tido awal dah ni..apa punca nya ek?faktor pemakanan?or keturunan?ke salah asuhan hihi..this thing normal ke tak?anak org lain mcmni jugak ke?friends out there, if u have any ideas or suggestions pls share with me, idea dan nasihat anda sgt2 la diperlukan n sekiranya anda berpengalaman yg sama spt saya, don’t feel hesitate to share, it's good to know that I’m not the only mother yg kena and irina not the only child berkelakuan sedemikian rupa huhu!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Party!

Agak last min jugak buat persiapan party Irina, the party was held on 26th March (last 2 weekend, cerita zaman jepun)-actually takde la party beria pun, just my in-laws sefamily, Ija my sis sefamily and 3-4 org member bersama family masing2, kira2 total jemputan hari tu ada la dlm 15org, ok la tu,sesuai la nak memadankan dgn rumah 'comell' tu kan..

hari sabtu ptg baru sibuk pergi jaya jusco shopping ayam, bawang dan bhn2 masak lain, ada yg tak cukup mlm tu sambung pergi carik bhn kat mini market area umah-main menu utk party tu ialah nasik dagang(ma masak) and soto (buat sendiri),yg lain2 tu just mknan ringan jer-mlm tu pukul 10.30 baru start bersilat kat dapur, kena tunggu irina tido dulu baru blh buat keje..gamble je syok sendiri masak sesorg , 1st time masak byk, takut gak rasa tak sedap -rebus ketupat, rebus ayam then buat begedil siap bulatkan kecik2 then simpan dlm fridge esok pagi baru goreng-so mlm tu siap keje pkl 2 pagi..ngantuk ngan letih jgn ckp la tp excited b'day anak punya psl takpe laa..pagi ahad tu bgn kul 7.30, terus siapkan bhn2 nak buat kuah soto pulak(sup ayam jer), goreng begedil, siat daging ayam, ptg2 daun sup,buat sambal kicap then kautim!dlm pkl 11 pagi ma sampai ng miera n miera's friend nama syawal(ehem ehem)-masa ni kek pun tak beli lagi,ingat nak la tempah awal2 tp tak sempat biasela buat keje last min so miera n syawal tlg gi carikkan kek.

Ija n abg hafiz with their 2 kids tetamu 1st yg sampai lbh kurang pukul 3 camtu, then abah lak mai-so masa ni lah buat ptg kek sambil nyanyi b'day song, the b'day girl?dia happy sesgt!ntah dia paham nath tak, org riuh2 dia pun riuh, org tepuk tgn dia pun tepuk tgn..kwn2 lain dtg 4pm onwards, mmg saja setkan ptg so takla serentak semua sekali dtg nnti rumah cramp!last tetamu dtg pukul 8 mlm, lps tu tutup kedai!penat jgn cite la..tp happy n best!1st b'day party anak sendiri, mesti la best-mlm tu siap kemas rumah basuh pinggan periuk belanga cuci lantai sumer dlm pkl 12 mlm then terus zzzzz..esok tu liat betul nak bgn gi keje.

Anyway thanks pd tetamu yg dtg, to my family(abah,ma,miera,ija n family n also syawal yg rajin lyn irina) and not forget to mention Noha sekeluarga thanks a lot! (bg jemputan last min,n u were still able to make it!thanks dear!), and utk kwn2 yg lain next year ada umur ada rezeki i buat yg besar n grand punya party k (insyaAllah), harus jemput lagi ramai kwn2 baru happening!yg ni bukan apa saja testing dulu,1st timer!hadiah boleh thn jugak irina dpt, ada baju n seluar, keretapi,beg barney, fisher price's toy, buku...thanks a lot!

ada nasik dagang, soto, yg bulat2 tu begedil bukan cekodok ya!ada buah tembikai n dlm tupperware tu bubur manis Ija bwk dr rumah,thanks sis!

b'day girl yg sdg teruja..

b'day girl yg tahap keterujaannya sudah berkurangan, dah letih!

irina confused tak tau nak buat apa dgn lilin tu, nasib dia tak cabut lilin tu masuk dlm mulut

irina dan mommy yg dah sama2 keletihan tp happy meraikan tetamu,mata pun cam nak taknak bukak jer!

kesudahan rupa seorg anak yg 1st time menyambut b'day party..