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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

b'day girl (girl??)

Since last week was Ija's b'day, i planned to blog about her; my sistah whom i respect n adore since my childhood time. Both of us gap umur cuma setahun, she's 29 n i'm 18 oopss 28 to be exact, so bcoz of this small age gap we become closed, mcm kembar gituu..kecik2 dulu selalu pakai baju sama esp time raya, sng cite org ckp kain satu papan la, size bdn pun lbh kurang sama, so ppl mmg tgk we all mcm budak kembar-when Ija enrolled standard 1 and i only had to stay at home, i always felt like following her to school, not used of not having her around me. I grumped and cried and begged abah to send me to school too,so that i could be with Ija. So both of us enrolled the same school during primary and secondary. Masa primary, bila recess mesti rehat sama2, mkn bekal yg we all bwk dr rumah. Pergi sekolah agama pun sama2 bersaing kayuh basikal...pendek kata, sentiasa bersama n apa yg Ija dpt i mesti nak dpt n merasa jugak, example?contoh paling extreme dan melampau ialah when she experienced that first ehem menstrual process n i hadn't yet, i felt so frustrated n impatient and cant wait for my turn as Ija experienced it already, everyday i check i told u, ye la to be at par with ija in everything, so evey single thing counted,mesti sama!..haha teruk..teruk....and at last i got it after 2 yrs checking without failed hihi.

So we gradually grown up together n during our secondary school time, masing2 dah ada geng sendiri kat sekolah, tak rehat sama2 dah but still both of us very closed n take care of each other at school. Masa ni i tak panggil dia ija dah, n i warned her too not to call me as my nickname kat rumah,konon malu la ng geng2 lain, so both of us addressed ourselves as 'Mar' since dekat sekolah sume org panggil we all 'Mar'. So smpi skang la i panggil dia mar,dia panggil i mar heheh-so we all start berpisah when i enrolled sains muar, dok la kat asrama while ija stayed at home schooling at our former school. Mak ckp first nite i takda n masa dinner kat rumah bila tgk telur goreng ija tersyahdu sbb dia teringatkan adik dia sorang ni yg mmg suka mkn telur goreng hihi (ija never admit this to me, but this is what i'd been told by mak)-i kat sek pun terasa gak ketiadaan ija, we all biasa buat homework sama2, she's good in math n biology, she helped me a lot,so bila dia takda terasa jugak la..

So, to cut it short, Ija masuk uni after that, bintang dia cerah compared to me, she's intelligent n hardworking n concentrate on her study terus jadi best student kat uni, then got offered to do masters in audiology kat southampton n now jadi lecturer serta bergaji besar-beza sgt ngan adik dia ni yg huhahuha sana sini masa study, so bintang pun tak secerah kakaknya n keje pun ala2 kadar cukup2 mkn je laa.. hah rasain kau skang mommamia! hehe-so skang kami sama2 dah jadi ibu, she's a happy mom of a pair-Qistina and Aliff and dah puas berkongsi byk perkara,skang turn berkongsi cite n tips psl anak pulak. Too many things both of us shared together since our childhood time, ye la membesar di era yg sama, dgr genre music yg sama, suka drama series yg sama, baca novel n komik yg sama (enid blyton,gila2,koqin karemo!) suka duka susah sng byk yg kami tempuhi bersama..semoga dipjgkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki sekeluarga, tambah family member lagi?ke dah trauma?hihi

happy 29th b'day to u sis!

At last..




3 best words to describe my blog account currently. i haven't blog for a looong time due to my tight working schedule. I'd been super duper busy for the past 3 weeks, almost suffered from the pile of works plunked on my table. I was like a walking zombie or best described as one controllable robot came to office and punched and pinched and knocked on the comp keyboard from 8.30am till 6pm,sometimes till 7..haaaishh..to make things worst, i had to do office admin works which obviously is out of my jobscope since the secretary and office admin asst had tendered their resignation..so champion of me huh?tech support cum office admin cum secretary cum tea lady cum cleaner, tandas sumbat pun i kena fix k..yeah yeah, multitasking job bla bla teamworks bla bla that's what i've been comfort of..so crappy!

we had organized 2 seminars; one in KL Convention Centre and last week was at Sheraton Subang and at the same time 5 major tender jobs to be done-equipment selection, quotation, technical fill up n this poor fella only have 2 hands to work with..so the conclusion is the 2 seminars ended successfully and the mission n purposes of it had been accomplished; the MD was happy and proud, the clients gave a very good response and support and me, the person who did all the 'donkey' job and irrelevant jobscope was almost drown n die after the events!huhu..this is the disadvantage of working among guys and be the only 'bunga' at this engineering dept, so all this guy colleagues i.e engineers, they just dont care of helping me gunting2 kertas, buat nametag, updates participant list and so on and so on,tak macho kan buat keje2 camni?haaaishh 1000x..

By the way,i'm glad that all these done and gone already. I'm back to my normal working schedule, one of it is blogging heheh!So what's up for the past few weeks?the babe is back to her mommy and abah's arm again after spending a very 2 weeks quality time with tokmak n tokbak at kampong. She's in a very healthy stage and develop curtain 'flesh' esp at her tummy n cheek, so roundish i tell you..and during the babe's absence me n hubby were busy helping my MIL cari tmpt pergi berubat..yes, ma sakit yg mana dah pergi hospital pun tak baik2, puas mkn ubat hospital sume but keadaan ma tak berubah,makin teruk adalah..so me n hubby usaha cari tmpt utk ma berubat kg..so skang alhamdulillah ma sihat dah..according to ustaz yg ubatkan ma,ma kena 'badi mayat' masa melawat jenazah saudara blk t'ganu baru2 ni..a lot of things happened for the past 3 weeks, mcm2 nak cerita but masa takdak,yellek!
and not forget to mention, happy belated b'day to my dearest sis Ija..yg ke 29 thn, many2 happiness n barakah prospered to you sefamily sis,insyaAllah..