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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

At last..




3 best words to describe my blog account currently. i haven't blog for a looong time due to my tight working schedule. I'd been super duper busy for the past 3 weeks, almost suffered from the pile of works plunked on my table. I was like a walking zombie or best described as one controllable robot came to office and punched and pinched and knocked on the comp keyboard from 8.30am till 6pm,sometimes till 7..haaaishh..to make things worst, i had to do office admin works which obviously is out of my jobscope since the secretary and office admin asst had tendered their resignation..so champion of me huh?tech support cum office admin cum secretary cum tea lady cum cleaner, tandas sumbat pun i kena fix k..yeah yeah, multitasking job bla bla teamworks bla bla that's what i've been comfort of..so crappy!

we had organized 2 seminars; one in KL Convention Centre and last week was at Sheraton Subang and at the same time 5 major tender jobs to be done-equipment selection, quotation, technical fill up n this poor fella only have 2 hands to work with..so the conclusion is the 2 seminars ended successfully and the mission n purposes of it had been accomplished; the MD was happy and proud, the clients gave a very good response and support and me, the person who did all the 'donkey' job and irrelevant jobscope was almost drown n die after the events!huhu..this is the disadvantage of working among guys and be the only 'bunga' at this engineering dept, so all this guy colleagues i.e engineers, they just dont care of helping me gunting2 kertas, buat nametag, updates participant list and so on and so on,tak macho kan buat keje2 camni?haaaishh 1000x..

By the way,i'm glad that all these done and gone already. I'm back to my normal working schedule, one of it is blogging heheh!So what's up for the past few weeks?the babe is back to her mommy and abah's arm again after spending a very 2 weeks quality time with tokmak n tokbak at kampong. She's in a very healthy stage and develop curtain 'flesh' esp at her tummy n cheek, so roundish i tell you..and during the babe's absence me n hubby were busy helping my MIL cari tmpt pergi berubat..yes, ma sakit yg mana dah pergi hospital pun tak baik2, puas mkn ubat hospital sume but keadaan ma tak berubah,makin teruk adalah..so me n hubby usaha cari tmpt utk ma berubat kg..so skang alhamdulillah ma sihat dah..according to ustaz yg ubatkan ma,ma kena 'badi mayat' masa melawat jenazah saudara blk t'ganu baru2 ni..a lot of things happened for the past 3 weeks, mcm2 nak cerita but masa takdak,yellek!
and not forget to mention, happy belated b'day to my dearest sis Ija..yg ke 29 thn, many2 happiness n barakah prospered to you sefamily sis,insyaAllah..


Blogger XuRa@NurKasih said...

hmm.. senasib lah kita mar. bila ade org resign je, jd mangsa buat keja org tu. yg part cuci toilet, photostate machine problem etc pun kena buat sendiri. hampeh! selagi x tunjuk taring, selagi tu jd kuli!

1:30 PM  
Anonymous nohachomel said...

happy belated birhtday to ija and welcome back to blogland...heheh...wehh...tel aku, akunyer hp hilang, dgn no tel ko sekali la ilang..

5:18 PM  
Blogger mommamia said...

zura:kita mmg senasib huhu,bila la nak dpt keje gomen ni kan?

noha: noha,nnti aku call k

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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