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Monday, May 22, 2006


Last weekend was a very good and meaningful days for the three of us..talking about visited a very closed buddy of mine after havent met for quite sometime and the pleasure moment with the babe and the hubby..dumm deedumm..

Saturday (20th May 2006)
went to nonie's house at Puncak Alam, Shah Alam to visit her n her new babyborn. She's my bestfriend for already 10yrs (college time till now) and since she gave birth to baby irfan,i never get a chance to visit both of them,so last weekend we took the opportunity to visit her and to gave pressies as well-the mama looked good as well as the baby,cute!his name is irfan darwisy-we reached there around 1.30pm and nonie cooked lunch for us, ada asam pedas daun kesum, sotong n ayam goreng rempah, sayur campur,telur dadar and chicken soup for the kids-sheila sefamily pun ada..dah kenyang mkn, pekena teh panas and choc cake yg dia buat sendiri fuhh,mmg really full!anyway thanks nonie for the lunch, she never changed,masa idup bujang dulu pun dia selalu masak utk kwn2,air tgn dia mmg ada umph!untung hubby dia dpt wife rajin,dah ada baby pun stil rajin nak masak utk kwn2, kami kenyang sampai mlm,both of us tak dinner thanks a lot my fren!

The proud mama with her cutie boy

Sunday (21st May 06)
Went to bukit Jalil Park during evening, tried to spend our quality time with the babe-ye la kesian jugak, she has been stuck in nursery for the whole day of weekdays and mlm pun dpt spend masa only a few hours, so masa weekend ni la nak bagi irina tgk dunia luar, venture things out and learn new things..she was so happy!mommy and abah letih kejar but anything for u babe!

weee!!naik gelungsor

tgk ikan dlm tasik,banyak n besar2 pulak tu,mulut irina muncung je sebut shh..shh..(fish fish)

mkn..mkn dan mkn..enough to explain about the roundish tummy!

we really enjoyed our time together, jalan2 3 beranak sambil ambik angin-balik dah dekat nak maghrib then hubby decided to cook yess! TO COOK dinner for us!wow!!first time ever that he cooked for me after our 2 years marriage!and first time ever i just sat on the sofa reading newspaper while hubby kuntau-ing with all the senduks and kuali. Now u know rite y i said the weekend was very wonderful n great!love it!


Blogger Hot Mama said...

There's always the first time kan.. So best tak ur hubby cook?? Love is in the air laa tuu.. heheh

9:50 AM  
Blogger mommamia said...

haha,pandai la u mcm tau2 je love is in the air!

2:39 PM  
Anonymous xura said...

ehhh... lebih kurang lah aktiviti kita last weekends... kitorg pun bawak aiman pi tgk2 fish kat one shop ni, selain jual ikan, dia ade bela ikan giant amazon, kelisa etc utk display only... nmpk ikan kap (btl ke spelling ni???) jepun je, aiman kata, nak, nakkk...

10:07 AM  
Blogger mommamia said...

amboi aiman,taste dasat tu,nak ikan kap lagi hihi-budak2 mmg suka tgk ikankan?agaknya apa la diorg pk bila tgk ikan berenang,mesti kagum jer bila tgk

1:50 PM  

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