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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Irina's loong happy weekend

Hi,my name is Iman Irina. Last weekend, abah and mommy were not working for 3 days in a row; saturday,sunday and monday-i was glad to have them around since i didnt have to stay at the nursery. We had a long yet fun weekend ever!my fun activities started on friday nite when abah and mommy brought me to a huuuge place with so many nets around;the place was so noisy with a lot of ppl mingled around and some of them inside the net kicking on the ball,they were chasing and pushing each other over one ball n i wonder why didnt they have their own ball like mine,i just dont understand old people..

Me and abah get ready to kick off at sports planet,sunway

soo tired of running, soo hot, soo thirsty!

On Sunday mrng, mommy woke me up quite early and dressed me up, i knew i would be going somewhere as i saw mommy and abah were also get themselves ready,mommy wore blue kebaya n at this moment i knew that we were not going to shopping complex,then where?grandma and auntie miera joined us too..i heard they said klang, bride,groom,pelamin..but i couldnt understand any of it. We reached there around 12.30pm and again there's a big crowd there!and a lot of food too!there's also a karaoke session and abah sang one song!(after that mcm mendung sikit,nasib tak ribut petir)-the food was very nice,they served nasi minyak with rendang daging, ayam merah, acar, gulai daging, gulai lemak nangka and ikan kering, and there's cendol too! i heard mommy said..'bapak pengantin tokeh cendol terkenal kat shah alam'..ooo no wonder laa-then suddenly i heard one loud sound and mommy said it was kompang,i never heard the sound of kompang before and i love hearing them playing. Then one beautiful couple in a very beautiful dress and make up sat in front of many ppl,they just sat there..smiling, taking pictures and i saw mommy,grandma and auntie throw rice and bunga rampai to the bride and the groom and they got bunga telur..ahh again i couldnt understand old ppl's behavior!

saya sdg kekaguman..the pelamin was beatiful,the bride and the groom were so stunning!but mommy lagi suka snap muka saya yg sdg kekaguman ni..kagum..kagum,never in my life to see this!

that nite, mommy and abah brought me out again to have dinner,this time they went to uptown damansara-mommy had black paper steak and abah ate pari bakar portugese style with lala masak cili,then mommy still not feeling full,she ordered rojak buah and popiah basah,she really has big worm inside her stomach!after that we went to tesco and mommy did some shopping..we were back home around 11.30 pm,i was so tired that day and zzzzz early..

On monday mrng,mommy woke up very early and she prepared sandwich and busy packing things. All of us wore baju santai and i heard them said picnic..hmm,another interesting activitity that i never tried before!we went to ulu yam and the water was verrry cold!but i was very excited to be in the water and i cried when mommy carried me up, i still wanna be inside the water even my lips turned blue already,mommy why oh why u carried me away?again,there's a lot of food, ada nasi lemak,spagetti, nugget and sandwich,as for me,mommy cooked chicken porridge..


mommy suap bubur ayam panas..mmm..nyumm nyumm,that's my grandma!

so basically,i had a very fantastic and joyful weeekend ever with mommy and abah-futsal, kenduri kawin, kompang, bride,groom, picnic and waterfall are all new wonderful experience to me, love it!love it!

mommy will be back soon, she's now struggling over a pile of sheets(shit) and drawings plunk on her table..tata


Anonymous xura said...

amboi, amboiii... happy nye irina..

irina, next week ade long weekends lagi... ape lg, ajak lah mommy & abah irina pi somewhere.. cuti-cuti malaysia!

3:25 PM  
Anonymous nohachomel said...

amboiihhh...enjoy sakan korang bercuti ek...aku laki bini pulun business sampai tak ingat siang mlm, apa nak buat, ni la sumber rezeki, syg gak kalau tak buat follow up dgn client, duit punya pasal, ujung minggu pun keje!

kesian kat nurin, dia bising mama asik work je...sob...sob...

4:01 PM  
Blogger mommy@lif said...

syoknye jalan! sakan noo!

9:15 AM  
Blogger Hot Mama said...

Wow Irina main bola, pergi picnic pergi wedding.. bestnyer.. Was she on her best behaviour masa majlis tuu?

She looks so cute with her "amaze" look masa gambar kat wedding tuu..

11:09 AM  
Blogger julia_B said...

pack of activities ye..
kalo aku the main act..
must be ZZZZ.....
emmm aku pon keje banyak ooo..
tak leh cuti laaa ni...

11:38 AM  
Blogger mommamia said...

zura:mmg ada plan nk bwk irina jln2 cuti wesak ni nnti,tgkla camne tp mommy la penat baru blk bercuti ni..

Noha:takpe noha, harap2 nurin paham kerja mak dia, dah ni sumber rezeki kan?hopefully rezeki murah n ada masa terluang utk ko n hubby bwk nurin jln2 nnti..all the best dlm bisnes ya!

alif's mommy:mmg sakan!sekali sekala pulun ok la,tetiap minggu sakan camni harus pengsan!

Hot Mama:dia baik sgt masa wedding tu,kagum tak pernah tgk pengantinla katakan,so dia byk tercengang2 n ikut jer mommy, cuma bab mkn tu dia perangai sikit,lapar dah agaknya

Ju:mmg penat tp best dpt spend masa ng anak camni,takpe ju,bila2 ko ada free gi la jln2 ng jas n hubby,sian gak kan kat anak2 kita yg maknya bekerja ni,jarang dpt spend masa sesama,masa cuti je la.

11:23 AM  

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