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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Lots of things happened lately. Good news, bad news, personal matters, working life. All come in a shot and really need to be juggled up wisely and steadily.


Where to start? Ok with the good news first. The good news is Irina is now in Muar, recuperating from all the sicknesses and under a very good care of her tokmak and tokbak. Good for her to stay in kampong for a while and been away from the nasty-polluted environment of KL city. She’s now almost 100% back to her normal healthy stage; gear up every single min from morning to night, thus boost up tokmak n tokbak’s day too. My mak and abah need a lot of exercise, and I give them ‘something’ to work out on.

On top of that, half of myself feel very empty, unfilled somewhere.. my day seems incomplete...yupp..i’m soo missing my little irina..very very much. No toys scatter on the floor, no food splat on the sofa, nobody to cry and scream and nag over snacks I hide on the fridge, no sleepless night, no poo poo smell and the very obvious thing is nobody to call me mommy and hubby,abah..huhu..our house has been very quiet and gloomy...my morning working days? I have enough time to ironed my dress properly, do my hair and make up nicely, nibble on my nails think of what dress/shoes to wear and even tidy-up the house before I leave ...I’m used to look like Lynette before and not like a school teacher, but I am now. Nobody to wave at me when I’m making my journey to office and I feel so lonely while driving. . I’m really not used of the situation and having a cultural shock here.

Well, on the other hand, it’s a bit relief and relax for both me n hubby as we’ve been missing this moment for a couple of years, or should I quote since we have irina. So a few things on plan for the next 2 weeks to maximum utilize the golden moment of only two of us is something really good to get heh?a visit to dentist, facial treatment, hair trim, shopping, mamak at 12midnite, lepak Naili’s, P.Hollywood live band, karaoke whoaaa mommy has gone too much la deyy!heheh nope..nope ,the top priority is to see dentist to for scaling purpose and facial treatment and also hair trim, the rest depends on mood (esp hubby’s mood!), time availability and financial situation.

It’s not to say that I couldn’t do all this if irina is around, it is just the matter of practicality. Imagine the dentist fix my teeth with all the scary tools and machine and irina together in the room nag her mommy around? Or irina with me in the saloon playing with hair blower while I’m having a haircut?so I must grab this chance to do whatever necessary things conveniently without the babe around. I also noticed that I conserve a lot of time before making a trip out, and less headache too. No nursery bag stuffed with bottles, milk, drink container, baby biscuit, diapers, handkerchief, pacifier, Elmo bla bla hanging on me and forget about changing the diaper with the babe struggling very hard not to be wrapped. I just dressed up, grab my handbag and go out. Simple. Senang. Hanya berlenggang kangkong shj. Oh oh and the house has been at its utmost well-kept. Lantai tak melekit, furniture is in proper condition and everything looks like making sense.

That’s what I’ve been experienced for the past 3 days. But I still miss irina very2 much. Both me and hubby really feel the absence of her everywhere..everytime. I called mak everyday to get update on her. She sounds happy and playful. She learned how to do bird’s sound, imitate dog’s bark and also cat’s meow. She’s manja too and always get to follow tokbak and tokmak anywhere they go. Pagi ni ikut tokmak pergi kedai kain. Kemain sakan lagi dia kan?


Anonymous nohachomel said...

yeayyy..first to comment...heheh..

aku tak penah lagi tinggal nurin kat sesape (sejak besar ni la), jadi tak tahu la apa perasaannya, masa lepas pantang tu ada la 2 minggu tinggal kat kg, itu pun sebab nak cari babysitter, hari2 nangis... an buka cd kelakar, masa tgk gelak2 la, lepas tu nangis lak...teringin gak nak tinggalkan nurin kat kg so that both of us have a good time together, tapi bukan takde sape nak jaga, cuma nurin je yg tak mau

jadi selama ni, mmg ke mana2 dgn nurin, kitaorg penah buat scaling gigi last year, nurin pun ikut sekali masuk dlm bilik dr tu, dah le klinik dia, dia decorate cam rumah, jadi budak tu tak terasa cam klinik gigi, sibuk tanya itu ini dan ke sana ke mari. pastu siap check gigi dia sekali, takde yg rosak pun cuma saje nak kenal2 kan dia dgn dr gigi

aku pi gunting rambut pun penah bawak dia, tapi masa tu an ada, so an pegang la dia, kalau tak siap la nanti dia nak pegang blower la, gunting ke, sikat ke. an pi gunting rambut pun penah bawak dia gak, but normally kalau kat barber dia senyap sikit, tgk org yg gunting rambut tu pun dah bole buat dia tersenyap...heheh...

apa pun...gunakan la peluang yg sebaik2nya ni, buat la semua benda yg perlu dibuat, kang kalau irina balik, nak cukur b*lu ahemm-ahem pun tak sempat...ekekek...

11:43 AM  
Anonymous xura said...

lama jugak irina tinggal kat kg. wah, bertambah manja lah irina, maklumlah dok ngan tokmak + tokbak, mesti baik punye layan!

hmm.. ape lg, time ni lah nk layan diri sendiri pulak... berhnymn tetiap ari lah nmpknye! :)

tp sedih jugak kan bila t'ingat anak. zura x prnh pisah ngan aiman lg. x tau camne kalo x jumpe dia sehari..

12:48 PM  
Blogger mommamia said...

Noha:hahaha!bulu ehem2?aku tau tu,mmg pun!bila ada anak ni nak urus diri pun payah,kadang2 potong kuku pun bertangguh bkn apa kang kita sibuk potong kuku,yg anak sibuk nakkan nail clipper tu-ko camne nak tinggalkan anak,mak ko keje lg,lain la mak aku mmg sentiasa ada kat umah so no halnya!

Zura:2 minggu tinggal sana,mar rindu kat dia smpi dah termimpi2,tak sabar2 nak blk jumaat ni tgk dia,mmg manja la,tiap2 hari tokbak bwk jln2..blk kl tak merasa la irina jln tiap2 ari huhu

10:24 AM  
Blogger Hot Mama said...

glad to hear that Irina is getting better. Sure miss giler kat Irinakan. Anyway take care hope everything will be ok.

3:27 PM  

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