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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Lots of things happened lately. Good news, bad news, personal matters, working life. All come in a shot and really need to be juggled up wisely and steadily.


Where to start? Ok with the good news first. The good news is Irina is now in Muar, recuperating from all the sicknesses and under a very good care of her tokmak and tokbak. Good for her to stay in kampong for a while and been away from the nasty-polluted environment of KL city. She’s now almost 100% back to her normal healthy stage; gear up every single min from morning to night, thus boost up tokmak n tokbak’s day too. My mak and abah need a lot of exercise, and I give them ‘something’ to work out on.

On top of that, half of myself feel very empty, unfilled somewhere.. my day seems incomplete...yupp..i’m soo missing my little irina..very very much. No toys scatter on the floor, no food splat on the sofa, nobody to cry and scream and nag over snacks I hide on the fridge, no sleepless night, no poo poo smell and the very obvious thing is nobody to call me mommy and hubby,abah..huhu..our house has been very quiet and gloomy...my morning working days? I have enough time to ironed my dress properly, do my hair and make up nicely, nibble on my nails think of what dress/shoes to wear and even tidy-up the house before I leave ...I’m used to look like Lynette before and not like a school teacher, but I am now. Nobody to wave at me when I’m making my journey to office and I feel so lonely while driving. . I’m really not used of the situation and having a cultural shock here.

Well, on the other hand, it’s a bit relief and relax for both me n hubby as we’ve been missing this moment for a couple of years, or should I quote since we have irina. So a few things on plan for the next 2 weeks to maximum utilize the golden moment of only two of us is something really good to get heh?a visit to dentist, facial treatment, hair trim, shopping, mamak at 12midnite, lepak Naili’s, P.Hollywood live band, karaoke whoaaa mommy has gone too much la deyy!heheh nope..nope ,the top priority is to see dentist to for scaling purpose and facial treatment and also hair trim, the rest depends on mood (esp hubby’s mood!), time availability and financial situation.

It’s not to say that I couldn’t do all this if irina is around, it is just the matter of practicality. Imagine the dentist fix my teeth with all the scary tools and machine and irina together in the room nag her mommy around? Or irina with me in the saloon playing with hair blower while I’m having a haircut?so I must grab this chance to do whatever necessary things conveniently without the babe around. I also noticed that I conserve a lot of time before making a trip out, and less headache too. No nursery bag stuffed with bottles, milk, drink container, baby biscuit, diapers, handkerchief, pacifier, Elmo bla bla hanging on me and forget about changing the diaper with the babe struggling very hard not to be wrapped. I just dressed up, grab my handbag and go out. Simple. Senang. Hanya berlenggang kangkong shj. Oh oh and the house has been at its utmost well-kept. Lantai tak melekit, furniture is in proper condition and everything looks like making sense.

That’s what I’ve been experienced for the past 3 days. But I still miss irina very2 much. Both me and hubby really feel the absence of her everywhere..everytime. I called mak everyday to get update on her. She sounds happy and playful. She learned how to do bird’s sound, imitate dog’s bark and also cat’s meow. She’s manja too and always get to follow tokbak and tokmak anywhere they go. Pagi ni ikut tokmak pergi kedai kain. Kemain sakan lagi dia kan?

Monday, June 19, 2006

untuk bapak2 sekalian..

to my dearest abah..

Before I was myself you made me,
with love and passion, discipline and tears,
Then bit by bit stepped back to set me free,
with your pray and bless, u let me sail upon my sea..
u sacrifice a lot to our family,
no amount of money could pay things u've done,
u are the source of strength,
A teacher and a guide,
The one our family looks up to
With loving trust and pride...
u r a helper with a willing hand to lend,
A partner, an adviser..and the finest kind of friend (look at the pic above,my abah 'cute' kan?hihi)
abah..u r the greatest abah ever,
Thanks for all the support and love, you are priceless!

and to the abah of my baby..

u r such a great dad to irina,
u r the saviour to the little princess when her mommy evolved to lioness..
u r her knight in shining armour when mommy feel like devouring her..
u r her champion when u hold her high off the ground,
u r the terrors of the night when she awakens in frantic,
and comfort her by telling that everything is allright..
u r her true superhero on whom her life depends..
she loves and adores u the way u are

dear, i believe u could be a role model to our kid(s)..

Happy Father's day bapak2 sekalian!

p/s:mak, i love u too much much..more than words can say..

Friday, June 16, 2006

The trip was ok,the vacation was ok,the people was nice , the place was great,everything was doing fine in t'ganu but not for the babe..not for her mommy's feeling..after the diarrhea case, irina kena lelah pulak..lps satu,satu kan?i think the looong journey of kl-t'ganu-kl is something really not good for my baby's condition,tambahan lagi dgn irina yg tak sihat sgt, cirit birit la, then selsema n batuk sikit2..haishh...who to be blamed?blame la sesapa yg berkenaan yg lmbt sgt nak siapkan highway pantai timur..i wish highway from karak to kuantan tu bersambung terus sampai KT,so taklah penat sgt..looooooong journey+ hot ambient weather + full blast of car's air-cond was such a bad condition!hah!plus the dust and the cat's fur, cukuplah elemen2 nak membuatkan irina kena lelah-she started wheezing on our way back to kuala lumpur last wednesday, pity my little irina..and that nite she couldn't slept well, she cough and cough like bursting her chest out!so yesterday i was on emergency leave. We brought her to the clinic and doc said that irina kena mild asthma..siap kena ambik gas (i forgot what they called it in medical term) utk cairkan kahak dia..too much phlegm inside her lung..today,she's getting better but still tak sembuh sepenuhnya..
aku mmg takde dugaan besar dlm hidup ni-my marriage alhamdulillah so far ok, family ok,financial pun ok(taklah mewah tp bolehla nak hidup)...tp satu je dugaan yg selalu mengundang..iaitu irina selalu sakit..hubby n i pasrah n both of us akan terus berusaha for the sake of our little babe iman irina..

p/s: i pray very hard that after this no more entry pasal irina sakit,cukuplah..insyaAllah..

Friday, June 09, 2006

Irina tak sihat..dia kena diarrhoea-dah 2 mlm mommy pun tido tak nyenyak..last nite even worst than the nite before...she cried n cried till abah n mommy tak tau nak buat apa dah..rasanya irina sakit perut memulas sakit tu dtg lps dia abis minum susu..after 1 hr minum susu tetiba dia akan menangis meraung2 sambil tertonggeng dan berguling2,then dia akan membuang air besar,bkn mcm normal tp yg version cirit birit..lps dah membuang tu baru dia akan rasa lega n bermain semula-semlm ptg, lps ambik irina kat nursery terus gi clinic n told the doc of the symptom..nak kata dia lactose intolerance, dia minum isomil, soya-based punya susu,meaning takde lactose mcm susu lembu..ntah mana silapnya lps minum susu sakit perut-nak kata pemknan, dia hanya akan cirit birit lps minum susu tp tidak lps mkn..meaning perut dia boleh tolerate ng mknan..so doc suruh check expiry date susu,mana tau ntah2 susu dah expired..tp ok lg susu tu,lama lg nak expired 2008 tu!

haishhh..what's wrong with the babe?nak sedapkan hati beli gak susu tin baru n doc kasik ubat thn sakit perut..so mlm dia mkn, still ok..takde tanda2 sakit perut..bermain,ketawa2..then dia nak susu..hati berdebar nak kasi ni tp dah anak tu nangis2 nak..sedapkan hati sendiri, takpe la susu baru beli then kasik mkn ubat lg,maybe ok kot..tp sejam lps tu irina start nangis sakit perut,tertonggeng2..ya rabbi,sian sgt tgk..masa ni dah start pack2 brg dia, ingat nak bwk gi spital mlm tu jugak..masa tu pkl 12.30tgh mlm..dahla esoknya tu(pagi td) ada seminar kat JKR, gosh..dlm hati dah merangka2 ayat nak ckp ng boss takleh attend sbb anak tak sihat..then 10min lps tu,irina senyap (meaning dah ber*k la tu) so dia dah rasa lega..pastu ketawa2 n bermain2 spt biasa..nak bwk gi spital pun pikir 2kali dah masa ni,takut doc tak percaya irina sakit..so tak jadi pergi sbb lps basuh irina pun tido dgn nyenyaknya..

pagi td masa seminar ngantuk sgt,tersengguk2..my colleague membebel hapa kat dpn pun tak dgr dah..tak concentrate..ngantuk + hati yg asyik teringatkan anak kat nursery,really la,kalau la takde seminar ni mesti dah ambik leave..so lps ni tak sabar nak blk n fetch irina kat nursery n we plan to bring her to specialist kalau keadaan dia masih sama..hah pagi td hubby berjaya cari susu bebelac FL,susu ni khas utk cirit birit then hubby hantar susu kat nursery..harap2 ad perubahan..

so,happy weekend ppl,really look fwd for tmrw sbb i'll be on leave for 3 days!(till wednesday)sbb nak blk t'ganu- pls pray for irina's condition,harap2 bila tukar angin kampung dia akan kembali sihat..so take care ppl!

The Lovely Dinner..

Location: San Francisco Steak House, The Summit
Date: 1st June,2006; 9.00 pm
Occasion: 2nd Wedding Anniversary dinner for Mr & Mrs R.A
Food Rating: ***/***** (Recommended but i still prefer Victoria Station)
Service: ****/*****
Price: not bad..as long as it's not a lobster..

Honey dew juice with lychee for hubby, a cup of hot choc for the sick (not sickening eh)mrs r.a(demam masa ni)

Shark fin soup with crab meat..again for the sick mommy..(VS's sharkfin soup tasted better)

black pepper steak for the hubby..his all time fav, pegi la mkn kat mana2 pun hatta di uptown sekalipun (steven's black pepper steak)

full plate of cheeseburger for the sick mommy..n it was 3 quarterly eaten by the sick mommy(sounded not really sick rite?)

when we made our way back home, the waiter at the main entrance passed this flower to hubby and said.."specially for your girlfriend"..so now u know why i rated the service as 4 star rite?hihi

Monday, June 05, 2006

Once Upon a Time..

I'm supposed to blog about my dating time with hubby on our 2nd anniversary,but due to time constraint and fever attack, i only managed to write bout it today..afterall i'm still in the 'honeymoon' mood(ciwah iyer la tu),bak kata HM, love is in the air hihi-so how i met this guy of mine?

back to years 1997,i was in my 2nd year a-level programme and masa ni zaman frust menonggeng for my batch when we knew that JPA was not able to sponsor us of studying abroad due to economic turmoil.So sbb frust we all pun buang notes buku sume taknak study utk a-level n hanya berhibur shj cthnya like a bunch of my fren tiap2 mlm pegi cybercafe chatting (masa ni internet baru popular n ramai gila chatting...so my fren chat ng this mamat yg kebetulan baru blk m'sia abis study n sdg mengusahakan tanaman anggur dibelakang rumah-this mamat very popular among my frens sbb dia rajin lyn my frens(5 org semuanya) ni..bwk mkn la, bwk jln2..keta dia tu dia je sorang laki kat belakang penuh girls ie my frens..mmg betul takde kejekan?so during this time i barely knew him, just knew his name n kalau jumpa pun just said hi-this mamat very closed to my bestfren, so he always sms-ed my fren thru my handphone..so dr sini la tak semena2 we became closed..jadi rapat sbb we are in the same wavelength, dia suka buat lawak n i kaki ketawa merabak, he's smart n even dia mcm kebudak2an sbb suka lyn kitaorg yg masih budak2 masa tu tp bila bab serius dia akan serius n matured, selalu nasihatkan kitaorg supaya study..tp sebenarnya the most attractive part kat dia masa tu ialah dia berambut pjg(konon cool la) but masa tu my taste mmg guy rambut pjg,i like!

so sejak we all rapat, kluar pun berdua2 je..curi2 pulak tu!bkn apa sbb my frens yg 5 org lg tu mmg rapat ng dia, takut kalau yg lain tau nnti kecil ati tak bwk diaorg...our 1st dating ialah piala malaysia 1998 kat stadium bkt jalil; t'ganu vs perak hihi,good reason betul nak ajak datingkan?mlm tu tak semena2 i menjadi t'ganuian hihi, tak pernah2 la nak minat bola boleh plak lyn kat stadium, nak ambik ati punya psl..t'ganu kalah mlm tu, penat je jd tukang sorak!-too much memories masa awal2 bercinta tu,he came all the way from cheras to shah alam semata2 ajak teman dia mkn ais krim, tgk car race kat bt tiga shah alam..hah tmpt berdating ialah ss15 maple (kedai abg sahak)ada lg kedai ni, restoran ravi (dpn sunway hotel)tak sure ada lg ke tak,klcc, modesto's (yg ni totally gone), ampang point..huha huha jugak,but my man ni byk tlg i psl study,we all ambik course yg sama n dia pun dah bekerja masa tu,so masa dating tu kdg2 bwkla buku or tutorial yg mana2 tak reti nak buat then dia la yg tlg ajarkan..i bengap subject thermodynamics n this man of mine helped me a lot on this subject!so basically seronok jugak bercinta dgn org yg sama course apatah lg dia dah abis study n berpengalaman,ok sgt2la!selain drpd moral support,si boifren ni byk gak berabis duit utk girlfren dia yg tgh belajar ni hah, c.card supplementary pun ada tau hihi

since 1998-2004, there's a lot of ups and downs in our r'ship..tp alhamdulillah sampai juga seru we all berkahwin..our engagement was on 3rd jan 04 and we married on 29th May 04 masa i berumur 26yrs old and hubby 30yrs old..so dear The Almighty, let both of us stay together, may happiness and barakah always be in our household, bless this relationship with a few of our 'miniature' popping out and may this marriage will last longer till death do us apart...amin..