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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kani, saya sayang kamu!

I never have any close-bonded r'ship with any other community races, not to say that I’m a racist, but the opportunity is always very limited-my closed friends are always among malays, since primary school all the way to uni times. But the excuse is accepted; there’s only malay student enrolled sains muar during my study batch,and my uni times?i was studied in UiTM so what do you expect ….acceptable rite?

So when I start working then only I get the chance to mix and mingle with a different community ie Chinese and Indian, whereas the company I’m working rite now is a foreign company which hired 90% non-bumi staff, and sad to say there’s only 5 bumis out of 30+ workers! eventually I used to adapt myself with the working environment and I love all my colleagues here (accept a few ppl who like to b kiasu n backstab ppl for their own benefit,hah pencuri pun ada kat office ni,and sory to say they are malays!go to hell you jerky damn*ss! memalukan bangsa melayu n menjatuhkan maruh pompuan bertudung, gua emo lak)

ok ok that’s not my point, what I’m trying to say is I have a good friend here,a very very good buddy which comfortable to b with, she’s my colleague and she’s not a malay…Kani; she’s the nicest Indian lady I’ve ever known in my entire life!and she’s pretty too!she’s generous and a true friend that I can rely on tak kira susah or sng. How I can get along with her very well?we have the same background story, we have the same principle in life, we share problems, we share the same interest, we listen to the same song, we watch the same movie, we read the same book and we even have same taste and expectation towards our man! that’s the thing that draw us closer day by day regardless the differ in culture and faith we are practicing-masa kecik2 Kani read Enid Blyton books, so did I, kani watched Badul movie,so did I, kani listened to ramlah ram, zaiton sameon and gersang song,so did I (kani even adore zaiton sameon’s hair!), kani loves soupy meal, so do I, kani hates kiasu C so do I, ala sng cite byk yg sama la!Sounds like she’s not so typical rite, mmg mcm melayu.

we always went out and spend time together whenever we can, i even dragged her to watch that Indonesian movie ‘my heart’ and even the movie sucks big time (adeh..barah otak tgk cite ni), kani still enjoyed it (enjoy mengutuk), she’s also my partner in crime,kalau tetiba kitaorg rasa fed up n tension dgn officework, both of us dgn selamba ponteng kerja dan berjln2 di shopping complex sambil shopping n makan2.. sooo..u know what kani did to me on my b’day?she did something that surprise me verrrryy well!she gave me present which I like it much and she bought it together with me without me knowing that the thing is gonna be mine!so good of her in throwing me surprisekan?sweeeeet lah!rasa mcm dpt hadiah dr boifren plak!

actually she bought this a few weeks back, dimana masa tu kitaorg merayap2 kat shopping complex and suddenly kani pergi kat section jewelry-then she asked my opinion and she kelentong me that she wants to buy it for her sister. So I chose according to my taste la, siap pakai lagi bergaya dpn cermin, and mmg aku suka sangat the set but it quite costy! So dah ckp dlm hati later when I have extra budget I’m going to grab this!

So I eventually forget bout the jewelry till on my birthday when kani dropped me in front of my house she passed me the box and wished me birthday. On the way to my door, I goncang2 the box, tried to guess what’s inside..hmm I thought it was a photo frame when suddenly I unwrapped the box and I saw..oh my gosh!it’s the jewelry box!!and the jewelry that I love so much is inside it!!it belongs to me now!i don’t have to buy it!woohoo! really I was in teary-eyed that time,I smsed and called kani and I choked when I talked to her. I never get such surprises like this from a friend and kani..u did it very well!u managed to surprise me,i was so shocked and i was in tears! To my true friend, thanks very much for the present, it’s not the price that matter, but the value of this friendship is the most that I treasure, thanks kani!luv ya!

i'm loving it!


Anonymous xura said...

dah pakai ke set tu???... :)

btw, nk cari kawan baik ni x semestinye sama bangsa je. yg penting hatinye baik!

hope both of u still be fren forever...

11:55 AM  
Blogger mommamia said...

blom pakai lagi,cam takde function yg sesuai lak nak pakai,nak pakai gi keje cam over la plak hihi-betul tu zura..tak kira la apa bangsa pun yg penting ati baik n ikhlas..

2:05 PM  
Blogger julia_B said...

biler le aku nak jumpe kawan
cam tuh...

9:45 AM  
Blogger mommamia said...

bestkan, tu la janji ikhlas hati baik tak poyo sure boleh ngam punya, duit ke material tu sume secondary..

9:29 AM  

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