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Thursday, October 05, 2006

this is irina's entry

hi,my name is iman irina. Now is a fasting month. Mommy and abah can't eat during day time, but they still feed me bcoz i like to eat n i'm constantly hungry. I had a full plate of rice with chicken soup just now n now i'm craving for titbits but mommy dont want to layan me bcoz she's afraid that my stomach will explode, so i just bite on my nails waiting for buka puasa time..

We went to Pizza Hut to buka puasa there, i'm now a big girl, i dont want mommy to feed me, i want to eat by my own, i want my own plate, spoon, glass and anything that big people could have. I ate pizza with mushroom soup poured on my plate and i dipped the bread into it nyumm nyumm
i still had'nt got enough with mushroom soup n this time i decided to cry out loud so mommy would give me the soup bowl and my mission accomplished!i managed to spoonfeed myself and sipped on the soup without mommy's help,and even mommy's face already look like lioness, i just kept on enjoying sipping on my soup,tak takuuut,tak takuuut..

this scene was at home during buka puasa, still i dont want mommy to suap me,i want to eat by my own,even the rice was dropping more on the table instead of landing inside my mouth,but i still enjoyed my makan session, and i was more joyful to see 'kecah2' that i made, the more 'kecah' the bettah..(pesanan dr mommy:sila abaikan rupa dapur yg sgtla spt kapal pecah itu,sekian terima kasih)

suddenly mommy decided that "enough is enough!" and took away my plate, i was not happy since i cant sepah the table anymore, but luckily i have spoon in my hand n i decided to spoon abah all the lauk pauk on the table and put it into his plate..oh oh i also remember mommy said that my stomach is already looks like tokbak's stomach and seems like it's gonna explode soon and so i need to stop eating..

whateva it is, i'm a big girl now n i enjoy doing new things,and even mommy always evolved being a lioness and want to devaour me, but i love my mommy vewwy much,n my abah too, happy!happy!


Blogger XuRa@NurKasih said...

from aiman to irina: abah irina still releks je kat sblh ekk???... sama cam papa aiman. mama je yg x sporting, asyik2 nk jd singa!

irina ni mmg blh jd girl aiman lah. x kisah pun kalo mama ambik pinggan, sudu kn ade. jd blh ketuk2 lauk, sendukkn papa. jgn kacau mama sbb dia dh mula klr taring. papa, x pe sbb dia ni mmg cool..

tips aiman, kalo agak2 mama dh start nk mengamuk, cpt2 pretend nangis tau! nnt mama mesti kesian kat kitaa... caye lah ckp aiman nihh! ;)

10:23 AM  
Blogger mommy@lif said...

bisik kat irina: takpe irina, dahlepas buat kecak, hug mama , kiss mama sure dia cairrrrr!

hahahaha she's so cute (& chubby ) too! toddlers memang trouble maker FULL TIME :P

5:04 PM  
Blogger Hot Mama said...

eh cute laa irina! can't wait for baby Aidan to grow that big..

12:23 PM  
Blogger julia_B said...

anak aku pon
suka camtuh..
time makan mestinak makan sendiri..
habis lantai aku kena lap...
abih tu dia pon sama sibuk mengelap..

geram tak boleh nak cakap....
tapi kalo dimarah nnt....
terbantut lak kreativiti dia..
so aku biau jer....

4:24 PM  
Blogger mommamia said...

Zura: hi aiman,this is iman irina, papa aiman ngan abah irina sama la,they are cool adults!tp mommy n mama garangkan?tp mcm aiman ckp kita ada weapon,sng je nak pakai weapon kita,bukak mulut besar2,pastu nangis n jerit kuat2,mesti kita menangkan aiman kan?eh aiman ng iman,nama dekat2lah!

mommyaliff:irina dah buat kecah,pastu dia buat muka kesian bila i mrh,pastu dia peluk kaki i hihi,masa ni rasa kesian ada,nak ketwa pun ada,mmg tak jadik nak mrh-dia chubbykan?kuat mkn tu!

hotmama:mmg seronok stage ni,tp penaaaat!i pulak rindu zaman irina sebesar aidan,dia bergolek je kat dpn tv tak pandai buat apa2 so i tak penat hihi!

Julia:heheh sama la tu anak2 kita,dia sepahkan dah satu hal,pastu kita mop lantai dia pun sibuk nak mop gak,mmg geram ek?aku pun skang ni buat2 pejam mata tak nampak je laa..nak sepah pun sepahla,dia tido nnti baru kemas,kalu tak asik nak kena mengemas je la,kita pun tak dpt nak rehat..

10:59 AM  
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