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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I have big concern regarding irina's eating habit. She eats a lot and sometimes she just cant stop chewing. Usually she will have her dinner around 7.30pm, and around 9pm when it is time for abah n mommy to have dinner, she will menyelit in between and asking for her own meal,and nope..it's not she saja2 nak main,she really eat the meal,enjoy every bit and pieces of it..gosh.. i mean after a full plate of rice (i'm not exaggerating, it's really a full plate) at 7.30, she still can take heavy meal 1.5hrs after that,arghhh..this is scary k, scare the hell out of me!

is this normal?i dont know, a lot of my friends adore irina when they see her dig on her food, she is not a pick-eater and she has great appetite, she can eat pedas food, she eats most of the food that us adult eat, not like my fren's cases or my sis's which very hard to feed the daughter, kena pujuk, kena paksa,itu pun mkn 3-4 sudu nasik,that's it. but i dont really like the idea of irina eats a lot..i'm scared she will turn out to be a chubby girl bila dah besar,chubby boleh thn lg tp jgn obese and even now i'm worry bout her roundish stomach, really roundish i tell u..montellll
and selalu la org akan ckp 'bestnya mar anak kau sng nak mkn, anak aku kena paksa mkn smpi menangis2 ..hoh really contra,irina menangis2 sbb kena marah asik nak mkn!

i dont mind she eats a lot during every meal, but what i concern most is she likes to nibble in between the meal,like lunch dah mkn nasi sepinggan, then in between ada biskut and snacks, then around 5 she insists to have soup (instant mushroom soup) and usually it is not a plain soup, must be with roti or macaroni, then it's dinner time nasik sepinggan, and sementara tunggu nak tido mkn biskut or keropok or chocolate..haihhh,penuh jadual mkn irina kan?a few nights back, irina menangis kena mrh ng mommy sbb she insists to have her biskut mentega at 12 midnite!if u guys manage to come to my house, dont get shock if u see tin biscuit under the bed, kena sorok!i told my mom bout this ans it seems like she concern bout it too..risau tokmak tgk cucu dia yg sorang ni kuat mkn, tokmak ask me to plan her meal, like kurangkan nasi n lebihkan sayur n lauk pauk, and her snack must be a non-fat snack,junk food is totally a no-no and instead of biskut or manis-manisan,let her bite on fruits for her snack time!hah mcm org tua berdietkan?but i think it makes sense..

mommies,any opinion regarding this?

in a mean time,just browse thru the pics that i attached, i godek2 my handphone just now to only realised that there's so many pics of irina tgh mkn, ngapp ngapp ngappp!

enjoying a hot-tasty big ikea's currypuff while having an ice cream (it's big

mkn ice cream pulak..

mkn mango hingga teruja, eat till the last bit sampai tinggal biji

to finish eating setongkol jagung rebus is nothing to irina

ice-cream,no sharing pls!see that perut bulat

nibble on hash brown inside the car

fries utk mengalas perut

mommy, i want my teddy bear biscuit, lollipop tak kenyang!
my anak dara montel kan?


Anonymous xura said...

aiman x mcm irina. mkn ikut mood. kalo pi jln2, dia lapar, dia mkn byk. kalo x, mkn main2 je. tp susu mmg byk.

elok jugak dietkn irina sbb skrg ni byk sgt bdk2 yg obes, ended up kecik2 dh kena diabetis.

tp seronok lah tgk dia mkn. jagung bsr gitu blh abiskn! caya lah irina! :)

5:50 PM  
Blogger MAMAMIA said...

For someone who eats a lot, Irina tak ada nampak gemuk sangat.

Betul kata your mum, get her to nibble on fruits. Kadang2 kids suka makan when they have nothing else to do. Try to keep her occupied with activities like drawing, painting, reading etc. Anak2 akak susah nak makan, banyak sangat main, sampai lupa nak makan. Masalah jugak...

10:01 AM  
Blogger Nomee said...

Setuju ngan mamamia. Irina takde la nampak montel sangat. Metobolisma bagus ni.

10:39 AM  
Blogger Aidan's Mommy said...

I'm so so jeolous with Irina.. makan banyak pun tak gemuk. hahaha!!!

Its a good thing that she is not a picky eater unlikes other babyies. aidan pun tengok mood nak makan aper...

Senang nak bawak irina jalan-jalan kan wihtout thinking kena bawak special food ke apa..

12:15 PM  
Blogger mommamia said...

zura:mmg mar plan nak dietkan dia,risau dah ni-dah terbalik pulak aiman ng irina,patutnya boy mkn byk girl mkn sket,ni the other way round pulak!

mamamia:how i wish my daughter to b like yours,main sampai lupa nk mkn,irina makan sampai lupa nak main!hihi-u r right sis,need to occupy her time so that she will forget bout food

nomee:hi nomee,thanks for dropping by,mayb tak montel sgt but i risau tgk tummy dia, bulattt sgt

aidan's mommy:bak kata nomee,metabolisme rate dia tinggi kot hihi,but i still need to control her,i taknak dia montel bila sekolah nnti-skang mmg sng bwk dia pegi jln2,i dont have to prepare for her own food,enough to order 1 plate of kueh tiau cantonese,mommy n daughter dua2 kenyang hihi

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lu takdak kerja ke beb?

2:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

eating habits dia..
bole tahan gak...

tapi kids mmg camtu tak..
bior lah dia enjoy..
merasa semua mknn....
cuma junk food...ice cream

tak le gemukks sgt irina..
yapp maybe kadar metabolisme dia
tinggi kot!!

anak aku lak susah nak mkn....
ikut mood....
susu pon sussah....
sekarang OK dah nak makan...

4:13 PM  
Blogger mommamia said...

anon:gua free sket arini beb,lu jgn la jeles buwekkkk!

Ju:hah,aku ckp dah,rata2 problem anak susah nk mkn,irina jer terbalik, terlalu obses dgn mknan!dia tak gemuk tp montel,bdn dia mmg tough!hihi,nak dokong tak larat,besides metabolisme rate tinggi,mayb sbb dia pun active kot

5:44 PM  
Blogger Wan Faziatul Amira said...

mommamia: irina tak gemuk pun.. actually dun nworry, for my case, i mean experience.. my sister mase kecik dulu, kuat makan yang kuat makan, ubi + telur + ayam tu tiap2 hari.. and she really eats, bile nak beli baju tak penahnye ade saiz die, kene carik untuk orang besar punyer saiz, and i dunno wat happen, when she turns 14, mak aii kurus.. and ramai orang she is pretty.. and i think it is true.. so tak yah takut.. budak kecik kbiar je die makan sementara ade selera

3:00 AM  
Blogger mommamia said...

wan:hi wan,thanks for dropping by n thanks for the advice-ur sister's case sama la ng i punya kes,dulu masa childhood time i kuat mkn tp i kurus melidi,but now jgn harap la i nak kurus melidi even mkn byk,confirm kembang setaman!mayb irina dpt habit ni dr i,my mom slalu ckp 'apa nak heran sgt,dah mak dia kuat mkn,anak pun sama lah'!'I really hope irina takkan terus memontel even dia mkn byk huhu

1:55 PM  
Blogger Aidan's Mommy said...

aik, bila tukar new template nie... cool! refreshing and teraaannngggg...hehehe

3:37 PM  
Blogger mommamia said...

last friday tukar,i tak busy sgt masa tu so i godek2 la blog setting i,suka ke?hihi tq!boring dah yg dulu tu kan,i pun tak tahan dah tgk hihi

5:55 PM  

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