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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

mommies' gathering

Saturday 25th August 2007, mutiara damansara, 4pm

Another mommies' gathering, this time around at dotty's place in conjuction with her cutie aidan's birthday party bash-enough to say that everything was cool;from the food to the party decorations and also the crowd. Fabulous!

Dotty and husband played a good host, ramah tamah mesra alam sgt even that was our 1st met, and dont let me start talking on the other mommies; Rafiqah, Eiseai aka Nina & Mommyalif, they are all very nice and friendly, and i didnt feel awkward at all be in a group of ppl yg tak pernah berjumpa dan hanya kenal thru blogging world tp masing2 can get along well. Frankly speaking i was kinda worried at first, hubby kept on throwing question 'all of you never meet each other personally so how are u gonna mingle aroud la?' erkk..mmg takut mula2, butttt..it turned up to b verry ok and i shud thank this blogging world for giving me this opportunity to know some of you out there, yupp, this is the power of blogging world! lazydaisy was also there but i felt ralat sbb tak berkesempatan jumpa emir's mommy, nevermind maybe next time InsyaAllah..

the kids were also enjoying themselves that day. Reading dotty's entry on her final preparation and tiup all the balloons by herself, yupp dotty, i'm so agree with u bout the importance of having so many balloons for b'day celebration, sbb belon lah anak2 semua mingled very well dan bermain2 keriangan!tak percaya?

ashraff (raf's), amir (nina's), irina and the other kids played with the ballon.

the two macho boy; amir and ashraff again with the balloons

irina yg dah naik comot with amir yg memegang belon dgn machonya hihi

Dotty, thanks again for inviting us, it was such a great party, i'm glad that i made it to the party that day and met with U n the other mommies, oh and for cutie aidan, again auntie mar nak wish 'happy belated b'day cutie!'
terima kasih daun keladi ya!


Blogger Aidan's Mommy said...

Mar! thank you for coming...
So glad you and family could make it! At last dapat jumpa Irina.. nak suruh dia lipat baju tak sempat hari tuu.. Bila lagi yer? hahah

Tuulaa i so like the idea of blogging..now i have lotsa mommies friends..and Aidan pun banyak fren.
Let us all thank www.blogger.com

Ibu Emir came late that day.. Emir is such a cute boy.. Sayang tak sempat jumpa!

11:39 AM  
Blogger mommamia said...

welcome dotty,i pun happy dpt jumpa u at last!kalau tak we only communicate thru blogging je kan-betul apa u ckp, bukan mommy2 je dpt kwn baru,anak2 pun sama dpt geng baru!hihi

2:37 PM  
Blogger eiseai said...

eeee...geram tengok rambut irina. i called her irdina...hehehe, so we're both guilty of calling wrong names. ish malu nya tengok anakku itu dengan ke-takmaluan-nya!!

5:03 PM  
Blogger mommamia said...

eiseai,i pening tgk rqambut irina terjongket sana sini,i geram gak,geram nak potong!!lnsg taknak ikat rambut-amir mmg friendly,h really knows how to socialize,i adore dia sgt!

6:26 PM  

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