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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another wonderful entry

again..ketinggalan gerabak keretapi..another weekend is coming but here i am feeling hati berbunga to post bout my last weekend activity. Why bother to post la,mayb some of u will say oit cite dah basi..but as for me, my heart still blooming and ceria thinking bout my splendid weekend or shall i say aktiviti jejak kasih di hujung minggu heheh-so now u know the answer for my last question in the previous entry rite?another blissful weekend hihi

Saturday:18th August 07

for the 1st time after more than 1 year knowing zura only in cyber world, i managed to meet her last saturday!live!face to face heheh- million thanks to noha for being so determined making us meet up together, thanks sbb sanggup fetch aku kt rumah and thanks for making it real!love u la babeh!heheh

aiman, zura n noha

us at midvalley,megamall with the kids (zura, me,irina,aiman, nurin n noha)

anak-anak:irina, handsome aiman (future hearthrob) and adorable nurin salma-we are so happy that the kids get along together
perut timbunan yg tidak terbendung walaupun bergambar bersebelahan jejaka hensem,fail..fail..
even it was quite a short gathering, i was happy and satisfied,dpt jugak jumpa zura n family,selama ni kenal thru blogging world jer,may this friendship remain forever!

another jejak kasih session,after the meet up ni midvalley, i went to kelab darul ehsan, taman TAR Ampang for muhammad naaqueib, izan's son birthday celebration -izan, she used to be my partner in crime during colleage years, we used to hang out together, clubhopping together, shared all the joy and be together during those heartbroken moment..i lost contact with her when we finished a-level programme, then only last year izan managed to track my no and we start to contact each other again
so last weekend was my 1st meeting with her after 8 years tak jumpa gosh!i miss her!she is still looking great and vogue like she used to be masa zaman anak dara even now she already has 2 boys and conceiving a third baby!hoh!how she changed hihi,i mean dulu sikit punya kepala giler huhahuha sana sini but now she's a great mom of 2, running her own busines and i could tell that she's earning well, having a good husband and she's in a process of expanding her family after 2 consecutive years beranak dan beranak and she still looks gorgeous!gosh..what else a woman could ask for more?

we arrived there quite late,the party was at 3-6pm but we arrived at 5,ok la janji jumpa

irina was busy playing and eating on the stage with the other kids

me, izan a three mth preggy and heavily pregnant kak gee,apehal muka aku mcm pelantar minyak ni?

we ibuk-ibuk busy sharing our mother life stories
besides being thankful to god for giving me another good weekend and all those nice meet ups, i shall thank Him for giving me such a sporting husband yg sanggup melayankan minggu jejak kasih isterinya ini..disamping dgn berjayanya menjadi jurufoto tak bertauliah,thanks sayang!
another mommies meeting this coming weekend, i cant wait!


Blogger rafiqaheliza said...

I'm coming to Aidan's party, insyaAllah...I'll c u then, ok? Gabra pun ada bila nak jumpa secara live ni..hehe..

6:53 PM  
Anonymous xura said...

at last, dpt gak kita jumpe kan???.. br 1st time jumpe, tp rase cam dh kenal lama. suke ng irina yg selamba je, x takut ng org. irina cam bdk besar.

hopefully that was not the 1st n the last. thanx to noha. :)

12:07 PM  
Blogger Ibu Emir said...

are u going to aidan's party?? we shall meet then.. hehe

1:28 AM  
Blogger noha chomel said...

eheheh...aku pun baru je update blog mar...huiishh...dah dekat 2 minggu, bukan setakat citer dah basi, kalau nasi tu dah tak rupa apa2 pun...tak kisah la kan, janji update! :)

eh...kem slsm kat MR RA eh, sporting betul! best...best!

2:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

aku baru tengok blog kau..gemok nya aku...

11:33 PM  

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