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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Embracing the final days..

Tell me I’m still normal after u read this.

I’m approaching my 36 weeks and I’m sooo can’t wait to give birth. Cant wait,cant wait,cant wait. I’m getting so impatient nowadays. Why u asked me?

- Sleepless night due to cramp di sana sini

- Terrible backache (mcm pinggang kena karate)

- Shortness of breath

- Braxton hicks

- Heaviness & bloatiness

- Frequent visit to the toilet (letih,tatkala jalan pun dah terhempap2)

- Pelvic pressure (beberapa kali percubaan nak terkencing didlm seluar tetapi telah berjaya dikawal)

- Swollen and numbness of legs and hands here n there

- Ketiak kehitaman (kenapakah perlu aku menghebohkan ini?)

- Leher kehitaman

- My weight sudah di tahap yg menakutkan, I’m almost 70kgs now, I already gained 20kgs and mind to tell u I haven’t reached the full term yet, if I am to give birth at 40weeks, komfem lah akan membesar sebagai johan, sng2lah 76kilo dlm tangan k,arrghh

- I notice that besides the drawing cabinet, I’m the next bulkiest ‘object’ in my department, and don’t ask me to go to admin dept tmpt amoi2 slim dan seksi itu semua berkumpul, dgn keadaan fizikal yg menyamai sebuah mesin fotostat, terasa diri ini sgt menonjol dan begitu BESAAAAAR

- Speaking of menonjol, my belly button starts to protrude and it looks really ugly and scary. Irina always utter this when she saw my belly-button;" eee pusat mommy dah takde lubang,lubang dia dah hilang!" dgn wajah penuh ketakutan dan kegusaran-and it hurts too.

- Still on the weight issue, due to my current state now whereby walking has started to be a chore,the colleagues start to make fun of it and proposed that security guard to fetch me from the car using the wheelchair and wheeled me to the lift-and to add to the misery, they said it’s better to make the forklift standby at the service lift (used to hoist heavy equipment) in case they need to bring me to the hospital-oh service van pun kena standby jugak sbb diaorg ckp keta tak muat nak sumbat i..wheelchair?service van?FORKLIFT??? hmmppffff..kejammmm!!

- Sbb paling utama ialah I hate feeling helpless. There are so many things I cannot do, and am restricted from doing. Am I incompetent or what?and I miss to pamper irina,miss to carry her,miss to let her sit on my lap and lean against me-I can’t offer that much to her
now (I’m all belly bebeh) dan selalu pula di marahi tatkala mahu menyelit dan bermanja
atas riba mommy,poor my daughter..

But wait a minute, despite all the ongoing sufferings, there are still some other thing left to enjoy - I should enjoy getting all the stares from strangers, I should enjoy the constant wrong guesses made by others about my baby’s gender, I should enjoy the royalty treatment I am getting from people around me and I should enjoy the full and endless support that I get from my hubby, my family and my inlaws.

Yupp,that’s it.

Oh, I should be thankful too. After all, this smooth pregnancy is double the blessing, and I am just thankful to Allah I have made it this far.


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Blogger mamarawks said...

its normal.. sgtla normal nak beranak secepat mungkin... as for me yg baru 18 minggu rasa cam tak sabar nak beranak esok kalau bole.. inikan mak budak yg dah carry big tummy for 36 weeks...

3:07 PM  
Blogger eiseai said...

mar...i also cant wait to deliver, and i'm only 21 weeks along. i feel like i've been pregnant forever.

the belly button bit...somehow all my boys think that the baby is under the belly button. if i put their hand on my tummy to feel the movement, they will always move it to the belly button. ariff pulak suka suki je cucuk pusat ku ini...ish

all the best with your delivery. dekat dah tu :)

3:16 PM  
Blogger dott said...

Mar, you can do it... still have 3/4 more weeks to go..

Altho you are heavilly preggy but you are still one hot sexy mama! you still have your slim body shape...aaauw! :-D

Dulu i had terrible back pain masa preggy, i use deep heat..lega skit rasa..

5:03 PM  
Blogger ainzoo said...

Alah Mar..sabor kan aje la..sekjap je lagi tu..best tul nengok DNA ko dapat diwarisi..huhuhu

8:52 AM  
Blogger NadiahKhair said...

i nih yg baru 20weeks pun dah tergedik nak beranak. lemas la wehh. i know i shud be embracing the joyness sumerrr...tapi ntahlah. i dunt know why i'm not enjoying it one bit.

as for the weight, u still look gorjes babe. mak dah mcm penguin dah eventhough my weight xnaik lagi.

10:51 AM  
Blogger noha chomel said...

sabo mar, kejab je lagi tu, aku pulak yang tak sabar nak melalui semua tu once again...hhmm...

insyaAllah semuanya akan dipermudahkan :)

7:47 AM  
Anonymous lazydaisy said...

halo mar

i bloghop.

imagine when you have to carry twin instead of singleton, berat betul when you are only 16 weeks but look like 21 weeks and people keep on asking when is my due date padahal i baru jee 28 weeks.. hee hee

hang in there :) tak lama lagi je tu, semoga selamat semuanya

phobia la nak pregnant that is why i am soo going to close shop, quota dah cukup.

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sis..naik 20kg?wahhh..gerunnyer...menakutkan..mengerikan..tidak!!mimpi ngeri tu.mmpos aku jap lg..jd blue hippo blk la..kembali ke zaman kegemilangan la ni nnti..aduh..br 8 minggu ni..nk tempoh 30 minggu lg..masak ler...

11:42 AM  
Blogger Ibu Emir said...

u r one cool sexy lady per.. and like u said, alhamdulillah ur pregnancy is smooth and the best thing, baby is healty and doing fine inside there.

have a wonderful last week of pregnancy ya..

9:38 AM  
Blogger XuR@NurK@sih said...

ketiak + leher zura pun hitam, sama mcm mar. tak pe, sabar, sabar... kejap je lagi baby dah nak kuar! :) semoga semuanya selamat...

12:52 PM  
Blogger noha chomel said...

Cogratulations!!! :)

10:32 AM  
Blogger mommamia said...

mamarawks:wah u pun pregnant ya,congrats congrats!18weeks,long journey to go bebeh,all the best!

eiseai:hihi cutenya ur boys cucuk belly button,irina jgnkan nak cucuk,nak tgk pun dia mcm geli huhu-all the best in ur pregnancy sally

Dott:ye ke sexy dott?i tgk seksa ada la huhu-deep heat?need ur tips on this for my next pregnancy(wah dah cerita next pregnancy,overkan i haha)

ainzoo:tu la ain,hope aku pun dpt tgk dna warisan ko lak hihi,go ain go!(bila nak blk msia daa..)

Nadiahkhair:huhu,sabar nad,ada berbls2 minggu u nak kena hadap lg ni,as for me kan,the best part of it is bila i tak payah rasa guilty bab2 mkn,takyah fikir diet sumer,ikutkan sahaja naluri tekak buaya i hahaha,u shud enjoy dat part fren,then jadik mcm i menynesali keadaan diri dihujung2 pregnancy huhu

Noha:i shud say dat pregnancy is the most wonderful and memorable journey in woman's life,aku doakan ko noha..insyaAllah sampai rezeki ko nnti,aminn

lazydaisy:wah!u pregnant with twins,how i hope dat!just think dat not everyone yg bertuah dpt experience mcm u,i tau dugaan n cabaran dia mesti double than carrying a singleton,but u shud cherish and relish your twin pregnancy,jelesnya i!all the best to u ya

miera:ngeri kan sis?heheh.now turn ra lak,ala dun wori,boleh turun blk punya,cpt ngan lambat jer

ibuemir:tq mira,selamat dah pun i brsalin berkat doa u all sumer

zura:tu la pslkan zura,kenapa la nak kena hitam tang tu?nasib baik pas bersalin jadik normal blk

4:27 PM  

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