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Friday, September 05, 2008

At 26 weeks..

I did my routine check up last Firday,but this time with a different doctor. UMRA engaged a specialist scanner (scanner??) from PPUM to do a detail scan on the featus. Detail here means to check thoroughly on the heart, lung ,kidney and did a measurement on some parts of the body,and oh to check on the lips too (takut cleft-lips). So hard to see the baby’s face u know, ala2 malu la dia nyuruk2 muka pulakkan,but the doctor didn’t give up that easily, she kept on shaking and pressing my tummy more than 10 times to get the right angle on baby’s face and she got it! The result so far?Alhamdulillah..baby sihat and so active inside. The internal organs and the body parts develop very well and the baby weighs 900gm, sikit lg nak sekilo.

And the gender of the baby has been reconfirmed too.

It’s a BOY.

Itu tolobosa sgtlah jelas kebosarannya.

Alhamdulillah again... Hubby and Irina are so happy, irina mmg awal2 ckp nak babyboy (I don’t know y,maybe dia merasa kedekut tanak share harta2 permainan dia). And me?hmm even I always envisaged having all girls and dressing them up alike,play make up and babydoll together, but having a boy is a bless too, at least hubby ada geng,takde la kaum2 pompuan makcik2 kiah jer menguasai rumah kan-hmm maybe I boleh main wrestling pulak lps ni ;)

Now that the gender has been reconfirmed, I am more at ease and can start shopping for the baby. Not that I've not started shopping for him but yes, now I can shop MORE heheh. Sure, only some of Irina's clothes (baby pyjamas) can be passed down to the baby (and some of aliff’s too!thanks kakakkuk), but of coz he needs more boyish clothes of his own too. There are so many things that I want to get for the baby but are still contemplating i.e stroller since his kakak is much depend on the stroller if we are out to the mall. Or maybe I can consider getting a buggy for irina so the baby can use his sister’s stroller. Oh and baby car seat . And that fisher price bouncer too!whoaaaa byklah duit laki aku kan nak beli sumer2 ni huhu

Ok back to me then.

At 6 months 2 weeks now, my tummy keeps getting bigger and bigger by the minute, hence I feel like I am losing my sense of balance when I walk nowadays. I keep wanting to tumble to the left, or to the right. It is funny because I REALLY walk like a mother penguin now, Waddle, waddle. Imagine that,dah sebijik mcm mak pingu. Then the shortness of breath really irritates me. At one time I really feel like passing out and keep on panting for more air. Dah mcm org semput. Mr husband does not allow me to carry the groceries anymore and he ensures I do not carry Irina also.

The sleepless nights, constant heartburn, backache, mild contractions, leg cramps, increased moodiness, and the pelvic pressure are more than enough to keep me occupied and worried for now. Sleeping is now painful. PAINFUL. Maybe I should try sleeping sitting down and I have been passing urine every hour or so, I just feel like urinating on the bed at times. Oh ya,no more tandas cangkung ya, adalah spt rasa hendak terberanak di situ.

Me and hubby already decide on the name of our little hero. We are confirmed to maintain Iman as the first name. As for now I only can address him as little I.I.

Yes,my little I.I is making his debut soon.

for the time being, just enjoy the view of his face comfortably hibernate in mommy's tummy.



Anonymous nohachomel said...

wooahhh...best..best...sepasang dah, congrats!..eerr...btw, camne eh ko 'buat' nak dpt lelaki???

aku balik jb, skrg ni kat bilik owl, ko ingat dia lagi? dia dr gigi kat utm. aku tunjukkan juga blog ko :)

so, mar jaga diri bebaik eh

4:00 PM  
Anonymous xura said...

hmm... kalo irina bole 'couple' ng aiman, lps ni zura rasa little I.I bole 'couple' ng adik aiman pulak. :)

5:32 PM  
Blogger Ibu Emir said...

a boy!! congrats!! ade can laa lepas ni irina nak tambah collection mainan dia without sape2 yang kacau.. kejap nyer u dah 6 months kan

7:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BOY..i'm happy 4 u too....
take care.....

9:49 AM  
Blogger dott said...

Congrats! Congrats...

Happy for you and ur family..

welcome to the mommy of boys' club.. hahaha!!! nanti boleh share how to raise baby boy.

Mar, altho perut you semakn membesar, tapi body you tetap maintain slim... nanti share secret k..

12:43 PM  
Blogger mrs.boan said...


9:17 AM  
Blogger eiseai said...


wahhh irina boleh mintak boy or girl ye? amir ni mummy dia pun dia ingatkan boy gak. sikit2 good boy. hahaha...

alllo...like dot said, u so slim one ok. i rasa i lagi moks dari u, even tho i'm 5 bulan di balakang...hehehe...

puasa ok?

12:37 PM  
Blogger NadiahKhair said...

guee pun dah order FP bouncer itu. :D Tak tahan tgk semorg ade.

Congratesss on the boy!!! Sunggoh terer laki u.. :D

2:26 PM  
Blogger mommamia said...

noha:wah!soalan ko sgt mencabar noha,lg mencabar dr paper add math spm haha!-ye lah dpt sepsg dah ni,boleh la tutup 'kilang' kot pasni

zura:hah tu la,kita ni mcm berjanji-janji pulaknya ya

ibu emir:ye la mira,terpaksa la i mbembeli mainan baru utk adik dia pulak,ingt dah happy boleh share dapur mainan doll segala huhu

Anon:ni Ju kan?thanks!

Dott:hah slim ke?wah! u org pertama ckp i still look slim,opismate i panggil i kembang lah,buyung lah,boyot lah arghh-i gained 12kilos already,tp ni puasa2i dah lost bout 2kilos,so skang 60kgs-takde secret la dott,oh maybe tips dia meng'amah'kan diri pd rumah tetangga,i la tuan rumah,i la bibik huhu

mrsboan:thanks wa,aku rasa ko dah nak due kan?jgn lupa roger2 aku bgtau tau

eiseai:hahaha,amir u ni mmg sgt comel lah!ye lah u je 'bunga' di taman among the 4 bees,hah tu yg amir confused abis tu-slim tang muka jer kot,lengann,peha,butt i mmg dah padded abis ni,berat jer i rasa bila jln-so far i tak ponteng puasa lg,gigih nak puasa penuh nih huhu

Nadiahkhair:FB bouncer tu mmg meruntun2 jiwa kan?mcm melambai jer suruh beli-terer?sally lg terer!hihi

11:28 AM  

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