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Monday, June 16, 2008

Not that good..

It is so not good to know that:

- U r too lazy to do everything u used or love to do like housekeeping, cooking, blogging etc and to make it sound more pathetic u also skip brushing your teeth b4 u off to bed and let ur armpit hair grow wild without feeling any guilty and it happens for a few month..

-U have less time to spend with your beloved sister and ur so cheeky niece and nephew since they will be staying so far away from u and only be back after a couple of years..it is more sad to know that ur sister is letting go her laundry dryer but u have no space to put it in your kitchen and u feel like squeezing it into your living room space, hmm maybe next to the tv cabinet,brilliant tak?

-Ur daughter is throwing tantrum 24-7 even for a single silly thing like failure in writing S alphabet properly or no Kipper on tv screen at anytime she requires it to be and the result wud be endless crying and throwing everything she cud reach before rolling herself from living room to the kitchen. ‘Pembawakan budak ‘some old folk said but for me adalah pembawakan urghh tak tahu lah.Membawak amarah lagi ada.

-On top of all this is..it is really really totally not good to know that when u were 12weeks pregnant, ur gynae diagnosed u of having an ovarian cyst..this is bad rite..really really bad..

Ovarian cysts in pregnancy may cause abdominal pain due to torsion or rupture. Ovarian cysts most commonly undergo torsion and rupture during the first trimester.

If the woman is in severe pain, suspect torsion or rupture. Perform immediate laparotomy.

If the cyst is more than 10 cm and is asymptomatic:
- If it is detected during the first trimester, observe for growth or complications;
- If it is detected during the second trimester, remove by laparotomy to prevent complications.
If the cyst is between 5–10 cm, follow up. Laparotomy may be required if the cyst increases in size or fails to regress.
If the cyst is less than 5 cm, it will usually regress on its own and does not require treatment.

but as for my 3rd checkup which was last week (at 14weeks) the cyst regress at about 0.5cm and the doctor said nothing to be worry about, this is her quote: I nak u buat bodoh jer kt cyst tu, jgn layan dia, anggap dia takde kt dlm tu,trust me,it’s good if it can disappear but if it remain at this current size of 4.5cm it should be harmless..oh ya baby u sihat,tgk jantung dia bla bla bla..

Boleh ke nak buat bodoh jer?i don’t know..knowing the fact that I’m carrying something besides my baby is really scary but I know doctor knows best,I trust her and hubby really want me to be optimist, he wants me to be strong and not to get down by this matter, he said berserah dan bertawakkal, everything will be fine..no doubt he is my pillar..

The only good thing is we celebrated our 4th anniversary last 2 weeks, good supportive husband and good food really made my day that nite..

and yesterday morning we went for some mini picnic at tmn tasik shah alam. I prepared some tuna sandwich and roti telur for the daughter,and we tapaued teh tarik from mamak nearby..again another good family time..

I need to be surrounded by all this +ve thing as doctor advised me to always b +ve and strong,it will boost up my antibody system hence it wud help to cure the cyst..
and I know I’m on the right track now..
p/s:thanks to my family for their support and prayer..and frens, pls pray the best for my baby too ok..syg korang..
p/p/s: i'm helping my sister to advertise on her house,she wants to rent it out effective early August 08, it is a 3 room 2 bathroom medium-sized apartment at bandar baru sentul, a good and startegic place to stay, nearby amenities esp LRT Sentul (walking distance!) to be rented out at RM1,100. Mintak tlg sampai2kan ya..anyone interested can e mail me at marfuza.omar@gmail.com

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Blogger mommy@lif said...

mar.. praying the best for you & the growing fetus.. insyaAllah..

4:23 PM  
Blogger NadiahKhair said...

1.Happy anniversary
2.i guess it is normal for iman to act that way..pembawakan budak is true.. :D konon die tahu die bakal ade challenger. :D
3.i too, ade cyst mase pregnantkan iman. sakit die mcm u sentiasa nak pi buang air..and as if bladder u berat all the time and it turns out that i have ovarian cyst the size of 3cm. but the good news was it was water contained.thus, no operation needed..just tunggu whether die as progressive as the baby or otherwise. but fortunately for me, die mengecut sendirinye. rahsia: there were none. i didnt let it bother me at all. buat bodoh bak kate doktor tuh. try it k?
4.may you get better soon fren. :D

10:35 AM  
Blogger Dot.Dot said...

Happy Anniversary...Mr. & Mrs Mar

Mar, don't worry k, InsyaAllah it wil dissappear. Macam u gynea said buat tak tahu jer k... lama lama buat derk kat dia dia sure blah..

Rest, relax... clear ur mind. Irina throwing tantrum tuu maybe because she is jeles.. Ni org tua yg katalaa... masa time i dulu, Aidan throwing tantrum, ade baby ker takde ker sama jer huhuu

11:25 AM  
Blogger rafiqaheliza said...

Hey you, how are u doing? I just got to know u r preggy! Bestnye! Congrats babe! And happy anniversary!

7:43 PM  
Blogger Nadiah said...


Semoga berbahagia selalu dan panjang jodohnya hingga ke akhir hayat. Don't worry about the cyst. InsyaAllah everything will be occay(as the doctor said). Take care!

12:17 PM  
Blogger eiseai said...

mar...have faith in ur gynae. if he says u should ignore it, then insyaallah there's nothing to worry about. he wouldnt want u to be stressed kan?

as for iman, she's at that age where she wants to be independent but at the same time, she wants to hold on to you. roughly happens around the age of 3-4. amir is also going through that, he gets very impatient and would whine and throw tantrum if he cant do something (and i tak pregnant pun ;-))

i read in a magazine recently. at this age, they want to be independent cos they know so many things and want to explore but at the same time, they still want the guidance from the parents. you know me...i would rather have understandable explanation to things i go through than to just hang on to words that i dont even understand like 'pembawakan budak'. hehehe...

2:14 PM  
Blogger Nomee said...

Hopefully everything will be ok.

And kalau terempak dengan I kat Taman Tasik tu, tegur la yek?

*kiss Irina*

11:07 AM  
Blogger mrs.boan said...

kalau Mar tu mmg Mar la... armpit hair pun nak tulih gak..aku doakan ko sihat selalu. Al-Fatihah buat Midi, aku baru lepas borak dgn Tanty and Maz. Maz kata ko ada sms dia.

12:36 PM  
Blogger Ibu Emir said...

mar, i will pray for ur health n ur n our second baby. buat macam doktor u cakap "buat bodoh jer" insyaAllah it will slowly disappear..

11:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

insyaAllah takde ape2.jgn fikirkan sgt...

12:04 PM  

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