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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Si Jonah goes to function

Our company will held a function dinner tonite in conjuction with a new product launching,so that would tell why i'm so quiet for the past weeks. Even the co appoints even management, but still we need to do certain things on our part. Then besides busy with the preparation and all,i was also sickly worried bout what i'm going to wear for the event since i dont have appropriate formal attire. So the job becomes double; day time is full with invited list and all,and nite time busy melawat pusat2 membeli belah. It's not that i'm too beauty-conscious or getting excited to dress-up mengalah anak dara,but the scenario kind of freaking me.

U see, we need to usher vip's to the stage to do the launch,and there will be me, esther and jennie. How to stand between this 2 single,sexy,vogue and malatop ladies?as of jennie,she's 5' 8 tall, skinny,flawless skin,mix-blood,sng citer cantek..the body?fuh,drool..she really looks like a model (somehow i wonder apsal dia tak jadik model dan memilih utk terperap kt reception counter jadik receptionist and di ngorat oleh technician2 dan pak guard,giler takde life k)and dia kan,bg lah pakai apa pun,mesti nmpk cantik,aku rasa kalau mlm ni dia pakai t shirt cap pagoda ngan kain batik diri atas stage pun org akan ckp cantik,cuba kalau aku,komfem mbok k-then come esther,hah yg ni tayah ckp la,small,petite,babyface and the most important thing her cleavage line pun dah mampu bg org sakit jantung,n i bet tonite she's gonna wear plunge-neck dress,boleh bygkan dah kan?

so paham skang kenapa aku risau?in between jennie the supermodel and esther's boobs, komfem aku lenyap,i do not want to look like an alient on stage,or nmpk mcm makcik or ah soh,tanak k,but at the same time tanakla pulak over-dressed mcm bini org tak sedar diri,i just want to look simple and nice yet look elegant (wah mcm bagus).

So..after surveyed at a few places around shah alam,finally i found one!organza gold-colored kebaya pendek and black satin sarong with a buckle,hah shud be ok kan?i spend 2 days looked around for this u know,and for u girls who stay near shah alam,i wud suggest to go to SACC or Plaza Alam Sentral,byk butik2 jual kebaya or fashionable kurung,and the price is reasonable.

so the day has come,blazer and baju kebaya dah standby gantung dlm keta.Jap lg around 11,we need to go to the hotel already. The conference will start at 2pm and around 5 we need to change and get ourselves prepared for the cocktail and dinner function. Agak berdebar2 juga bcoz whoever knows me,they will know how clumsy i can be esp in front of crowds (my fren even call me Jonah). So for clumsy ppl to get clad in kebaya ketat,tube and kain sarong yg hanya diikat shj,ia adalah agak membimbangkan.oh bukan agak,tp sgt bimbang k. Kemuncak kebimbangan?yess heels,marfuza and heels adalah suatu kombinasi mimpi ngeri k,sgt ngeri.

Pls..Pls God,i pray very hard for not to get clumsy as tonite is somehow a significant event for the company.All the prominent clients will be there, JKR,MARA, property owner, consultants bla bla-Agak mengerikan bila membygkan tiba2 kaki tersadung kt tangga masa nak naik stage or tgh jln then terpijak kain lalu terus tersungkur,or worst, kain telucut..erghh..

i do not want to be a laughing stock k,tanak.

K Wish me luck,nak gi dah ni.Daaa..


Blogger eiseai said...

mana gambar nya jonah?? nak tengok sikit :)

11:25 AM  
Blogger mrs.boan said...

so...amacam? jatuh tangga tak...ke berangan kat atas stage tuh, sampai lauching tu ada cacat bcoz of u? uahaha

9:01 AM  
Anonymous nohachomel said...

laaa mar, ko tak citer pun mlm tadik?? so, camne? ada jatuh tangga ke, kain terlucut ke hapa? heheh

9:06 AM  
Blogger Nomee said...

Kasik taruk gamba cepat sket woooo..

10:56 AM  
Blogger mommamia said...

eiseai:jonah tak bawak kamera la plak..nama pun jonahkan hihi-tunggu esther upload pic from officenya camera,tungguu...

mrsboan:hah mujur takde,kalu ada cacat cela masa launch disbbkan aku,komfem aku takde kt opis ni lg dah hihi

noha:a'ah tak cite,dah sibuk mkn stimbot,sibuk ketawakan org,lupa dah psl hal mlm tu-kain tak terlucut,setiap 10min gi toilet betulkan heheh

nomee:hah tunggguuuu..kalau ada la eh,ntah2 muka jonah besar kepala mancis je dlm pic tu hihi

4:53 PM  
Blogger iamja said...

eh nama awak marfuza jugak ker? nama saya pun marfuza.

4:20 PM  
Blogger NadiahKhair said...

Dear Mrs Jonah,
wakakkakakakakka...seb baik kain xterlucut okehh..u really made my day lahh.

5:06 PM  
Blogger mommamia said...

iamja:hi marfuza,sama la pulak nama kita,ejaan pun sama hehe

nadiahkhair:sebbaek..kalu tak,komfem kluar youtube k ;)

5:56 PM  

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