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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Little Girl named Qistina..

She’s my niece..my one and only niece. Mohd Marwan Irfan is the first grandchild in our family,he’s our pride n joy, but he lives too far away from us, east coast side..we always missed him but distance really do us apart ..then, Ija was pregnant with her first baby and we were all blessed and happy over it since we were going to have another lil creature to play with..

I still hardly remember the day she arrived into this world, it was exactly 2 years ago at about 8 something pm..I was on my way back home from office when adik sms-ed me of Ija’s condition, she was experiencing strong contraction and we knew that the time was about to come..Since mak and abah couldn’t come to KL, I tried my best to be with Ija sharing her tears and joy of having her first child, afterall this baby of hers is also our precious lil gem yg dinanti2kan kehadirannya..I rushed back home and change my attire and I remember taking LRT from K.Jaya to Bandaraya station and hailed a cab to PUSRAWI Jln Ipoh..i reached there and saw adik, she sat on the sofa outside the labor room and she looked worry and sad ..i asked her..”how?settled already or not?”..she just pointed at the labor room and I could hear clearly of Ija's groaning and crying over the painful process (masa dgr ni betul2 rasa takut nk beranak..moral story:pompuan belum kawin jgn sibuk masa org tgh nak bersalin,nnti trauma)-the funny thing was adik and I both cried together outside the labor room felt so sorry for Ija..she had to go through all the pain alone and nothing we could do to help her ease the pain accept of praying for her safety dan semoga semuanya berakhir dgn selamat..

After 20mins of waiting outside,we heard a cry of a newborn baby..alhamdulillah..then abg hafiz dashed out from the room with tears..nangis sbb kesian kat bini yg berhempas pulas nak beranak n sbb happy dpt baby-So that was my first moment with my niece yg I takkan lupa sampai bila2..her face?cute n she’s a real carbon copy of her ayah!So today on 1st March 06, Nur Qistina Asyura genap umurnya 2 tahun..time flies very fast, terasa mcm baru tgk dia kat spital dibersihkan oleh nurse and mcm terdgr2 her first loud cry ..so now, at the age of 2, she's been a kakak to little Aliff Iqbal and she’s also a very active child..i really mean it when I said ACTIVE-she never understand the meaning of tired, she always have something on her mind to do and she's only taking her rest during her sleeping time.. below are several of Qistina’s activity recorded under my supervision and some based on Ija’s complaint/report:

-terjaga di tgh mlm dan merangkak seorg diri mencari mainan (antaranya selipar jepun dan ubat nyamuk)
- ‘mengemas’ rak2 kasut, rak baju, rak pinggan mangkuk dan apa shj rak yg terlihat olehnya
- begitu obsess dgn pintu2 robok dan tombol2 laci/pintu
-obsess dgn err puting tokbak serta pusat dan perut tokbak
- masuk ke dlm laci baju selepas ‘mengemas’
- pernah melakukan percubaan memakan nasik kucing tetapi percubaan gagal
-suka bermain air dan paip air (apa2 shj yg berkenaan dgn air)
-suka meniru perbuatan2 org dewasa spt perbuatan menyapu deodorant di ketiak atau memakai lipstick
-suka mencabut pampers dan baju yg baru dipakai dan berlari bogel
-suka menonton vcd sesame street, mr incredible dan hindustan movie (ada watak makhluk asing nama Jaddu,tak tau tajuk apa)
-her latest activity: like to ride on aliff, her little brother

She’s hyperactive, she’s smart, she’s funny in her own way and she’s adorable..now Irina is growing up and I just cant wait for two of them to be a partner: a playmate and also a ‘partner in crime’..hah I also believe Qistina is Irina’s mentor..most of the list above is already been practiced by Irina accept of part mkn nasik kucing and meniru perbuatan org tu dia tak pandai lagi. To my dearest niece Nur Qistina Asyura,mak teh,uncle and lil sis Iman Irina would like to wish u happy 2nd birthday..semoga menjadik anak yg baik, solehah dan taat pd mama dan ayah, don’t be naughty and semoga menjadik anak kebanggaan mama dan ayah ya!and last but not least to Qistina dearie, err..Aliff is your brother sweetie..same blood and flesh as yours, and he’s a human being too sayang..same as u,me,yr mama and ayah..he’s not a horse dear..dah jgn tunggang dia lagi yer sayang,ok?promise?we love u much!muahss

Left to right: Marwan, Irina and Qistina the b'day girl (they really enjoyed their time together;we r cousins!we r united n closely-bonded under O's Co!)

see..i told u, this little Qistina always has something on her mind to do..really act like a big sis heh?

A partner in crime..sekejap ngam,sekejap gaduh..kes berebut bola la ni,tgk tu si Irina tak padan ngan kecik,melawan tu..

oh..cutie little Aliff..mangsa 'tunggangan' akak darah daging sendiri..poor u baby..nnti jgn balas dendam balik yer..redha dan pasrah je la k baby


Blogger julia_B said...

anak ko comel la..
ikut muka saper ekk..
takde muka ko pon......
quite fair lak tuh....

tak sabo nak tunggu diaorang besao kan mar......

12:35 PM  
Anonymous xura said...

mcm sama je muka irina ngan qistina tu... bsr pun cam lbh kurang. bsr jugak irina ni kan mar?

btw, happy belated birthday to qistina..

3:30 PM  
Blogger mommamia said...

Ju: mmg tak sabar,tp aku suka masa stage umur ni, even bdn penat tp keletah dia tu menghiburkan, dah besar nnti sure tak syok nak buat main2 hehe-comel ke?cam aku la, aku comel apa kuikui..bab kulit tu masa dlm pantang irina itam tau,malap jer cam abah dia,aku taklah putih mana pun tp tak sangka gak kulit dia dah besar skit ni cerah la jugak..jadik la tu hihi

Zura: a'ah dioarg mmg nampak sama besar, qistina tu jenis bdn tak naik,kecik keding je orgnya tp aktif ke amat, muka pun cam lebih kurangkan?nama pun sepupu,mmg takleh lari jauh,lain kilang tp sama acuan hihi

3:19 PM  

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