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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ma, the Savior of my weekend..

Friday (16th Dec 05)

My close friend insisted on having a dinner at Planet Hollywood..she’s a pregger (7 months!) and still have this ‘cruel intention’ of dining in there! Crowded..stuffy..loud..polluted air (smokers)..hmmm..so not a good place for pregnant ladieskan? she planned this a week ago and the rest of my friends agreed (because they are all single-mingle, no commitment attached) except me..i dragged it till Thursday..my dearest Mr R.A is not a main excuse as he never restraint me of going out and spend my time with my friends..it was just my babe..usually when we gathered tak kira la kat mamak or fast food restaurant, I’ll bring my baby along..but planet Hollywood? with a blast live band performance and a noisy big crowd?no way..sungguh tak sesuei..culture shock my baby nnti..so I conveyed the sad news (of my absence) to them, and this close friend of mine ala2 merajuk then said that she just want to cancel the plan sbb tak cukup ‘kaki’ and tak happening la nnti..kesian gang2 yg lain jugak disebabkan aku, plan berkumpul beramai2 tak jadik..then that Thursday evening when me, hubby and Irina were on a way back home from nursery, suddenly I received an sms from my sis-in-law, Miera..”akak boleh tak nnti nak pinjam baby 2-3hari? Rindu laa kat dia..”… Taraa! God answered the pray of that craving pregnant mother yg betul2 dah mengidam nak mkn western food kat Planet- so sepantas kilat I sms-ed all my friends to carry on with the plan sbb Irina dah di ‘book’- so, they were all so happy esp si ibu mengandung yg tgh mengidam-My ma and sis-in law mcm tau2 je kan I ada plan with my friends..what people called it?telepathy gituuu.. So that nite I sent my little Irina to ma’s house for a 2 days of stayover, and the next nite I was happy2 ‘membaham’ kat P.Hollywood with a bunch of friends..ada married couple, ada ibu mengandung and ada bujang trang tang tang..ohh..yess ada jugak mommy yg ala2 lupa diri ini seorg mommy mcm bujangan tgk live band sampai pukul 1! But still..miss my babe tau.. My Mr R.A?Spt biasa mengasah bakat utk menjadik pemain Futsal Profesional- so I have a great nite with my ex-uni mates and the most important thing was I’m glad that ibu mengandung dapat makanan yg di idam2kan..if we cant make it that nite because of me, I’ll never stop blaming myself if her baby’s saliva starts to drool! Anyway thanks to my in-laws (ma, abah and miera) of taking a very good care of Irina, and the telepathy sense tu kan, sampai skarang I still amaze lagi..

Sunday (18th Dec 05)

My eldest sis (along), her hubby, mak itam and her daughter came to my house-they were here in kl since Saturday and stayed at my sis’s place in Kg Baru, then on Sunday they had lunch at my house before made their way to Kajang to visit my makcik there- At first I kind of blur of what to cook and served them for lunch..There’s several meals on my option lists- soto?? or asam pedas?? or kari daging with veggies and ayam goreng??and one more thing.. how adequate the amount of my cook? i always encounter this problem of estimating the right amount to served guests..nasik berapa pot? gulai nak berapa byk?ikan berapa kelar?ayam berapa ketul?hmmm..there were 7 of them, including my mak uteh and her anak2..masuk me and hubby dah jadik 9..aduss penin..penin..then suddenly taraaaa..again…Ma came into the picture of being a rescuer! She offered to cook nasik dagang for my guests and she even asked them to just have lunch at her place but my makcik teringin nak pergi my house so ma ckp takpe la dia masak kat umah dia then I ambik la nnti pagi2 bwk blk umah..adoii..malu la plak..mcm order catering jer..so that Sunday dpt la org Muar mkn nasik dagang, a famous meal kat Terengganu- satu periuk besar nasik and satu periuk gulai beserta acar timun and siap ada sambal belacan lagi..i just goreng ayam ala2 rempah, potong2 lettuce and timun then beli sup tulang kat kedai in case budak2 kecik tak mkn gulai..settle! licin sumer!semua org kekenyangan- Ma thanks for everything..always be there to lend me a hand and treat me like yr own daughter (Miera jgn jealous yer!) ..isk isk sedih la plak ibunda sendiri jauh..tumpang kasih mak mertua je laa-so here, I would like to announce the winner of ‘Rescuer of the Month’ award..jatuh kepada…MA!

*Mak and Ma, love you both..thanks for all the loves, cares and guidance yg diberikan kpd anakmu yg baru menjadik ibu ni..both of you are my inspirations!


Anonymous nohachomel said...

kan ke best kalau nurin bole tinggal mana2 aku suka, mmg la bole tinggal dgn babysitter dia, dan baby sitter dia pun byk kali minta tinggalkan nurin, tapi aku tak sedap ati la nak tinggal dgn bukan family...terigin gak nak beruda2an je, so far siang je la...blom lagi tinggal berhari2...

4:10 PM  
Blogger mommamia said...

nak berdua2an di waktu mlm ke?heheh..untungla jugak ada family mertua tinggal dekat, but still ada pro and cons gak..kiranya ko tak penah la tido without nurinkan?rindu oo tido anak takde kat sebelah, kdg2 tunggu je dia nangis nak susu, mcm terlupa lak dia takde hihi

9:38 AM  
Blogger XuRa@NurKasih said...

zura prnh tinggalkn aiman ngan mak mertua. tp tgh2 mkn b'2, rase nk nangis sbb t'ingat dia. sjk tu, mana pi pun, angkut je skali aiman. ati pun rase senang.

2:38 PM  
Anonymous nohachomel said...

mmg la tak senang ati tinggalkan anak kat sesape pun walau mak sendiri, but once in a blue moon, teringin gak nak berdua-duaan kembali...penah juga buat macam tu, amik cuti, pastu tinggalkan nurin dari pagi smapai ptg, cuma tinggal bermlm je blom penah.

dulu, lepas pantang tinggalkan nurin kat umah mak aku dlm 2 minggu, sebab masa tu takde babusitter lagi, tiap2 mlm aku menangis, pi keja mata sure bengkak, tapi itu je la sekali tinggalkan kat mak, la ni mmg takde, ke mana2 pun aku heret si kenit tuh..

4:54 PM  

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