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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Mommy needs a break..

I kinda mess-up with my own emotions..i have a verry tiring and draining days, and working environment was not really helping- arghhh..this was a phone conversation I had just now:

Out of nowhere, the call regarding aftersales service (absolutely not my jobscope) was transferred to my line.

Ms Jinjang: Hello, may I speak to Mr O?
Poor me : (puzzled) Sorry, he was not around at the moment, would u
like to leave a msg or call him back in a few mins?
Ms Jinjang: Haishh..(a sign of unsatisfaction)..how about Y?
Poor me : (wandered around looking for that particular person)..sorry, she’s also not
Ms Jinjang: HAH??both not around ah?how bout S? (the voice so damn irritating)
Poor me : (tgk kat meja S, kosong) he’s not at his desk, maybe in a washroom..(nak je
aku ckp dia pegi berak lah!)
Ms Jinjang: What kind of co is this?everbody’s not around!!Your office close hah??!
Poor me : I don’t say everybody’s not around, they are in the office but it so happen
they are not at their desks..and we are working today, that’s why I’m here answering your call..
Ms Jinjang: then, who’s around?!
Poor me : me..i’m around..

Crap..so irritating la this C bukit! I was so blur and my head was hung up somewhere else and analyzed back of my respond to her was kind of me being loyar buruk, don’t care la! alo..alo.. I’m not a receptionist or PA to everyone u r looking for so that I know who’s doing what and going where and berak berapa lama or kira bulu roma sapa occay..whateverlah..

I was late again this morning..it has been 3 days in a row since Tuesday ppl could see me run passing the office entrance with my slippers, undo hair ala2 serabai and baju yg senget2..and I’ll make my way to my desk dgn muka dah berminyak without lipstick panting for air while the rest of my colleague looked so fresh, well-prepared and muka penuh bersemangat ketuk2 keyboard buat kerja..goshh..i could say that this is all happened due to my pack schedule since last weekend, and I haven’t had a break since that..soo jam-packed with soo little time to spare..OK checklist:

Saturday-Sunday: Went back to Muar

Monday : Went to Lumut again as hubby got a meeting there, this time I brought Irina together with me..we had a good moment and I really spent my best time with her at the beach even kat tepi pantai tu irina lg byk tido dr bersuka ria dgn mommy..takpe laa..tiba rumah pukul 10.30 mlm..dgn baju kerja tak bergosok, rumah tak berkemas, beg nursery irina tak disiapkan lagi..bdn penat mcmana pun I tried my best to kautimkan everything..sempat lagi blend lada kering and bawang so esoknya tu taklah kalut2 bila nak masak..end up tido pukul 2 pagi..bersesuaian lah dgn peribahasa ”bersenang2 dahulu, bersusah2 kemudian..”

Tuesday-Thursday: my bedtime was around 1 am everyday..adoii tak thn dah bdn ni..and this week everday I woke up late, 7.30am!i drove to office dah mcm zombie and I get honk frequently form the other drivers..so sucks mann my driving skill esp in a rush hour..

So, I can conclude here that cooking, laundry and Irina all done at the same time/nite is not a good idea..sooo not a cool thing to practice..i will end up crawling on the bed around 1-2am or worst still I’ll fall asleep together with Irina without brushing my teeth or change my cloth..this babe of mine horr..lately so the verry the late sleeper one, she can stand her eyes blinking and shouting and crawling and climbing on abah’s even at 12.30midnite! never hesitate to gear-up in the middle of nite while abah and mommy struggled ourselves not to fall asleep! To make it more challenging, sometimes dia saje2 memanjakan diri sendiri dgn nak mommy pegang or dukung dia..takmau abah, so how??my housechores kena delay dah.. Someone..help me, advise me on how to put asleep my baby earlier..or is there any book in the market called ‘how to make your baby sleeps early:for dummies’?


Blogger XuRa@NurKasih said...

mmg payah kalo dpt client x reti bahasa ni. ade tu blm sempat kita abis ckp, dh suke2 ltk phone!

mayb irina byk sgt tido siang kot???... that's y dia lambat tido mlm.

2:54 PM  
Blogger mommamia said...

mmg la zura..mar sakit jiwa deal ng diorg ni..rasa cam kita sama je nasib, byk deal ng species2 camni!keje goverment gak best kot cam noha,takyah nak deal sgt ng C ni..tp tu la..tak sume C perangai camni, yg teruk kalu diaorg tu C education background(SJK) mmg kiasu!
mar tanya nursery, dia mmg byk tido siang and nursery dah ckp nak kurangkan tido siang dia, tp mcm takde beza pun..

4:12 PM  
Anonymous nohachomel said...

sape kata keje gomen takde problem? kalau buat keje sendiri mmg la macam aku ni, layan keje lab je, ok la, yg kat counter tu, balik2 jumpa dgn c-na bukit ni, mmg sakit jiwa, menyampah betul dgn diaorg ni, nama jek dok mesia, cakap melayu pun tak pandai!

anak ko tido bertepuk ke? macam nurin, dia mmg byk main waktu siang, pastu masa baya2 irina, aku buai dia, tak kira, pukul 8 mlm mesti dah masuk buai, kadang2 brejam hugak membuai, aku tak berenti selalunya sampai la dia tido!

as i said b4, kena plan jadual tido anak, supaya jadi rutin, jadi everyday pun dia akan tido lebih kurang pada waktu yang sama...try la dulu yek

5:30 PM  
Blogger mommamia said...

noha, aritu masa blk muo dia tido buaian lama tu!dr kul 2-6ptg, cuba kalu tido kat bwh, sejam tak sampai, mlm tu plak masuk buai lg, kejap je dah tido even siang tu tido lama..umah aku takde buai la, lgpun dulu laki aku kata taknak ajar berbuai nnti susah kena angkut ke hulu hilir, tp buai tu mmg buat dia cpt tido!
dahtu nurin boleh lak ko adjust dia dr tido berbuai ke tido biase, camne ko buat ek?nak mintak tips dr mama berpengalaman ni..

3:36 PM  
Anonymous nohachomel said...

dolu2, masa nurin belom setahun, berangkut juga la buai ke hulu ke hilir, asalnya aku pun cam laki ko jugak, konon tak nak buaikan dia, tapi masalahnya nurin ni, tido dlm buai bole berejam-jam lamanya, semua keje umah bole settle!

lepas setahun lebih, aku try la takyah bawak buai kalau balik kg atau pi mana2, mmg payah sket nak dia nak tido, kena tepuk2 atau sampai la dia penat main, baru tido.

sakng ni yg best, dia yg ajak aku tido, dlm pukul 9 je, "mama, jom tido"..heheh...best ahh aku, tapi dgn syarat kena temankan dia tido kat dlm bilik, lepas tu baru la aku bole buat keje lain...silap2 ngan aku2 sekali tido!

nak pinjam buai aku ke? ok..no problem..

4:45 PM  

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